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 in response to MzRisssA...   great info, now I just need to figure out how to put it to use. 53 years old and didn't grow up in the age of computers... email and facebook, lol
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What do you do when you fall thru the cracks, we have dental insurance but can't afford the part it doesn't cover. We lost our home do to my husbands last job and it ruined out credit. I really need dental work, especially these two broken teeth fixed and these old 80's fillings out, ugh. Any ideas??? What good does it do to have dental insurance it doesn't cover anything but the basic's.
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Hello everyone! hope everyone is having a good day today. I'm kind of in a bind right now, my electric bill and house payment were due at the same time and the electric company would not work with me so now I need $400 to make my house payment. I am working and would be able to pay it back at $100 a week, so if there is anyone out there who could help me or lead me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.
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 in response to bookworm2011...   Its no problem. Im writing this out through an old cell phone that has wifi and its hard to type alot out lol plus like I said before I know some people don't feel like reading a novel. I just don't know what to do. California us broke and there really isn't a whole lot of help out here. Im just hoping to find someone willing to help
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 in response to daisylucas71...   Im just trying to help you so everyone understands your story as you said, much that is posted here is BS and if someone were able to help your family out, I am sure they would need some things clarified thats all. good luck
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 in response to bookworm2011...   I don't consider someone doing this to me family. Other then her I have no other family. I sent my husband a red cross message and he came home within a week. He'd only been out there less then a month. He was home for a month on a vacation andwent back out. As for the people living here, the woman keeps bringing people to live. Here. I've complained humorous times but I guess money talks. I didn't write everything down because its just way to much to put down. I didn't think everyone wanted to read a novel
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Just Me-- Marisa
Steal A Home From A Crook Imagine getting first shot at properties owned by failed savings and loan corporations, sleazebag outfits that speculated with old people's pensions, then went crying to Uncle Sam when the money went bye-bye. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has set up a hotline for a listing of properties for sale from failed savings and loans. Contact the FDIC, 1910 Pacific Ave., Dallas, TX 75201; 800-568-9161 or 888-206-4662; E-mail:;
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 in response to delayinamwallace...   Hi,
I mailed off the clothes today for your baby and a couple small gifts for her birthday...I hope it helps :)
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Just Me-- Marisa
Free/Low-Cost Dental Services
The Department of Health supports Safety Net Dental Clinics, which usually see patients that do not have other access to dental care. The dental treatment is either done for free or a sliding scale is offered. Each program has its own limitations and availability of appointments, so call first to find out the requirements of a clinic near you; for more information, call: 1-877-PA-HEALTH
Income Eligibility: Determined on a case-by-case basis.
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Just Me-- Marisa
 in response to MzRisssA...   Select Font-Size : A | A | A
Money for a Car to Get to Work - 4/25/12

There are federal programs as well as state programs to help people with limited incomes keep their vehicles on the road so that they can get back and forth to work, focusing on those trying to get off welfare. Some states will even give you money for driver's education or to pay for a driver's license. The issue, like the programs for free cars, is to help people make it to work. These programs are organized like a patchwork quilt in most areas involving federal, state, county and non-profit organizations.

To start looking for programs like this in your area, contact your local congressman's office (, your job service office ( or your local Social Services ( They won't know about all the programs, but can probably give you some starting places. Most branches of the Goodwill Industries have a Wheels-to-Work program. Other programs can be found by typing in the keywords “Wheels-to-Work” in an Internet search engine. These programs are obviously only for those who live in the area.

Here is just a sampling of the Wheels-to-Work programs that we found:

Sioux Empire Wheels to Work, 805 Pam Road, Sioux Falls, SD 57105 ; 605-941-4318;
Bucks County Housing Group, Inc, 2324 2nd Street Pike, Suite 17, Wrightstown, PA 18940, 866-WLZ-2WRK, ext. 15, (866-959-2975, ext. 15);
Goodwill Industries of North Carolina, 1235 S. Eugene St. , Greensboro , NC 27406-2393 , 336-275-9801, Fax: 336-274-1352;
Here Are Some Other Ideas

