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So this isn't to big of a favor to ask.. but still wanted to ask here. I'm looking for 2-4 purses, 1 small sized 2 medium and 1 large or very large purse. I am also looking for avon,mary kay and mark samples, trial sizes or full sized products, like body wash, lotions, shampoos and such. Also looking for makeup such as eye liner, lip liner, eye shadow, lip gloss, lipstick, blush, foundation, nail polish etc, in sampe sizes, trial sizes and full sized from Avon, Mary Kay and Mark.

I am looking also for anything from towards these items from the Dollar Tree. And anything for a little girl's to preteen's purse too. I put together "Stuffed Purses" for a group I am involved with and send them out to the people who sign up for needing them. Basically a contest and the winner recieves the Stuffed purse :)...

Ive been looking for items myself but with my limited income, which I get once a month from cleaning a house, its enough to cover shipping but nothing more. So I am looking for anyone willing to donate to helping me out!

More purses can be sent than just what i have asked. There is no set limit.. I do ask they come from smokefree homes though due to allergies from myself and others that are in this group.. The items help women who are looking for work that need makeup products or hygiene products that can't afford them on their own...

I can provide my personal infomation if you email me at either my aol account or yahoo account. You can send a private email to me here but it's rare i get on this site... ive been dealing with this group a lot and dont have much time to check here. I stay on aol or yahoo alot now since most of my group email there.
Emails are below.. thank you and god bless!
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 in response to My daughter'sdad...   Life is full of lies and descrepancies. The Bible is written by man but by the instructions of God. I attend college and run into this argument all of the time. Sure, it would be easy for men to write a book to persuade people to bend to their will. It is easy to point at the Bible and announce that it is a book of lies. However, there are miracles performed every day. It is all about Faith. I have noticed since the Bible's predictions are unfolding, the nonbelievers are ranting more and more. Is it fear? I don't know, but I still and have always believed in Him. I can't imagine not putting my Faith in something. Faith and hope are all we have in this world we live in today. I know the old argument of "why does God let children die" and "why didn't He stop 9/11?" Godhas a reason for everything, and we are not to question, just accept and trust. He tests us every day. There are imperfections all over this world. In every one of us. God knows we are not perfect, yet He loves us anyway. All we have to do is accept Him and believe in Him and live according to His word, and we can share Heaven with Him someday. I respect other people's opinions and beliefs, this is just mine.
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 in response to My daughter'sdad...   Thank you so much for your post. The longer I live, the more hypocracy I see in the churches and in religion in general and its one very big reason that turns people away from God. I have some of the same questions as you, why does God allow horrible things to happen especially to good people, and he has the power to stop it? My faith that he has a plan that I will never understand is the only thing that keeps me sane. The only way that we can influence others is to respect where they are in life and not judge while calling ourselves Christian. I am so very glad that I made this point.
Thank you again and take care
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 in response to My daughter'sdad...   To be a christian means to be Christlike, to be Christlike is to have no sin in your life, if people are going around raping other people, and starting wars and spreading hatred, and killing people then they are sinning, and therefore not a christian despite what they say.... that makes them a false professor, a hypocrite. sadly there are ALOT of those in the world. it would be like me putting on a police officers uniform and running around writing tickets I can say i'm a cop and write all the tickets i want, I'm sure I could even fool alot of people, but the bottom line is I don't meet the requirements for being a cop, therefore in the eyes of the law not only am i not a cop but I am in jeopardy of having legal action brought upon me. The same is true for christians, there are alot of people who don't know what it means to be a christian.... they are still in their sins, and living as the world lives, content to sin everyday....they are doing the atrocities you speak of, and being "judgmental" (if you mean judging a person) (christians are supposed to judge sin, and call it for what it is however) it's best described as love the sinner hate the sin, and even then it's not about judging them for said sin, it's about letting people know they don't have to live in there sin and that Jesus came and died for their sins rose again and has ascended to heaven and is sitting at the right hand of His Father to give all who come to Him and follow Him remission from their past sins and victory over sin in the future meaning they no longer have to sin... however if they choose to continue to sin, then they are not christians......I do believe the Bible is the inspired word of God. I personally know Jesus lives, because He has saved my soul and cast demons out of me. since I gave my life to the Lord I am a new man I have a new life, I have peace and I have the Holy Ghost to guide and direct me in understanding Gods will for me in my life, as well as