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I was finally able to go back to my home upon paying what I owed. Come to find out my lanlord rented 2 rooms out in the house I rent because she feels I can't afford it. I now have to share my home with a smoking women who smokes in the home with her 5 kids. There is 1 bathroom for 12 people. I need to get myself and my kids out before the new baby is here. Can anyone please help? Even if its renting me a house free for a month til I get a new job. Please. Im desperate.
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 in response to Inspiration...   You are being modest. You have always done a great job here. So, here: Gooooood Job! That ought to make up for any times I missed.
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Would anybody in any of the Tri-state: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut or any of the close by Northeast states- Massachusetts, etc., be able to offer me a room and board situation?

I am a very hard working 36 year old female, with an easy-going personality, a non-smoker and non-drinker. I am a former New York City resident currently living in Albuquerque, New Mexico for the past four months. I have been working for room and board as an Aide for a couple with disabilities. I do all the housekeeping as well as helping with the cooking.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a part-time job here in New Mexico in order to have a supplemental income, and because of a storage issue, I am now set to arrive back in New York City on April 29th. A room and board farm worker position in Connecticut fell through for me yesterday when the farm manager got a response from the couple she had previously offered the position to decided to accept after all. Since I have no previous farm experience and she was getting two people with experience in farming she went with them.

I'm now scrambling to find another R&B farm work job that's either in or close to New York, because it's the farm hiring season, but I already have my bus ticket for tomorrow, April 27th and will be in NYC on the 29th with no place to stay. I am willing to provide a photo and job references.

You will never regret it, I am hard working with a very easygoing personality. Please contact me as soon as possible either through Aidpages or at

Thank you.
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Tennis Pearls
Last October I was shot 3 times in a random drive-by on I-95. I just can't seem to get over any of it. The scars I have from surgeries are hideous. I'm terrified of going back to college. I need a job but can't stand long enough to do anything. I need a home. I'm completely torn.
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There is so much suffering in our world. The biggest let down is when those with the wherewithal to alleviate the pain choose to stand by and do nothing. Hundreds of students in Zimbabwe cannot go to college on account their parents earn so little money or are out of work. College tuitions are hitting the roof and keep soaring. The world public can do something about this serious situation by contacting the ZSRP organization at WWW. ZSRP. ORG
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 in response to My daughter'sdad...   I try very hard to keep a positive attitude no matter how bad things seem, and I appreciate the positive feedback. If we continue to focus on how bad things are, we rob ourselves of opportunities that can bring a positive change to our lives.
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 in response to bookworm2011...   You know it's no problem.
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 in response to My daughter'sdad...   Thank you!
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 in response to Emil...   Wow, interesting! This makes so much sense and its such an easy thing to do I can't believe it never occurred to me! I sit so much, driving to tutoring sessions throughout the day, sitting to tutor, and sitting at the computer to scan/upload documents to the district...amazing I could be standing and burning calories as well as improving blood circulation etc.
what a great idea, Im going to pass it on!
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 in response to Schmidty...   THANKS!Im checking it out right now, I'll send you my address in a one to one...I appreciate this! I have witnessed serious health problems disapear and all from changing what/how I eat and welcome any info to help me to continue this and pass it on for my kids, thanks schmidty!
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 in response to bookworm2011...   I went digging and I have several cook books that I think you will like and use. Let me know where to send it in a one to one.
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 in response to bookworm2011...   You can get some of your answers at Web MD.
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 in response to NEEDHELPME...   If yu go to my homepage you'll find information that should help you. Look through my post. Don't worry , I'm not a Jesus Freak.
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Hi aidpage members, I just wonder if anyone here leads a healthy lifestyle and can give me some information and tips as to what you do. I have regained my pre-baby body by doing alot of work but need to maintain it and eat healthier to set a better example for my kids/family as diabetes runs on both sides as does high blood pressure. If you eat organic, juice or dont eat certain foods like red meats or bleached products, can you tell me your basic diet? Im trying to make healthy changes and substitutions and want this to be a lifestyle change. We currently eat out 6 times a week or more due to my husband and my working so much but I would like to cook more and just cut my hours to stay home and spend more time. I have little kids at home so looking for kid-friendly recipes or ways I can sneak veggies into their diet as well as any other pertinent advice or recipes you have. THANKS!
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 in response to My daughter'sdad...   First of all, I have worked since I was 14 and raised three boys by myself. Now I am raising a grand-daughter. You do not know me or anything about me. In college, you are known as a "Troll". I am sure you know the meaning of this, but for all the others here, it means he trolls forums looking for arguement. Trolls do this to make themselves feel important. So sir, you are the pathetic one and I feel sorry for you. If your life is so full, why aren't you spending time with that wonderful wife and kids instead of looking to tear what confidence someone may have left, apart? As far as job apps, four a week, every week mister. I will leave religion out of this one. Let's say we are nuetral person to person. Re-read your post to me. It was the most despicable thing I have ever read. You are channeling some kind of frustration out on these people here and myself. It is not welcome and it is not hurting anyone but yourself. You mentioned in earlier post about certain religion judging others and acting almighty. What about you ? You paint a perfect picture of yourself but in truth if you were that happy in life, you would not be harassing innocent people looking for at least a kind word. Still, if you asked me for something, if I have it I would give it to you. That is what DECENT human beings do.
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 in response to delayinamwallace...   Ok,
first let me ask you if you intend to try to potty train or think she isnt ready then what size diapers are you looking at? Also what size clothing are you looking for her and yourself? Give me a little more info and I'll see what is out there for you. Have you applied for food stamps or any aid? Knowing these things will help me in trying to find services for you.
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 in response to bookworm2011...   I would like any information that you have
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 in response to delayinamwallace...   Hi,