Vehicles for Change - They work with your local United Way to help people find vehicles for low-cost. Here is the website and contact details: and 800-835-3821
Help to Get to Work – If you are looking for transportation assistance to help you get to work, check out the Jobs Category:
Wheels-to-Work – Most branches of the Goodwill Industries have a Wheels-to-Work program, which helps keep your car on the road so you can get to work. Enter your zip code to find a program in your area:
Ways to Work – This is a loan program that provides small, short-term, low-interest loans to working poor families with challenging credit histories. They help families remain in or move forward in a job. To find a loan office in your area, go to: or call: 866-252-7171
Working Cars for Working Families – More than 120 non-profit organizations work to ensure that low-wage, working families are able to get a car in order to find and keep a job. Enter your zip code to see if there is a program near you:
Good News Garage – This non-profit repairs donated cars and trucks and provides them to low-income families and individuals. They focus on maintaining people's ability to get to work. This is only available to residents in MA, NH, VT, and CT. Contact your local branch for more details:
Community Action Agency - These are local experts that can help you identify programs that might assist you with paying your living expenses: (put in your state and county)
United Way Hotline – Be sure to call 211 and investigate other potential sources of help in your area. To find your local office, go to: (put in your zip code)
Area Office on Aging – 800-677-1116 or go to:
You can look for additional help through non-profits that offer help for your specific needs. You can find non-profit foundations using two different online databases: The Foundation Center ( and GuideStar ( These databases allow you to search for assistance by your topic areas.
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 in response to daisylucas71...   Hi,
I am a little confused by your story. Maybe there are holes in it, but it seems inconsistent. When I was looking for resources for you, you said your husband is an independent contractor and worked in Iraq but you never hear from him due to the phone lines, its once every other month but now, its 2 weeks from that very post and he is home being threatened with a shovel? And now your husband is out of work?
The other thing I don’t quite understand is you said the landlord let a woman with her 5 kids move in and there were 12 people in the house, but now there are her 6 children and 2 of her spouses?
I know you said you have no family In the states yet you are renting from your mother? Is she and the landlord one in the same? Im sorry but the story makes no sense, the more you write the more it changes and people are going to be reluctant to help if the facts aren’t adding up.
If your story is real then maybe clear up the missing or inconsistencies so that people who are able to help you will do so without feeling like they are being scammed with a sad story.
I know many here are suffering and Im not condemning you, I just wonder if other people are reading this and asking the same questions and maybe that’s why you haven’t gotten any assistance here.
Out of curiosity, if you have no family here in the states, wouldn’t it be easier to try to relocate where there are people around that may be able to help you out?
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Just Me-- Marisa
 in response to bulldog lover...   A Car Or $700 To Fix Up You Car
There is a state program in Tennessee giving out free cars and even a free year's worth of insurance coverage. Pennsylvania gives out free cars but makes you pay for the insurance. North Carolina makes you pay $50 a month for only one year. That is only $600 and you get a great car. Some programs even provide free AAA service for tows and jump starts. Such programs are normally called "Wheels To Work" and they are popping up all over the country. The government knows that working parents cannot drop off a child at day care, pick up food at the store and get back and forth to work and school on time by using public transportation. To start looking for programs like this in your area, contact your local congressman's office or your local social service agency. You can also check your state Department of Transportation located in your state capital or search "Wheels to Work" on your internet browser.
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Just Me-- Marisa
 in response to Starrod82...   @Starrod82

Contact Your Local Community Action Agency
These are local experts that can help you identify not only help with your home but other programs that might help with paying your daily expenses. The best way to get help is to make an appointment for an interview
Talk to Just Me-- Marisa
Just Me-- Marisa

