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 in response to brenna6942...   hello please your name city and state and how many kids
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 in response to blondey...   Free legal help and eviction prevention services

Legal Assistance of Western NY Inc. (phone number (315) 781-1465) is a non-profit law firm that has as its goal providing equal access to attorneys for all, whether you can forward one or not. They offer a variety of legal programs for civic (non-criminal) cases. For example, receive legal help to prevent an eviction, deal with housing issues such as landlord/tenant concerns, and other domestic issues.
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 in response to blondey...   it takes abt two to three days to get this help they are expecting you
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 in response to blondey...   hello my dear this is for you good luck Emergency help for paying bills

Three local charities that can provide people with aid include the Catholic Charities of the Finger Lakes ((315)789-2235), the Salvation Army ((585) 394-3531) and the St. Vincent DePaul Society (phone number 585) 394-3980)

St. Vincent DePaul of Canandaigua - This organizations runs several programs for people who need help. Among many of the services they offer are vouchers for prescription medications which can help reduce the price of drugs that people need for their medical conditions. They also operate a food distribution center that provides food and groceries to hundreds of people per year. Also, people can pick up high quality, gently used clothing for work, school, or other needs.
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 in response to heather1980...   well hello i help all that i can on here please respond id like to help you
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 in response to bookworm2011...   i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvved your comment merry christmas to you !
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 in response to bookworm2011...   Oh Wow,

I love that idea your foster mom did.
That was nice.
Thats the very things that make for good memories.
Lets face it, most of us can't remember 'all' the toys we were given.
We most likely remember 'some' but not 'all'.
Besides, the toys ended up broken or in the garbage not long after in our household.
But, things that make for the most memories were not the toys. My mother would always cook a huge meal. We would always have the aroma from the turkey or whatever meat; the smell from the pies & cakes; the big bowl of fresh fruit & nuts, the smell would permeate the room.
The fruit cake & egg nog was my favoirte. Playing board games as a family; my dad playing the piano & mom and us kids singing around it; being together reading stories was would I remember most. Its what I treasure most. No gift can replace that.
Our parents would take us riding in the different neighborhoods to look at the Christmas lights.
Things like this made for the best memories.

thank you for reminding me of these lovely memories.
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 in response to Bee's Knees...   We grew up in foster care so the lady who we lived with had about 8 or 9 kids there total, so we didnt get gifts. She did make a bowl of punch, fried chicken and a huge chocolate cake.. she read the bible story of baby Jesus birth to us and we celebrated with good food and fun. I remember the home being filled with joy and laughter. We had a treasure hunt in her backyard at the end of the day and searched for candies she had that to the christmases I spent at home with my parents when they both used to drink and fight, and even though we had stacks of gifts under the tree, I had no joy in opening presents and celebrating with that enviornment. It was a good lesson and foundation to teach me I didnt need things to be happy, so hopefully I can pass on to my kids in this generation of being entitled :)
I pray things get better in our economy but we have to do some changing as well..we are the ones who suffer not the big businesses..their kids will have everything they want for Christmas and everyday because of our spending..making gifts is something I started doing as well. Im teaching myself to sew and made my little kids costumes this year. I am also baking cookies by the dozens and banana bread as gifts..Anyone who doesnt appreciate my efforts to still give just not commerically, well all i have to say to them is BAH HUMBUG !!
have a great day, wonderful talking to you..
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 in response to Eutawangel...   thank you for your comment, It pains me to see people so depressed and hurting over a day that is supposed to be joyful..i know it hurts when you cant celebrate it the way you are used to , but I learned a long time ago, people and relationships matter more than gifts ..its hard to change our thinking because spending money is what society sells around this time of year, but if you have none to spend then what? the depression sets in...take care and God Bless :)
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 in response to a mom doin her best...   You are stronger than you think you are God don't put more on you then you can bear. this is only a test that you are going through. want you to know when you feel that your at the end of your rope tie a knot in it and hold on.sometimes when test are place at your feet its put their to see how you would handle it and learn from are a strong woman and don't lose hope understand things get worse before they get better.put your trust in God he will pull you through you are in my prayers.
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Worried need to pay off payday loans dont have the money i need work like side jobs i know how to clean houses apartments mobile home someone please help me
Thankyou and God Bless
Happy Hoildays
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Hard times for alot of people. Im leaving it in the hands of god...Im not one to beg or try to make people feel sorry for me...its a rough time of year...i understand...i wish the best for all...
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Im starting to feel a little less hopeful because its getting closer to me having to explain to my four year old that santa couldn't come this year!I mean I know I'm doing the best I can for us, but I just can't help thinking what kind of mother has to tell her kid santa didn't get to come this year, but then I know I'm a great mother to him it's just things have been hard since I don't have his father around to help anymore! I just hope and pray things come together somehow.
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a mom doin her best
could use some prayers right world is falling apart and dont know think i am strong enough to get thur this myself
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hello my name is heather i live in canandaigua ny i have 2 kids a girl 3yrs old and a boy 6months old we need to come up with alest $300 in 2weeks or we are going to be on the streets can some one plz help me out i just got laid off of my job but am looking for a new one i hate to ask for help but i dont know what to do
if someone out there can help me and my kids here is my email address
i really hope and pray everynite that someone will be our angel and help us
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Bee's Knees

