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My daughter is turning 8 and my son is turning 6. I'm planing a small party I have the place arranged but I can't afford to do allot. I don't have any family or Grand parents to help me out. I would really LOVE for my kids to have this Party. This is going to be there first party with others kids other years we bake a cake and sing Happy Birthday at home. I have the Party Planned for Nov 6Th. I'm having both parties together hoping to save some money. I would great to have a Clown at the party. I have been looking them up they do face painting and balloon shaping. They are asking $150 or more I can't afford that. Maybe if anyone in my area knows anyone that is in the Clown business or knows any ideas for entertainment. More realistically would be Pizza for the party. I have a theme but I'm just wanting to get solid colors (Black,Green)(Pink,Purple)and the cake would have the Hulk, Tinker Bell on them. I just want to make this a VERY special day for my kids no worries of money or food just fun with other kids. My food stamps got cut down and it makes it harder to make food stretch witch puts more stress on me to try and my this a Great day. I have posted a Walmart wish list with a range of items. From a dvd player and movies we don't have cable it would be great to get the kids off my back even used Dvds any kids stuff. Blankets to stay warm in the winter,crayons coloring books, reading books. Anything Tinker Bell or Hulk Spider man ect. Even cards and stickers are welcome I just want to fluid my kids with fun and love. If anyone has any ideas on how I could save some money please let me know. I really don't have much money after bills,food and back to school clothes. Thank you for taking the time to read though my post God Bless
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 in response to darkstar...   What state are you in ? Maybe google something up. I was out on my own at 16 I managed to stay with people or babysit for a place to stay at night. Check out Good Luck
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I need to move out on my own and get a job but I do not know how. My mom isn't able to take me places to look for work and I do not have anyone else who can. It would be perfect if I had some friends that I could stay with one of them for a while and they help me find work and get out and meet people but I don't have anyone. I was wondering if any of you could give me some advice. Thanks.
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my name is Bianca my older sister lost her 19 month Baby tragically drowned. i want to help her in any way i can we did a car wash and this weekend i plan on doing a garage sale and selling some of my stuff if you have any items you dont need or wanna help out it would be greatly appreciated the smallest bit counts 2 dollars would even be generous. anything to help her out. we want the baby to be buried properly and be able to be remebered
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La Pine Lady
I found this site just tonight. I have finally come to grips that my teeth will not just go back to normal, And I can't ignore them any longer. I am 21 years old, 22 in 8 days. I watched my father's deaf rot out of his mouth my whole life and die with just 3 at 42... I don't want to look like that. I have spent the last 3 years battling drugs, I have gotten out of treat, I'm clean, Living with family while I go to school on Loans. But unless I'm 19 or younger I do not qualify for Oregon Health insurance. I am currently unemployed ( who isn't these days) I just had my gallbladder taken out about 2 months ago and a stack of bills I may never be able to pay. And My teeth are killing me.... and are to the point it hurts to even brush them. I am honestly interested in dentures... My teeth would cost much more to save than to just have them all pulled. I'm just wondering if there is anywhere that can help me. I have no money, no insurance, and am simply just loosing hope. Any idea's are appreciated.
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I need donations. You can donate $2 or $3, any amount helps and counts.

Please go to the website below to know what the donations are going to be used for:
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como esta
 in response to stazzman...   I should get back on my feet in Nov. till then I have to hang ,I know with the help of God and my last few days of work till I retire ,I should be able to make it ,I wish I could help someone but till I'm sure I can help myself , I have to wait and see.,So many people need help ,Hang in there and pray to our lord.
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I need help i need to get my teeth fixed but don't have the money
my teeth feel like chalk when i bite down
i need dental home can i get help please
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Ms. Dry Bones Ministries
 in response to soulight...   Hello,my name is I am a single parent of three. I have a ministry where I feed and clothe the hungry. I am looking for more food and hygeine resources Even a new van. do you know of any resources?
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I need donations. You can donate $2 or $3, any amount helps and counts.

Please go to the website below to know what the donations are going to be used for:
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 in response to cambrianewo...   first of all nobody should go through any kind of abuse...but start looking up apartments 4 rent or even look in the news paper for people that need roomates. Even the food stamp office they will have info on things like that
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I just don't know what to do... I love this person and everything, but I think all of this is way too much on both of us. We both collect SSI, bairly have any money, and this person is constantly mentally and verbally abusing me. I need help getting out of this situation, but don't know how to go about doing it.
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I took my son for an evaluation for tutoring, well it seems he may have ADD+....,now the private tutor will will cost $10,670 dollars. How do I go about getting the federal money that the government awarded to a center that applied for it to do after school tutoring at my son's school where he won't receive one-one tutoring that he needs-every little bit helps?
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Barb G.
I provide for our family by myself as my husband has mental and physical limitations and is unable to work. Even with my husband's medical bills we have been able to squeak by. My teenage son has recently been diagnosed with cancer and I honestly don't know what I am going to do about the medical bills. I have been paying the insurance premiums myself as my employer no longer offers me health insurance or any other benefits. My husband's premium is fairly high due to his pre-existing condition so I put myself and my son on a high deductible plan as I thought we were both fairly healthy. I also purchased critical care insurance which was supposed to provide me with funds if any of us were in an accident or were diagnosed with any critical illness but the insurance company has informed me that my son will only receive a partial benefit as we opted for surveillance as opposed to chemotherapy after the surgery was performed to remove the tumor. I am looking at an additional $10,000 in bills annually for the next six years. There is no way I will be able to afford the additional $60,000 of debt I will be acquiring as we are underwater in our home and I have no equity to pull out to pay this bill. I am also losing hours at work as it has been necessary for me to take time off of for my son's illness and now he's depressed so I will be missing even more time to take him to his therapy appointments. I am an extremely hard worker and I would be willing to work a second job if anyone is aware of something I can do from home between 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm. I would appreciate any honest opportunity to make some additional money. Thank you.
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 in response to Need_yeshua...   That's a nice story
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Oh just need a few extra hours of work each week
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 in response to walkone...   Just click om my picture. It should land on the posts page.Look through the post that are listed. Good Luck and Ggod bless
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I need donations. You can donate $2 or $3, any amount helps and counts.

Please go to the website below to know what the donations are going to be used for:
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 in response to Schmidty...   Hello Schmidty I could not find your page please send me a link i really do need to re read your post for any relevant information. Thanks for the response.
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my foodstamps got canceled last week me and my family need help with a small donation of food of some kind. i feel a little hopless about asking like this but what the heck ill try it.
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