Free Emergency Food
The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) is a Federal program that helps supplement the diets of low-income needy people, including elderly people, by providing them with emergency food and nutrition assistance at no cost. States provide the food to local agencies that they have selected, usually food banks, which in turn, distribute the food to soup kitchens and food pantries that directly serve the public. Contact Food and Nutrition Service, USDA, Food Distribution Division, 3101 Park Center Drive, Alexandria, VA 22302; 703-305- 2888; Fax: 703-305-2420; To learn how to apply and eligibility go to
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 Free Extra Food
The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) works to improve the health of low-income pregnant and breastfeeding women, other new mothers up to one year postpartum, infants, children up to age six, and elderly people at least 60 years of age by supplementing their diets with nutritious USDA commodity foods. Food packages include a variety of foods, such as infant formula and cereal, non-fat dry and evaporated milk, juice, farina, oats, ready-to-eat cereal, rice, pasta, egg mix, peanut butter, dry beans or peas, canned meat or poultry or tuna, cheese, and canned fruits and vegetables. Eligibility varies by whether children are in the home and for the elderly. To check eligibility and availability contact Food and Nutrition Service - USDA, Food Distribution Division, 3101 Park Center Drive, Room 504, Alexandria, VA 22302; 703-305-2888; Fax: 703- 305-2420;

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Just Me-- Marisa
 in response to daisylucas71...   @daisylucas71... I hope this helps in some way--Let me know how it goes.. Marisa

Don't Ask For A Grant If You Want Free Money
When you contact a government office for help, please don't just use the word "grant" when asking about available money programs. I know this is the most common term used by people seeking help, but you cut yourself out of a lot of suitable programs. Programs are established using all kinds of names including grants, direct payments, loans you don’t have to pay back, assistance payments, vouchers, or even services. So when you are looking for this kind of money try not to use the word "grant" and just use the word "assistance." This way you are more likely to find all the possible programs that can help you.
Videos of Government Officials Describing Their Programs
Free Help With Credit Problems
Money and Help For A Better Job
Free Help For Low Income
Help With Your Mortgage

