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Be sure to check on my site,  you may find a link there under transportation that my be of help. I provide the website free, it's something I do with my free time just to be of some help. Good Luck.

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i would like to apply with any organization that provides transportation to single parents, low income families,
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i would like to apply with any organization that provides transportation to single parents, low income families,
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well one good thing happened. i have had the baby just no where to live now. i am very grateful that he is healthy and all though.
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I know this is probably really dumb to ask but you cant get help if you dont try. At the beginning of this year I had a great paying job and good credit. Because I had a job that could help pay off my debts, I spent money using credit. Now i was laid off due to downsizing and I am left with massive debt and no job. I owe a lot of money and was hoping someone could help me with a short term loan to help me get back on my feet. I need $2000 to pay off part of my bills and my rent, and to get the parts I need for my motorcycle so it can be fixed and I can continue looking for jobs. I am currently using the bus to look for jobs, but the bus stop is about a mile away from my house, and it takes so long to get into town on it that I end up losing half the day. Please help if you can.
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My dad passed away and didnt have life insurance. I have no help from his family or anyone else, my mother is very ill and is now trying to cope with the love of her life not here anymore. My dad has been gone since 7/10/11 and still at the mortuary, im slowly losing hope. ive been unemployed for a yr and i have a 4 yr old son. im gonna end up homeless trying to get my dad cremated. please anyone out there, donate anything please.
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hi there i live in Hagerstown Md am not asking for money but i do need i job am 44 years old just came from Chile after helping my mom rebuild a little home after the great earth quake am very hard working if any one want to even train me on anything or give me a chance great, at this moment i really have nothing not even transportation so i will do all that i can to make were ever i need to go please contact me at if you want more info thank you
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christian woman young at heart needs a home to live in.
I'm a Caregiver, can work for exchange of room and board,
in the long beach,lakewood,carson,san pedro,cerritos,artesia,norwalk areas
Please contact me directly, (
Leave your name and phone#)
Thank You
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My name is Marie, I am a President of The Valley Of Love Ministries Inc.a 501c3 non profit org. We looking for volunteers, experience secretary,and a grant writer, please call us @ 561 502-8757
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Please help me. I am in need of $1500 or more dollars ASAP. I have 3 small children, no job, my car needs to get fixed, and rent needs to be paid. I had a baby 7 weeks ago and have not been able to find work yet. My boyfriend just left me with nothing. I also need a job if anyone knows of anything in Wisconsin that pays decent without a college degree. I am in need of help and I am not proud to say I am desperate :(
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I am a single mother I am seventeen I have no high school diploma or GED I am staying with a friend cause my mother didn't want me anymore and things here are getting hectic I have no job no car no money and no place to go and me and my friend need some help is there anyone who can help us??PLEASE
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I am a 32 year old female who was recently put on disability, and have recently moved into a Extended Stay Hotel due to personal issues at home. I am on a fixed income, and thanks to to the generosity of my friends I am able to pay for the place that I am staying. I am looking into other options that will go based on my income, but need help in looking for various places. If anyone knows who may be able to help me or any organization that can help me look into finding a permanent place to live I would be very grateful. As well, because I am on a fixed income, and currently am getting help from friends I am also in need of some help paying my rent. I do not want to continue to rely on my friends, so if anyone can help with my rent or knows who can help that I would really appreciate that
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Hello Fenta I need help ASAP my mortgage is over due.
Iam single mother of three. I need to know were to go to get help.
Thank you

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I am a single mother of 3. I was laid off in 2009 have been looking for work with no luck. I am really interested in starting my own buisness but I do not have any savings and I am living pay check to paycheck it is the worst feeling! I have heard about grants to start a small business but I can not affored to be scammed does anybody know anything about this?
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 in response to Schmidty...   Thanx...
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 in response to eve91...   You can check my homepage, I have several post one concerns scholarships.Use any or all of the post that you can.Good Luck and God Bless
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 in response to granddaddys dream...   Just giving you all sides of the coin, even the edges. Have a good day.
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 in response to mbachunnaemeas2004...   What are you calling extreme?
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Im really having a hard time because my husband is very depressed and he cant even get to work because we have no gas money and also no food money, he wants to join the army because thats they only way out but then he doesnt want to leave his two sons, I feel like he is going to hurt himself and i dont know what to do or how to fix this. I found a part time job but its not enough and what my husband brings home is not enough either and I cant find a full time job. Also where my husband works they are under paying him and he has not recieved any bonus and raises at all and he has been with company for almost 5 years. How can I fix this we have no one to ask for help.....
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