for Guiding me into understanding His word, the Bible. I have also seen the things you speak of in people and false churches and i am aware of the destruction and havoc that false religion is doing to the world. i know how it is blinding peoples eyes to what the truth is, and how it in posing as the way of truth is one not only making it harder and harder fr people to truly get in touch with God because man rule is taking over, it is turning people from God. it is a sad thing, but the Bible warns about such things. and lets people who have an honest heart know that God is still alive and a relationship with Jesus and allowing Him to come into their heart, and guide them through life not looking at what people say you should do or think should be done but going through life by the guidance of the Holy Ghost and staying in constant contact with God is the only way. there are a million different ways to interpret the scriptures, if you are looking for discrepancies, you will find them....if your looking to prove a point and get someone told, you can twist the scriptures to fit that as well, if you are looking to create a doctrine and get people to follow you, you can take the word out of context and do that as well, but the only way to truely know what the scriptures say and how they pertain to you and your life is through the guidance and direction of the Holy Ghost and an honest pure heart that wants to please God. thats why it is important to search the scriptures for yourself and get b4 God and ask Him to give you understanding, and not look at what the masses say or what someone who went to college to learn the Bible but was never ordained by God to expound the scripture and dosen't have the Holy Ghost and isn't even saved and not a christian yet still professing and teaching says. I know God is real, I know Jesus lives I know the changes He has made in me, and that He continues to talk to me, and guide me through life. if you have any questions, i would be happy to talk to you. I don't expect to change your mind about anything, but I know this, if you ever let Jesus into your life, you will know He is real, there won't be a doubt in your mind. as far as atrocities happening to people all over the world.... you don't know their backgrounds, you don't know that some of them aren't in heaven now praising and rejoicing, and you could offer them the whole world to come back and they wouldn't. you also don't know if the others that died were apostate and would have never came to God. and, you don't know how many people turned to God because of things that have or have not happened. we can't know how things that happen affect those around us in the long term, all we know is what we see in the here and now, for instance me losing my hand was an horrible thing, there seemed to be no reason for it, but God spared my life because of a prayer, and then I went through ten years of hell including hanging myself, and trying to kill myself in other ways, as well as hating the world and wanting to kill everybody in it, i blew $55,000 on stuff i didn't need, and drugs, i lost my home and almost all I owned, thats horrible right, but it all led me to finding God and having true peace in my soul, and the peace I have now, the freedom from the drugs depression flashbacks 10+ years documented mental health issues like bi polar depression anxiety, ptsd flashbacks psycosis and other stuff is worth everything i went through, and not only that, because i've gone through it and know God delivers (that is only a small portion of what i've been delivered form) I can help other people in the same or similar situations. I can tell the world about the peace that God gives to His people. I can tell people about what it means to be a true christian, and show them that following Jesus and having the holy Ghost guide you is more important than what some man says. yes I am a man, but i'm not saying follow me, i'm saying look to Jesus He has the answers and i know because this is what He has done for me. God is alive today He is no harder to find than He has even been, but people because of the distractions of the world, and the damage done by false religion, are having trouble finding Him. please remember just because someone claims to be a christian dosen't mean they are, no matter how good they look if there is sin in their life they are not a christian, they are a hypocrite and a false professor, avoid them. Lord bless you. again if you have anything else you would like to talk about please let me know. I will do the best I can to answer you.
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 in response to Anonymous40784...   When we analyze prayer with statistics, we find no evidence that God is "answering prayers."
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 in response to JLM...   Really? If he is almighty, then why doesnt he cure all Cancer? If he is almighty, then why did he allow 911 attacks? If he is almighty....the list goes on and on...... The issue is, is that YOUR (and Christians in general) life has NO meaning unless you have an Adult Santa Claus to believe in. I believe in myself and my family. That is enough. There is no need to make myself believe in the toothfairy, Santa Claus, Superman or any other illusionary hero. I am strong enough to believe in what is real and make it work for me and my beautiful family.
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 in response to bookworm2011...   Even though I have a very different opinion of the whole God thing and religious thing..... I absolutely can respect the approach you have taken. It is much better to be supportive and encouraging than to shove God/words/scriptures/criticizms down anothers throat. We may not have the same beliefs or viewpoints, ...but, it was nice to see your approach. Thank you. have a nice day.
