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 in response to ladytech...   i really need someone help.
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 in response to GODS SERVANT...   hello i am a single mom i lost my extra income i had coming in. i have a 13yr-old son .I'm basely on here asking for some help by helping me to be able to give my son a christmas this car broke down on us so i'm upset about that also .i'm behind on some of my bills in this is very stressful,can someone please help us i truly really appericate it with the kindness and the help of anyone,
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I am a mentally and verbal. ly abused young woman with a child in houston. I have no job bc of my husbands controlling ways. I want to leave now but Idont know how....any ideas on what to do
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Little Mama Of Four
Family of six, Four kids and two adults. Just moved to spring texas trying to make a living need help with x-mas gift and what ever else can help them PLEASE..
Any Questions call Debbie at 409=499-0957/ Grandma
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I feel so hopeless & alone... The only reason why I get up every other day is because my kids like it when I take them to school & the school has already red flagged them, I just need to leave my husband he's draining all our funds on misc. stuff & at the same time draining me too... i have no friends because i feel like im just a party pooper... what to ddo????!!!!
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 in response to mom451...   Thanks and they are sometimes selfish people ya know. I gotta figure out how to get 70 dollars to fix my car...... but no one can help me out..... just not my day i reckon...
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 in response to FROGLADY...   Thank you so much for the information you shared with me. I called the welfare office and asked them about the car situation and I am not illigable for this program since I do not get food stamps or cash.I am signed up for the Leap program but haven't heard from them as of yet. I don't have any other options. I really need to get a job for the winter, I need to work. Working really helps me keep my mind off of my problems.
There are other things in my life that I didn't share with you. Since 1996 I was in a relationship with a long time friend and I lost him last Sept. I miss him so much. Frank was my brother's friend growing up, in 1996 I ran in to him at his sister's wedding. We started dating but I didn't know he had a alchole and drug problem. I stuck by him and helped him get off the drugs and boose. Three years before he passed he turned his life around and gave up his former life. I was so proud of him but the life he lead for so many years took a tole on his heart. I just feel lost! I loved him so much. When I was 16 I had a crush on Frankie but he never gave me a second look.
When we started seeing each other in 1996 I asked him what was wrong with me when I was a kid. He told me that since I did not do drugs I didn't fit in to his life style. He told me that his life would have been so much better if he would have choosen me instead of the life he was leading at the time.
When I lost Bill I was scared because I wasn't sure I could raise the boys by myself. Times were tough but we all made it through. Loosing Frankie is different.I am scared now because I fear growing old alone! Where I live there are no neighbors and I am so scared that something will happen to me (MS related) and no one will know.
Again, thank you for your advise. God Bless you, Bobbi
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 in response to chevygurl...   im on that site to but got no help either but i thought they might help you with food i will be praying you get help i have no income or i would help you i'll be praying for you.
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 in response to mom451...   Yeah I am on that site and I've pretty much been looked at bad because I need help. No one will offer on a wish or nothing. So no luck there.
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 in response to chevygurl...   go to they may help you and god bless you.
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 in response to azziyan...   all state have free money ; you just need to find out of any of its in your name. contact me to see if i can help you.
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 in response to AmiraA...   Apply for Financial Aide by filling out FASFA...your local colleges can assist. I would focua on education & paying just what I need to live in as far as bills. Sacifice a bit now & hopefully reap more later.
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 in response to 1624doodlebug...   Oh Barbara your story so touched my heart...thank you for are not alone, GOD loves you & I'm praying for ya in the name of the precious Savior Jesus.
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 in response to met31...   Can you work fast food long enough to buy a car & look for better...or Wallmart? I purchased a car for 1800 & I've had it by Gods grace 2 & 1/2 years w/ minor repairs & suvuved a accident my fault. I will pray for ya!
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 in response to blessedandhighlyfavored...   Amen, amen, amen!
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 in response to billysmama...   I honestly dont know how you can buy or rent a home without income to pay for it other than Public Housing or Section 8 if you qualify...but have you considered a training program in health field or IT (both are good fields as far as for hiring). You may be eligible for Med Asst, Dental Asst, Surgical Asst,LPN,PTA, Phy Ther, or RN programs, etc. Then a home ownership God willing may be possible. Some states have vocational aide for qualifed appl & at least a loan via Fed Govt but if so choose a good school like MEDIX & comm college is best.
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 in response to Ms.BConway...   Duffer here Start with your local HUD office, go to your local DFACS office, if that doesnt work tell your MEXICAN, just joking but it might work they get any thing they want.Look in your,what I have here is called a Thrifty Nickle, its a cheap news paper that people run all kind of ads in that things are very cheap. Kick some doors in if you have but hang in there kid I am pulling for you.
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 in response to aidforteeth...   Duffer here, read ALL of these comments, I read one a day or so ago that said something about denistry,sorry I dont remember which one it was. Where ever you live,go through your community action programs,catholic churces are good, if nothing else call every DARN dentist in the phone book, PLEAD your case and hopefully one will have a sympathic heart and work with you. I have false teeth so I do know what you are going through. I REALLY DO WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK!Kick some BUTTS if it takes it!
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is there a way i could get a place on my own i have a 2yr old son but i have no job i kind of looked into hud homes but i dont think i would qualify because i have no credit an they are very exspensive
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If anyone happens to know a generous person who has $6,000 that he or she is willing to give away to help me get the used car of my dreams so that I have my own way to get around and have a stable job, please let me know by one-to-one messaging me.

Or, if you know of any way of making $6,000 legally and fairly quickly in an area in which is mostly jobless (unless you're willing to sell people disgusting fast food that is horrible for them or have completed a specific college degree), please let me know by one-to-one messaging me. The car I found is in good shape and would be really reliable, unlike the clunkers that I could get for cheaper.

Thank you and take heart, because God loves you!!!
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