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I am a 47 year old woman. I have permanent disabilities, mental and physical. I am currently caring for an elderly relative with heart failure, kidney failure and various other health issues. My husband of 20 years committed suicide on July 20th, he was over half of our household income. I have been told by Social Security that I'm eligible for SSI, but I can't start collecting it until February because of a piece of property I have to s friend to pay off a debt. We are getting desperate! Any help would be appreciated. we're sinking fast here. If anyone could work on my truck it would be appreciated, I need it to take my dad to his appointments. I also have untreated diabetes.
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 in response to bookworm2011...   Thank you...and may God continually bless & keep you all. Merry Christmass!!!
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still looking for help someone please help us!!!!!! i posted for help and haven't heard from anyone. We need food really bad and have no where to turn to please someone to help :(
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Any one find any info / help about NH programs that can help with my eviction letter? Have ssdi income and proof of eviction. Don't no where to turn. Will help others when I can.
Thanks again
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Hello everyone, Im working on finding any last minute Christmas help and events for families..some churches are not advertising that they are still providing gifts so I am trying to work through a list to post those that are able to still provide gifts or food or even entertainment and refreshments..I am almost through the list in CA and will work on posting for other states later this evening..Keep checking back I am putting the most up to date info that I can find in hopes it helps even a few have a better Christmas and gives a little hope
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Santa Cruz'n Christmas
Saturday, Dec 17 2011,
4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Santa Cruz Bible Church
440 Frederick Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Call: 831-429-1162

Join us on December 17 & 18 from 4 - 8pm at Santa Cruz Bible Church for a Santa Cruz'n Christmas! This is a FREE event that is FUN for the whole family. There will be a petting zoo, hay rides, candyland, a 50's diner (at 50's prices), a live Bethlehem village and a Christmas show with local talent, like Singing Wood Marimba, Taylor Rae, and Bay City Luv. We are also collecting food for Second Harvest Holiday Food Drive, so bring a can! For more info go to
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Need help in Chicago? I am not sure if this program is still helping but its worth a try___ 


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Do you have children in the L A area>FREE basketBALL Camp Info::::


2011 LA Kids Free Winter Basketball Camp
DATE: Dec 20, 2011
TIME: 9:00AM To 2:30PM


The 2011 LA Kids Free Winter Basketball Camp is specifically designed for boys and girls ages 7 - 14. This is an excellent opportunity for boys and girls to learn the fundamentals of basketball. Campers also make new friends and have lots of fun while on winter vacation. The camp is conducted at Van Ness Recreation Center. Everyone will receive quality instruction, uniforms, transportation (from a participating recreation center) and lunch. The basketball camp operates Tuesday - Friday, 9:00 - 2:30 pm, December 20th thru 23rd. The program is completely free, however space is limited. For sign up information, contact one of the recreation centers below.

Host Site: Van Ness Recreation Center
5720 2nd Ave.,
Los Angeles, CA. 90043
Contact: DeAnna Tunstall or Jacyn Clayton at (323) 296-1559

Participating Center: Lincoln Heights Recreation Center
2303 Workman St.,
Los Angeles, CA. 90031
Contact: Patricia Fuller at (323) 225-2838

Participating Center: Ramona Gardens Recreation Center
2830 Lancaster Ave.
Los Angeles, CA. 90033
Contact: Debra Price at (213) 847-2961

Participating Center: Evergreen Recreation Center
2844 East 2nd St.
Los Angeles, CA. 90033
Contact: Tim Hayes or Baya Louie at (323) 262-0397

Participating Center: Garcia Recreation Center
1016 South Fresno St.,
Los Angeles, CA. 90023
Contact: Ed Bonilla at (323) 265-4755