I just wanted to offer what I can for advice. If you are out of work and staying with a friend, the one thing I would focus right now is on getting your daughter potty-trained. Its a good time to cut the expense of diapers out of your budget. Potty trainng is most successful when a parent does it and at the age of two, girls are usually more than ready. It should only take at most 3 days up to a week if you are consistent. In addition, if you sign up now for some free offers, you can give her a birthday treat for hardly anything. Just off the top of my head, I know you can get a free corndog at Weinersnitzel on your daughters bday, a free icecream at baskin robbins, a free kids meal at dennys and Kmart gives you a free kids pack with a goody bag and a $5 coupon. I know it doesnt seem like much but its a start in helping yourself and my hope is to empower you so that if no one offers to send you money for diapers or gifts or clothes (and 95% of the people here can't because they are just as bad or worse than you are) you can feel like theres still some things you are capable of doing on your own. I am including the link for kmart as its not always easy to find so if your interested, just click on it and register your daughter. If you sign up with baskin robbins, they will send an email with the free cone about a week prior to her bday. Also, if a chuck e cheese is near, you can get her 20 free tokens on her bday. Sometimes you have to get creative and I know its hard but even still the good news is a 2 year old has no expectations yet so you can make it a really special day without a bunch of cost. They dont know the difference. Try the Free section of craigslist for clothes, I know plenty of people that give away kids and adult clothes daily. Also try freecycle for free clothes as well. If potty training isnt an option due to your daughters medical problems right now, you can try contacting all the major diaper companies with a request for a one time coupon and let them know your situation. I have helped other members get diapers this way and it may work. If you want me to help you out with this just let me know.


sorry forgot the kmart link

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 in response to NEEDHELPME...   There should be county assistance in your area...But, maybe not. Here in Calif. they have CMS (County Medical Services) who help most anyone who cannot afford health insurance or medical help. Dont know where you live or if you have access/your county provides these types of services. I would suggest look into that type of program... or, call some of the local schools to see if they know of a no/low cost dentist. They sometimes have referrals because alot of schoolage children cannot afford the dental care they need. Please dont wait around for some Jesus-Freak to give you their religious advice and tell you to trust in the Lord. You will be waiting for a long time! The best REALISTIC answer is to seek out the answer(s). There is help out there! You just have to find it. Have a good day.
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