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 in response to Anonymous40784...   Thanks. Because i am aware of what learned helplessness is long before now, then i fear the same thing. But because of my being "in the know" of the situation i tried to avoid it with a positive attitude. Yet, then I was told that i was having feelings of grandiousity. That i my goals and ambitions were realistic. This coming from a person who seems to have no drive at all. This coming from an individual who doesn't really stand up for anything unless it is me (it seems). But anyway as you can see, i am stuck between a rock and a hard spot. Damn if i do and damn if I don't. But that is why i pray so a hard. Because although i live and interact with humans 24/7, also; i must admit that humans can be...well...human.

Sadly, people tend to label, stigmatize, and categorize without even the first thought. Being so impervious to all possibilities. And to explore all possibilities could take more time, energy, and attention that any sane person with a life may even have to offer. So, i usually get the responses from people who explore only one possibility and that is one of self. They share with me an opinion of really what they feel of themselves.

How do i judge this much you may ask. Well, when the person only offers me one aspect of an situation as a means to advice then the answer is somewhat biases. Therefore this much speaks for itself. But anyway. Pray for me! Because, as you can see, I need it.

Thanks anyway.
 in response to Jamie1115...   Jamie, have you checked your area churches? You can either go by or call to see if they have a food pantry or where one might be. I also had to go earlier this month to a food pantry. It was a local Methodist church and they were So nice and helpful. Please don't give up! I SO know how you feel, somedays you just want to crawl in bed, go to sleep and never wake up. For me though, having my son to take care of and his father being dead, he needs me, even if I can't do much for us! Believe in God, REALLY believe in him, pray and talk to him like you would a friend, you will be amazed at what good things will start to happen in your life!
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I hope that everyone had a blessed the families we were able to assist this holiday it meant alot for you to let us know how you spent your day yesterday and to include us in your childrens reactions of when they opened their gifts. I appreciate knowing that they liked their toys and things they got and felt like my husband and I really shared in their happiness. For the family who has not contacted us since they received their gifts, we find it a little distrubing and your behavior since we decided to help you has taught us a lesson about how some just give their sad story and once a person steps in to offer them help, they feel entitled and cannot even give a thank you.It is beyond my understanding why you would be so rude to someone that can help you with what you cant provide to your children but in any case I hope the kids enjoyed the Christmas gifts and we wish you the best from this point. Our help to you is complete and the clothes we have to send are going to go to another needy and thankful family.
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 in response to PJsMom...   thank you so much , its been hard almost everyday my lil girl ask me whats for dinner last nite it was beans and rice tonite i dont know the place we live there is not much around so i gota try to find a pantry to get something , but i hope t get better for you to :-) and as for me being sick i get migranes real bad to the point my nose bleeds and i get sick to my tummy, and i can to nothing and it last 2-4 days sometimes but ill be ok i will keep intouch and same with you . hugs jamie
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Bee's Knees
Thanks everyone for praying for Go4More! He is awake and home!!
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So what if ur u child didn't get toys, mind didn't get anything ! So what! Their not sick & they won't toss & turn in their sleep! Its over with. They will survive!!!""
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What a big web of lies we weave.                                              When we first try to deceive.

Be honest with children.

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 in response to widdow mom need help...   I know kids that didnt get anything for Christmas and their parents explained that alot of people are losing their jobs and trying to hold on to their houses which is more important that buying gifts for Christmas..while older kids understand this better than younger ones, its perhaps never to late to sit them down and explain to them there are other ways to celebrate other than gifts. I know its not easy because Ive had to do it with my own kids and they were little, but I did make them ornaments, paint a washable tree on my living room wall, and one year we each wrapped up something we cherished to give each other for Christmas. It doesnt have to be new or expensive..We have a ton of info on this site so that you can prepare for the next holiday or event by starting now..check out schmidtys page for tons of free items..i get things in the mail everyday and sign up with every restaurant in my area as a kids all get free icecreams from baskin robbins and free dinner at Dennys and other restaurants on their birthdays as well as many other freebies..if you start now you wont have to look for anyone else to provide for your kids and be disapointed, my kids stockings were filled with freebies from gummies, to chapstick, to name brand perfume samples and lotion..if your interested, message me privately and I can help to get you started on getting freebies sent to your home and info on couponing to cut costs, I find it challenging to get as much as I can for free or nearly free so that I can spend my money on other things like my home or childrens college any case, this may be a good time for you to begin new traditions with your children so they will come to enjoy and celebrate this holiday instead of dreading it and thinking that Santa didnt want to come...hope to hear from you
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hope everyone had a great christmas, i am so thankful to have found this site and pray next year i will be able to help others
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i dont know y some are answered and some not but a wonderful woman awnsered our prayers and i love her to know that she is an angel mykids couldn't hace been any happier. please dont give up hope the world is full of amazing blessings. Leah ur wonderful thank u from EVERY PART OF OUR HEARTS.....
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Glory Be

 in response to aodtwo...   @ aodtwo, You can't wish your way into a job. You have to pull yourself together and dig your way out of that hole.

I have been further down than you are. I lost my house, vehicles, a good job, family photos, friends and all. It was the night that I spent in a run down, bug infested homeless shelter that I came to the realization that I had to turn myself around.

I worked hard labor jobs and saved money for a vehicle and clothes decent enough to wear to an interview. I got a small apartment and found a better job, but that wasn't good enough for me. I continued my search for a position that I would be comfortable in.

Today I'm making $50k a year and still looking. It takes diligence and perseverance. You can't give up. You have to keep faith. You have to keep fighting even when the odds are against you. You have to keep pressing forward no matter what.

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 in response to aodtwo...  

I'm not sure if you saw this particular post on my homepage, but I do resume writing for free if you need a resume to help you find a job.

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totally stressed
merry christmas everyone. i'm not gonna long post and cry. i sincerely hope all here enjoyed this day,and were comfortable in their surroundings. i had a good day. good night. ozzies lickin his claws.
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 in response to widdow mom need help...   my heart goes out to you!!! the only things i can think of is, check on craigslist under for sale then click on"free"..people give away anything u can think of from hot tubs to toys..also, call all ur local n major charities n churches n ask them if there are any toys left over from their toy just may b surprised..dont stop at the first one to help, call them all!! good luck!!
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 in response to zblue...   40 children! That is SO awsome! I CAN NOT WAIT for the day that I can do that!
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 in response to zblue...   So nice to read a post from someone that has been able to help the SO many people who are on here! God Bless you hun!!
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Please Help me and my 22 month old son!! I have recently been evicted and I have no money to get a new place. I have to be out on the 1st but I have no finances to get a new placce. I have no vehicle so sleeping in a car is not an option for me. My sister has offered us to stay with her but she already has my other sister living with her. All together she has 6 kids and 3 adults living in her home which is a three bedroom so she literally has no room or funds to support another person.
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 in response to Jamie1115...   I am So sorry you had a terrible Christmas! I wish SO SO that I was in the position to help everyone! Please if you don't mind keep in touch with me. I am also in a bad situation with losing my job two years ago, being a single mom and trying to finish my last semester of college to HOPFULLY get a job. I have lost so much material stuff, but have tried to not let that bother me (even though sometimes I do fall into that depression). Anyway, my heart felt for you when I read your post.
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widdow mom need help
any numbers out there for chirtsmas? help please comment and let me know i really need to know i told my kids that santa was sick this year and might bring somthing on new years i hope that can happen !
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well this christmas sucked my kids got up and cryed all day we dont have much food and nothing for them i might haveto so something i might regret but its for my kids and i cant work becouse i get sick alot so merry x-mass to all and hope everyone had a good day.
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