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Well Im just worried that never get any help. we pray and we try...
where we live trailer is cheap but it falling apart. we have no kitchen sink we wash our dishes in bathroom sink and tub ready to fall through. but we can't afford nothing right now they won't have us pay a mortgage, no one gives us a chance.
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 in response to Ama...   Hello, I can't seem to figure out how to inbox you? We're located in Moreno Valley, Ca.
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 in response to nehnehsmommy12...   Hello where u located inboxme your number
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 in response to Anonymous40784...   Never give up..... Been there contact me with your with a number
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I am wishing to share some Christmas cheer with a person,couple,etc that is "childless".

So, if you are "childless" please let me know.

I understand how you feel.

Just wanted to let you know "I care".

I would love to send you a little something for Christmas.

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Can someone see it in their hearts to help my daughter not be sad. I am a single mom and I do it all by myself. I just started a job and i am a full time student. I know there are a lot of people on here with the same wants and needs, and I know I am just one in a million. Just hoping that I can give my baby girl a smile on Christmas morning.
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Hello, I'm praying somebody can help me. Any help or reliable advice would be very much appreciated....I'm a 32 year old single mother of 3 (two boys(12&10) and a girl(4)) and I'm just facing some really hard times over the last few years and over the last several months it's just gotten extremely bad to where I'm now wondering how it will ever get any better? I lost my job back in july, it seems impossible to find another and ended up having to quit school also. I'm currently unable to provide ANYTHING for my children for christmas (which I've tried explaining to them and they try to understand), but recently i received a notice to vacate, all my utilities are about to get shut off in 24-48 hrs and I just don't know where to turn anymore. I've contacted catholic charities, salvation army, a utility/rental asst programs, but with every attempt, I get the same response, "all funds have been depleted". I try to stay positive but honestly, I feel pretty hopeless and worthless right now. I don't what else to do to keep us from being homeless in a matter of days or w/o heat or water....If anybody can help in any way I can't express how greatful I would be. Please help me find some help...

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hi i am the oldest son of 4 father passed away in 2008 due to an heart attack after losings his job driving trucks in 2007 my mother try to manage a house of 4 driving for victorville to los angles she wakes up ever morning at 4:00 am just to get to her job at 7:00 then she gets off at 3:00pm just to be home at 7:00pm Monday through Saturday my mom is very hard working its very hard for my mom shes still fighting the bank over the house after my dad passed because they where not married my dad was helping her pay it but now hes gone its been very hard ive been trying to find a job but its hard in victorville i cut grass trim trees any thing that involves labor just to help my mom im also attending college but talking care of my lil brothers and sister and work are time consuming but the church has been helping take care of them longer so i can work more but last week my truck had gave out on me my pastor paid for me to get it looked at it was a 87 Toyota pickup they say i need a new motor and tranny they say if i got to a junk yard it will cost me 900 for the motor and 300 of the tranny and to install it 500 in total 1500 i tried to get financial aid but they say my mom makes to much and it suck because my mom dosent have a dime everything goes to the house or gas we have no tv or other things and not having a Christmas for the kids. please can someone help me out i really need a car or some help with money so i can have a ride to school and a work car so i can help my mom with the house please if you can help thank you for reading

my email is
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Grandmas need
Ineed a car im on disibility and the car igot my son in law destroyed it and now I dont have any and I go to the drs regularly can anyone see in ur heart to help me no christmas this yr
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okay i am a 24 year old male who has been dealing with 2 broken teeth for almost 6 years i live in the coryell county area in texas and am trying to find a dentist or something so i can have these 2 broken teeth pulled being as im unemployed at the moment i cant afford the 200 dollar xray, exam and then tell me how much it will cost to pull it. if anyone has any info on either a clinic that will let u finance or a school in the area that needs volunteer patients for work pls let me know i cant freakin take this anymore ive had 2 abcesses the first one swelled up to the size of a softball had to use insulin needles just to pull the puss out of my chin so i could get some relief from the pressure and sleep for a few hours i dont want that to happen again so if anybody could help me pls let me know thank u so much i am forever grateful for whatever help comes in.
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Hello i need help providing christmas gifts for my kids.....i recently went on disabilty and cant get my kids gifts for xmas.It breaks my heart when they ask where there presents are at under the tree....So if there is anyone out there that can help or will help please do i need it desperately.My kids are Boys ages 15,12,4 and my Girls are 6and 5...if ayone wants to help please call me or email me time is running out..Thank you and Merry Christmas
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Hello i need help providing christmas gifts for my kids.....i recently went on disabilty and cant get my kids gifts for xmas.It breaks my heart when they ask where there presents are at under the tree....So if there is anyone out there that can help or will help please do i need it desperately.My kids are Boys ages 15,12,4 and my Girls are 6and 5...if ayone wants to help please call me or email me time is running out..Thank you and Merry Christmas
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you know a wood split doll or homade checkers dont take but a tree limb and a sharp knife and a hand saw with a determined person with a little bit of hand work and you have a dandy gift for a child or adult that looks good and last forever with little care and is not made in another country out of harmfull materials. i have made them both for many kids in the past and i am sure yall can do the same. a presant that will be a keepsake.any questions just ask.
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I continue to get emails from needy families on this site. I've tried to delete my profile, but I get an error message and it wont delete. I have already assisted 13 kids in total with Christmas gifts (not just one but full out gifts). I'm not able to do much more. I'm sooo sorry. I am going to create a system for next year that will match every family with a sponsoring family.
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 in response to unwinged angel...   How old is the couple? Do they have family or children? Are you hoping somebody sends them something for Christmas?
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unwinged angel
I know of a family in the Amarillo Texas area that are in need of any kind of assistance.....They are an elderly couple, she has to work 40 hours plus and he is not able to work because of ongoing heart problems. He is in and out of the hospital all of the time because his heart only works off of 15% most of the time. She finally found her prince charming after many years of being in an abusive marriage and now he is dying. They have to travel to the doctor at least once a month sometimes more all the way to Dallas and she makes this trip with her husband by herself. She is wearing herself out...on top of that her neice (which she was close to) was killed last year by a drunk driver a day after her son's graduation and about a month and a half ago her son was killed instantly in a terrible accident. She deals with these deaths, the constant worry that her husband could go at anytime, and working her butt off.........and they are barely skimming by. They drive an old truck that is broke down most of the time.....i know they could use some kind of help for the holidays because she didn't even have enough to pay all their bills this last month. I feel like God has put it on my heart to put this on here as they would not ask for any help theirself...but they need a little. I understand that there are a lot of people just out for free rides but there are those that try and try and try and it seems that there is never any light at the end of the tunnel.......there are those that can help but often, because of the freeloaders, they don't. If anyone who reads this feels like they can or want to help i guess just reply and we can go from there. I don't know exactly how all of this works but if it's the Lords will He will make a way right? Thank you and God Bless
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Does everyone here have an account for help with Modest Needs.They are another source to try. It can't hurt,right?
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I have no idea what we will do. I have exhausted every form of assistance that is avaliable here. Most of them telling me that they either have no funds, or they can't help us. I am splitting up what little money we have and giving a little to each bill, hoping that they will just keep working with us. My mother helped with Christmas gifts for the kids (that was a HUGE relief), but no I am working on keeping our home.
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