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 in response to Anomaly...   Thanks so much. Pjsmom. How nice to hear ur kind words. Or read them. ;). Did u have a nice Xmas. Dd you get help or need it ? Zblue
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 in response to Inspiration...   Hi Inspiration! Thank you for the info. :)
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 in response to aodtwo...   Hello friend. Don't forget to send me your information so that I can put together a resume for you.
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Hi, I am asking help with a few things in our lives right now. I am married and my husband is looking for a job. He goes to a temp service, but they only send him out a couple days a week. That is enough to put food on our table. We have applied fpr food stamps and that is pending again. I pay all our bills , but is slowly getting behind in rent and getting a little stressed out when i think of an eviction notice because or landlords accountant says we need to catch up fast, but how can we do that with the income we have now. I really really can't afford a move in the winter and I would not want to move my child from her school. She is doing great in school, and is in 10th grade. only 2 more years and she will graduate. I don't want her to stress out either because she can easily do that. She said she will get a job when she turns 16 in April. She is such a good girl. My husband is looking everyday and we are sure something good will happen. Everytime I get paid, it all goes to rent. I can't really buy my daughter the clothes that she needs and she is always asking for new clothes because she outgrows out of the ones she has now. I some time lose sleep because I worry for us. My husband gets upset at himself and feels bad that he hasn't got employment. We did receive a small leap payment. I work a part time job and have been there for 9 years. If I could get a computer I would work from home, so that I wouldn't have to leave my family all the time. I know it will get better soon, but right now we could use a blessing from someone who can helps us to stay in our warm house. I also need Dental assistance. I have been afraid of them since i was a child and now I am going to need dentures, and I don't smile because of my tooth loss. I hope someone out there can helps us out there. I really want my child to be safe and secure. Thank you kindly. God Bless Everyone.
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 in response to angel1972...   money is hard to come by
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 in response to MelMar...   glad you are no longer with him..... there are alot of sick people out there
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stars hi im trying to find out what place are out here that can help me my insurance dooesn't cover orth shoes for the diebitics feet my feet are bad i have been throught eye surgerys i would like to know if you could help me if so cAN YOU SEND ME A MESSAGE THANK U CANDYSTUD@YAHOO.COM
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My daughter is turning 10 in two days and I am afraid her birthday will prove to be as sad as christmas! We had b only a couple dollar store gifts and I cannot afford birthday gifts either! I am praying for a little help to make her birthday GREAT! even if it is a late party it will be special...she wants a justin bieber cake from walmart bakery and a monster high doll!
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Glory Be
 in response to aodtwo...   I know what you mean about the holidays. Most people who are alone, down, and depressed find the holidays even more depressing.

You might be able to save some money on your starter if there is someone that rebuilds them in your area. I think I paid about $35 for the last one that I had rebuilt. I depends on if it's the brushes, winding, solenoid or what ever.
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Hello ,I'm looking for some help with utilties. I had a angel sent to my children for christmas. Thanking her again .
Glory Be
 in response to aodtwo...   

Well, you sound a bit more optimistic today!. Have you registered on the illinois dept of employment security? If not, here is the link.

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I am a single Mother of a 6 year old boy that has been through a lot in her life to have a better life for me and my son. I was in a domestic abusive relationship with my sons father her is a brutally aggressive man that does not care who he hurts. I stayed with him because I was to afraid to leave him because when you disobeyed you where either tortured or worse. His favorite thing was to lock me in his crawl basement till he felt I learned my lesson. I can not get food stamps or financial assistance because the courts say they have to go after him and if I do that he will make me pay in one way or another or worse find out where I am living now. I work full time but things are so pricy these days with a babysitter and food and all I am in debt and just need help. I guess what I am asking if there is any help out there that I may not have heard of or tried that will not go after my sons father for anything because I will not be able to do that. I just need to look into something because I need to pay off credit cards and get a reliable car. So if there was somewhere I could get help for food or clothes or so on I would be very grateful. Thank you.
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finally christmas is passed. I am spending another day alone because of no money my disabillity just does not cover gifts and extras. I am able to have the bare necessities but there is no extras. I have no care sand being disabled cannot walk very far so the holidasy's for me are very depressing. I do ok on a normal day but when i see people giving gifts I get depressed because i know it just is not possible. we make sure there is one per child but usually nothing left for the adults so at least it will be another yr until it comes around
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just to clarify I was saying thanks to all the ppl who were so happy and gracious and thanked us for helping w the kids this yr.. that is why we do it, to try to spread the magic of xmas! i know we weren't able to help every one, but over 40 children got a gift. so thank you for your kindness and thank yous! thats all we need. happy holidays to you all and a good new year from zblue
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 in response to aodtwo...   what size do you wear???
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i wld like to say to all we helped happyholidays to you and your families, may this next yr be a little brighter for you... And i rreally appreciate everyone who was truly thankful and appreciative. that is why we do it... and when u get around to it send me some pics of kiddos at xmas! :) i already got one and it brought such joy to me.... happy new year to you all !!
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 in response to angel1972...   How old r the boys. Let me know. Can't guarantee anything but let me know their ages. Thanks
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Christmas was yesterday and my 2 boys didn't have any presents this year to open up. They were very disappointed that nobody would help us. Couldn't even send a gift card to share. January 3rd my oldest son will have a birthday and nothing to give him. Could someone please help me. I've been out looking for work for a long time and have had no luck.
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Hello All!

Well I have been contemplating my situation some more and I have decided I really need to repair my car. It has to be top priority. I found a new site today called Visiting Angles and gave my info in hope of being contacted for a care giving job. I really don't want to go back to care giving though. It is emotionally horrible. Ya love these people and then they pass away or the adult children start fighting over everything. Any how my car is going to take a bit of money to repair and I need help. The longer it sits the more work it is going to need. Right now it is the transmission, head lights and inspection and registration. I have to have transportation if I'm going to be able to keep a job. Please help me figure this out. If you have a church ask your church pastor to please help me get a job. I will come and sing for your church...I don't have any other gift really. I am going to write letters to all the churches within walking distance of my house and see who can help and who would be willing to let me sing special music at their service. We'll see....not very many churches obey Jesus right now, but it is worth a try. God says to use our talents man says "Not in my church" go figure! But if any one can help me come up with the money to fix my car that would be wonderful. At this point it would be a miracle.

Thank you for reading.

I hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas.

God Bless and happy New Year.
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update . still desperatly seeking help finding a mechanic who can replace my motor on payments , i have 8 days left to have my car situation fixed or i wont have a job , im already 170 short on house payment because of being off work im afraid if i dont figure things out i will lose my house and wont be able to care for myself or kids please help
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