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Any info/ help for NH on eviction? I'm a single mother of 1 a 8 year old little girl. I became disabled 2 years ago and exhusted all my saving on rent and bills . I recently recived an eviction letter and I have been everywhere to apply for help and none of the agencies in nh can help. I'm getting really stressed because I don't have any family to help me. Please anyone with info
Thanks brenna
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 in response to ariel1013...   thank you so much for your help i hope they can help me i am going to go there on monday
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 in response to ariel1013...   Brenna wilson
Manchester NH
1 child she is 8 years old almost 9 her name is beyonce :)
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 in response to ariel1013...   thank you merry christmas to you as well :)
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 in response to Anonymous40784...   I agree and while it is hard to take that fun away from your child if you cannot get the gifts and keep up the charade then what else can you do! CHRISTmas is about our lord and it has become so commercialized and I think we get caught up in all that and forget the reason for the season! God bless you all and may your Christmas be merry!
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 in response to uniquebeauty88...   what kind of help were you looking for money?
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hi i am the oldest son of 4 father passed away in 2008 due to an heart attack after losings his job driving trucks in 2007 my mother try to manage a house of 4 driving for victorville to los angles she wakes up ever morning at 4:00 am just to get to her job at 7:00 then she gets off at 3:00pm just to be home at 7:00pm Monday through Saturday my mom is very hard working its very hard for my mom shes still fighting the bank over the house after my dad passed because they where not married my dad was helping her pay it but now hes gone its been very hard ive been trying to find a job but its hard in victorville i cut grass trim trees any thing that involves labor just to help my mom im also attending college but talking care of my lil brothers and sister and work are time consuming but the church has been helping take care of them longer so i can work more but last week my truck had gave out on me my pastor paid for me to get it looked at it was a 87 Toyota pickup they say i need a new motor and tranny they say if i got to a junk yard it will cost me 900 for the motor and 300 of the tranny and to install it 500 in total 1500 i tried to get financial aid but they say my mom makes to much and it suck because my mom dosent have a dime everything goes to the house or gas we have no tv or other things and not having a Christmas for the kids. please can someone help me out i really need a car or some help with money so i can have a ride to school and a work car so i can help my mom with the house please if you can help thank you for reading

my email is
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Dear Santa, My Christmas Wish

A little about me and why I am wishing for this, because it is a kind of unusual wish, I was a plumber, and construction labor growing up, a tom boy to the bone, I am really small so I've always had people judge my skill and strength without knowing what I can do. My ex husband was no exception, except he was both physically and verbally abusive about it. I finally got out, after 14 years, but its kind of like being paroled coming off becoming a house wife and a shut in into the job market. No one wants to hire you, I spent 6 months actually having issues with job hunting due to panic attacks from being a shut in.

Well in my 3 years since the divorce I worked a few minimum wage jobs, but not many, I fought and fought to work to my goal to better myself, went from mine security due to a lost contract to the more stable mine transport, till they gave me a choice between a my kids and my job, long story the punch line was I lost my job over scheduling appointments for my kids on my days off. I do schedule around work this is no problem. Just can't be totally unreasonable, I do after all have kids to raise.

Fact is I know where I want to be, I have my MSHA both surface and underground, PPE, I don't use drugs, I have a clean criminal record and mostly clean MVR (1 point on my license for 80 in a 75) I can be on the bus at 2 to 3 am, I can handle the shift work, I can and do handle inclimate weather and dirty jobs fine, I can lift and carry heavy loads, I don't mind dirt and or greese, I will do the work, task me on a shovel and I will spend all day busting my tail. I just want a shot. Basically I need to work, I need real work, and I just want a shot. I can be trained to do most anything, and will do it the way you want. How you can help, get me hired by any mine contractor, or mine in reasonable commute distance from Winnemucca and Ill make you proud Ill prove I deserve to be there.

Also need a job to hold me till then :) need an income
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 in response to brenna6942...   hello please your name city and state and how many kids
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 in response to blondey...   Free legal help and eviction prevention services

Legal Assistance of Western NY Inc. (phone number (315) 781-1465) is a non-profit law firm that has as its goal providing equal access to attorneys for all, whether you can forward one or not. They offer a variety of legal programs for civic (non-criminal) cases. For example, receive legal help to prevent an eviction, deal with housing issues such as landlord/tenant concerns, and other domestic issues.
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 in response to blondey...   it takes abt two to three days to get this help they are expecting you
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 in response to blondey...   hello my dear this is for you good luck Emergency help for paying bills

Three local charities that can provide people with aid include the Catholic Charities of the Finger Lakes ((315)789-2235), the Salvation Army ((585) 394-3531) and the St. Vincent DePaul Society (phone number 585) 394-3980)

St. Vincent DePaul of Canandaigua - This organizations runs several programs for people who need help. Among many of the services they offer are vouchers for prescription medications which can help reduce the price of drugs that people need for their medical conditions. They also operate a food distribution center that provides food and groceries to hundreds of people per year. Also, people can pick up high quality, gently used clothing for work, school, or other needs.
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