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Want alot, but just asking for prayers for strength......thanks, need prayers? I am your girl:-)
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honesttothecore   in reply to starlady
If you have a Aspen Dental in your area they have a sliding fee scale and will do payments good luck
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Eutawangel   in reply to Mfanyana
Because mainstream media esp is corrupt and/or part of NWO, I suspect. I recommend some alternative like: Always ask the LORD to filter & that you recive all He wants & nothing He does not. But most of all we need a personal relationship through Jesus, as Lord & Savior. The times are very difficult, tomoorw is not promised & if we live to see it...likely more challenging than now. So I wanted to pass that along first & foremost. Thank you for spreading awareness. Look me up on Facebook under: Lynne Rae.

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Frustrated...trying to get rent help and nothing is working out. Can't get into a shelter here b/c I am single with no children, so I am on a waiting list. Getting interviews but no job offers. Just trying to get through today.
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Mystic_Scorpio   in reply to Inspiration
I need help. I haven't been on here in a while! Because I have been going every where. But have you found anyone to help me? Please!! I'll send a pic of us
*That's half of us...
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hello is there anyone out there that can help me i have to come up with $200 today for my rent and if i cant come up with it my landlord said me and my 2 kids ages 3 1/2 and 11 months will be on the streets by tonite and we will have no place to go
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When a country suffers from economic hemorrhage, its people suffer from mass starvation, shortage of medicines and water supplies. When there are mass arrests of Opposition members and a wide spread breach of civil and human rights, the world should know about these developments. If the individual behind such a situation is the head of the nation, that should also be known. If and when the leader dies, that should be public information. Yet. when the dictator President of Malawi died last month, there was silence in the US media. Why?
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Rev.Mrs. Legia mary.
Thank u very much for your great response to our disabled children org(Deaf and Dumb and orphans) You have given me hope to run smooth and better way. With your good support I will lead and will give bright future to our these children. I am so greatful to u for your response me about these children org.activities. I believe that god will do through u giving bright future for these children. Once we request u kindly come and see our children and their activities and give plenty blessings to our org. Thank u
with prayers
S.India Andhrapradesh,
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DL 63
 in response to bulldog lover...   meals on wheels or call Hospice and only management churches to donate food and deliver well god bless you DL 63
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DL 63
 in response to ...   great for you!!!! many r blessed that can do that i too in human services for mentally challeneged and Mental health for 20+ yrs till i couldn't they were at the ages where living longer than me i choose to believe 2 died not too long ago and one of my favorites i don't deal with loss of humans belongings i obcess with what i do have living w/ druggies and mother doesnt stop it or am out june or july i am out no doubt this is a life i have been never exposed too but i keep thinking prob going into Mass general what a vacation
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DL 63
 in response to MzRisssA...   or they try the low car payments ins outrages just another repo FREE is what can be afforded DONE
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DL 63
 in response to ...   remember god never gives you more than you can take head held high and know somewhere theres a rainbow that will be your blessing DL63
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just help elderly women who are handicapped
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need help
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 in response to Gift44...   I'm sorry that I need help it's just hard right now they cut our food stamps and my husbands hours at work and am still paying off 600 dollar power bill. So don't have the money right now to get diapers and extra food for the house. Diapers alone cost 20 dollars a box and I have to have 2 boxes cuz they are different sizes. And could use some for food but I can deal if I can just get some to help get diapers. I pray to god every night that I could find help. I attend church on sundays and I raise my children in a church enviroment. Sorry again for asking for help if it's not right to ask for help when it's needed.
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 in response to chevygurl...   How much can someone give to you that can solve all your needs i want you to do me a favour by praying for God to send the right helper to u and i pray all will be well in Jesus name amen
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Could really use some help.... I am out of diapers for my newborn and my 1 1/2 yr old. Please if someone can donate some to help me buy them diapers I would appreciate it.
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 in response to jujuhebron...   All will be well no matter wat u are going through your problem will never be more than you in Jesus name amen
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 in response to bookworm2011...   I sure did. I've actually made several complaints. Its just so hard. My kids are so unhappy here
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 in response to daisylucas71...   California is a hard place to live, expensive. With your troubles in housing on top of that I know its got to be difficult finding help. the living conditions sound deplorable. Have you tried going through the housing authority to file an official complaint? Is by any chance the home you are living in a HUD home? If it is, then you can definitely file a complaint, here is the link for your city. 


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