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 in response to lovingmother29...   Ur post is so sweet (: thank you!
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I really wish that I wasn't in the position I'm in because from all the posts on here, some sooooo touching... It would feel so nice to help some (most) of you out. Thank you so much to all of you on here, either needing or helping. Not only makes me realize that I'm not alone (with the needing) but showing me where I'd like to be (with the helping). Be loving forever :) look in the mirror, because no matter what side you're on- you're amazing!
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 in response to maggielynn1...   I read all the persons post. Yours disturb me more. You dont need to sprew prayers over and over and criticize others in the same sentences. Thats not Godly and this conversation is over. MOve on.If your going to pray for them, just do it and leave the put-downs out of it. As fellow Christians we are CALLED to hold each other accountable. Stop the back and forth over this and please grow up and just be an example. I don't like to argue with someone or shove God down their throat, or try to convince them of what they should believe in. Its not my job and its not yours , its Gods. You are further chastizing the situation when you taunt them about praying for them and that was my only point. Theres a difference in letting God handle people and trying to play God. Sometimes keeping silent is a better choice than opening your mouth and possibly causing others to stop believing as they will wonder, "is this how Christians act? Then Im better off not believing." Lets let this be our final conversation, your anger is wasted on me as I dont have much time and would much rather spend it on here trying to uplift others instead of arguing.
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 in response to Yetta...   Congrats,
I am so happy for you.
I will be praying for you.
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In Need of a Friend
 in response to jillfrommass41...   thank you i havent been on aid page in a couple days, my oldest daughter was riding her bike and a truck hit her and pulled her under truck, thank god she is alive, so yes a friend is definatley what i need. god bless you.
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 in response to Yetta...   God has a habit of providing. Keep praying, I'll pray for :)
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 in response to almostlostit...   LOL! God's got your back huh? LOL! WOW! How funny!
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i made god a promise to take care of my family but things are slipping away and that burden is on my heart. just lost my job this year an now the bills are pilling up on me. what can i do
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Hello?? Is anyone out there? I am in desperate need of help. My family of six and I are currently praying and begging our landlord to let us stay and have another extension. $1,$5, or $10 could help change our lives. Please someone anyone. Help us!! Our donation website is and you can enter my sisters email and hopefully help us. It's Thank you (-
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HELLO!!!! It has been a long time since I have been on here to ask for prayers or talk with anyone, but I suppose that was a good thing. I once again am in need for prayer and I know most of the wonderful people here will help me with plenty of it! I have had the most amazing month! None of life's worries could bring me down from being so happy! My boyfriend of 3 years...high school crush and sweetheart over 10 years ago...and my best friend, asked me to marry him this past Easter Sunday, in front of my Church congregation. He thanked them all for the love and support they have given me through the years, giving me the family I don't personally posses, and loving and accepting us both. I had no idea what he was doing up there with the mic....   I posted a video for you all to see!! I was so thankful my pastor's wife and he all knew before it happened, and she recorded it!! Anyhow, the reasons we NEED the prayers are not only for our relationship, but because today we recieved a notice from our landlord that we will have 6 weeks to move out. I am slightly stressed, but still nothing can keep me from smiling. When God closes one door, he opens another, and I know now we will all be just fine. :) Thank you all!!!!

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 in response to My daughter'sdad...   Number one, you just tried to read me my wrights and don't know anything about me. You generated your conclusions from a couple of bad apples that you came across. That is just like generalizing and saying that all people are the same because they come from one area. There is good and bad in all types of people, and they all come from different walks of life. I don't know who made you judge and jury. I'm sure you can find something better to do with your time then harass people. You should probably try spending your time doing something better, it should be more uplifting to you. I am not here to judge you, because I know nothing about you. I really don't care about your opinion of me, because opinions are like butt holes everyone has one. Besides this is a free country and I am an individual. To put every one in one pot sounds idiotic. In general you opinions and rants don't work on me. I think you have probably met your match. I can't waste my time on someone who knows everything. God bless you and have a wonderful fruitful life. God's got my back. Hope you enjoyed yourself.
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