 in response to bookworm2011...   That Anonymous40784 is a smart one! I agree. My kids don't write lists either. I remember being a kid and doing that and being so disappointed when I didn't get what I asked for...Santa must not have cared. We also went through the Sears catalog circling everything we wanted, which was fun, but seemed pointless when we learned we wouldn't get a single thing in there!
My kids love getting home made gifts and I totally agree with what you said about craft fairs! Even though it is months before Christmas, entering crafts, antiques, produce, and baked goods into county and state fairs during the summer, is also a great way to earn cash for Christmas savings.

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Bee's Knees
Everyone looking for Christmas help, please check out Schmidty's post:

Lots of great info here! Thanks a million, Schmidty! You are one wonderful chap, as Sandy would say!
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hello my name is heather
i live in canandaigua ny i am in major need of help me and my 2 kids age 3 and 6months old are about to be throw out of our house because i dont have the money to pay rent this month whitch is $700 can someone plz help me my land lord gave us a week to come up with the money i just got laid off of my job and i dont want to be out on the streets with my 2 kids i never ask for help unless i really need it if you can help plz email me at
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 in response to bookworm2011...   Thanks for sharing that, yes we the 'adults' teach children these 'lessons' by example & reinforcement. They believe Chistmas is about getting thier list, blind to many blessings of family, home/shelter,etc and that Christmas is about Santa, Stockings, Reindeer, etc & hardly anything about God's love in Jesus, and exploring what that means, alongwhile parents are depressed if they do not make the list , then we wonder why they grow up to pepper spray other shoopers on Blackfriday. So thanks to both you & Anonymous40784 for sharing.
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 in response to Anonymous40784...   thank you for being the voice of reason..i hate seeing people i know sick with stress because they feel pressured to get certain gifts for their kids, but no one points out that they continue to feed into it..I am all for celebrating Christmas with gifts and good cheer, but my kids know not to write out a list of what they want, or to assume that they deserve certain things because its Christmas..its the thought that counts and I will pay my bills first before trying to please them..they didnt always understand it when they were little of course but it taught them that money does not grow on trees nor am I obligated to buy them everything they see on TV...I dont have financial problems but I still refuse to be a slave to a commercial Christmas..This is more about making the retail industry richer than it is the birth of Christ..there is a program in Sacramento not far from me, that Adults with skills such as ceramics, painting, sewing or writing etc teach kids a skill in an afterschool program and these kids make gifts to sell all the month of December craft fairs..they sell to the public and use the profits to buy gifts for their empowers them and trust me they know at a young age where the gifts are coming from and it AINT Santa clause
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