Contact Your Local Community Action Agency
These are local experts that can help you identify not only help with your mortgage but other programs that might help with paying your daily expenses. The best way to get help is to make an appointment for an interview. You can search for the Community Action Agency for your county at
I did a scan of services provided at some of the Community Action Agencies in Ohio. You generally can get heating and cooling assistance, weatherization of your home, emergency assistance, job training, children services, and more. Some even offer microenterprise business assistance to help you start your own business. Many also offer Individual Development Accounts where you put money into a savings account for the purchase of a house, college education, or a car, and the money you save is matched often by $3 for every $1 you save. What is great about these agencies is that they also know about other programs in the area where you might qualify for assistance.
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State Money Programs
Every state government has dozens of money programs that help people pay their expenses. The problem is that there is never one central place to look. You have to go agency by agency, or department by department and search for what is available. Some good departments to start are health, agriculture, commerce, and social services. You can find them by dialing 411 and asking for your state capitol operator or by going to the web at and clicking on your state. When I looked at Ohio, I scrolled down to the Executive Branch and looked at the Department listings. I saw Department of Job & Family Services and saw what they had to offer. Many of the state programs are offered at the local and county levels, and they can direct you to the correct resource.
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City and County Programs
You can do the same thing as you did for the State Programs for your city and county offices. Start looking at every local city and county government for programs that might help. If you don’t know where to go, you can call 411 and ask for the mayor’s office or the office of the county executive. Just tell them you are looking for programs that might provide financial assistance to residents. You can also go to under each state there will be a listing of all cities and counties. Click on those of interest and start searching for programs.
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Volunteer Organizations
There are a number of national volunteer organizations around the country that offer grants and other free services to solve problems for people in their community. Find your local club for each of the organizations below and contact them for information on their programs. These organizations run programs that offer money for: -day care services -summer camp -scholarships -travel -free eye glasses -cataract surgeries -health problems -medical equipment, and -money for emergencies
Kiwanis International 3636 Woodview Trace Indianapolis, IN 46268-3196 317-875-8755 http://www.kiwanis.orgfind a local Kiwanis club
United States Junior Chamber P.O. Box 7 Tulsa, OK 74102 1-800-JAYCEES find a local Jaycees chapter option=com_mtree&task=listcats&cat_id=95&Itemid=177
Lions Clubs International 300 W 22nd Street Oak Brook, IL 60523 630-571-5466 ext 356 630-571-5466 ext 356 find a local lions club
Catholic Charities USA 1731 King St., #200 Alexandria, VA 22314 703-549-1390
Over 14,000 local organizations offer a variety of services for many different community problems including child care, elderly services, emergency financial services, rental assistance, and more. To find an office near you go to their main web site and see Find Your Local Catholic Charities Agency and put in your state.
Salvation Army National Headquarters 615 Slaters Lane P.O. Box 269 Alexandria, VA 22313 703-684-5500
Families in need can receive a wide range of services including utility assistance, transitional housing emergency food, clothing, and more. For an office near you, contact the headquarters above.
United Way of America 701 North Fairfax St. Alexandria, VA 2314 703-836-7112
To find a local chapter go to the web site and enter your zip code in the upper left corner. The United Way is a national organization that raises money for thousands of local non-profit organizations who offer money and services to people in their community. Your local United Way can identify non-profits in your area that may offer the resources or services you are looking for.
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Government Benefits Websites helps provide personalized access to government assisted programs. This online program is free and confidential. All you have to do is answer a series of questions about yourself and then will provide you with a list of government programs you may be eligible to receive along with application information. The site will provide both state and federal programs to assist you. Contact: 800-FED-INFO;
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Need help very sick. No Job. Very desperate. Any help is welcomed. Thanks
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I have written on here several time . I am the mother of 4 1/2 chikldren. My baby is due in December. My pregnancy is considered a high risk pregnancy due to my age and the face i just recently had a baby. My husband and I are in desperate need of help. We have been renting from my mother , this situation has turned into a nightmare. A few weeks ago I was mugged at Walmart and my rent money was stolen. AFter locking us out for a week and making us stay at a homeless shelter. MY lanlord felt I couldnt afford to stay here so she took it upon herself to allow 9 people ( woman , 6 children, and 2 of her childrens spouses) to move in and rent the extra 2 rooms . There is 1 bathroom for 15 people to share. The septic tank is full now , so everytime someone takes a shower the septic tank backs up and the toilet over flows and the bathtub becomes full of waste. The A/C went out so its very hot,The refridgerator is so packed with the womans food that we cannot put our milk in there. We are storing our food in a ice chest. My children cry non stop because the womans children are very loud and come in and out all times of the night. They a very aggressive Pit bull which keeps my kids from playing outside. SInce the new roommates have been here they get the mail and dont give us our mail. They are very rude ,loud,dirtym and disrespectful. I have complained numorous times . Our roommates boyfriend threatened my husband with a shovel because we asked her children to please be quiet. It is very unsafe here. Right now my husband is out of work. So we cant afford gto move out. Can anyone PLEASE help us ? We are looking for a small loan to get us a new place . WE WILL pay it back in payments. Its not a healthy enviorment for our children. They are scared, cant sleep, and cry alll day. I know there are some people who come on here with BS stories. Please believe mine. We really need help. If you cant help with cash please help us find somewhere out here in SOuthern California that can help us with something. Thank you
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A family in need.We are a family in deep crisis.Please help us get through this trobled time with a donation of any amount.ThankYou And GodBless All Of You Always.Sincerely,Brownsuga1966
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bulldog lover
 in response to MzRisssA...   I have tried over 200 organizations, i am 63 with no young children, but i am disabled due to cancer, and no one seems to think that a person my age gets hungry. i worked 44 years until i got stage 4 cancer, and so far i have won the battle with the help of God. i have a very limited disability check that must go for having a roof over my head and utlilities. I can not afford a new car, do not even want a new car, just something dependable to get to my doctors appts and treatments, i have talked to dealers, but they almost laugh at me. Giving up has never been something i do, but i am about ready too. With Gods help, i will make it, but it is so very hard, especially when you are sick. I hope that all of you have much better luck than i do. I do not know where to turn next. I see people in new cars, even in old cars, and find myself wishing it was me. I realize this sounds selfish, but even trying to save money to buy an old car is next to impossible, when it takes everything that you have to live and make ends meet. Maybe someday my ship will come in, and when it does, i intend to do everything i can for anyone that needs it. I believe that what goes around comes around, and when you are good to people, good things come back to you. I pray every day that i may bring joy or do something nice for someone. Somentimes just a smile at a stranger can make a difference in a persons day. Thank you for listetening.
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