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 in response to AICIVART...   What you are suffering is called 'learned helplessness'.
When a human being has gone through many rejections, we suffer from this.
After being down so long, we have a tendency to give our own pity parties. However,the problem is we will be the only one attending it.
Everyone else is too busy attending their 'own' pity party.
We will have to 'motivate' ourselves.
We can do this by listening to positive messages such as tapes,CD's,positive sermons,etc.
When we are down & out,we have a tendency to become more sensitive than usual.
We get our 'feelings' involved. However, its our 'feelings' that can get in the way of us becoming successful.
Our 'sensivity' & our 'hurt feelings' will not feed us, get us a job or pay bills.
Sometimes, we have to get out of 'our own way'.
Its okay to have an occasionally pity party, but we have to allow only so much time doing so.
For example, I have had to say 'self, you are allowed 2 hours to pity then we have to spend the other time doing something about it. You will have to find the right combination for you.
Get involved in the community,church, volunteer,etc. This will allow an opportunity to network with others to make connections that will land one with a paying job. It will also give one a chance to get 'outside' our own issues for a while. This will give us a new perspective at our own lives.
I hope everything work out for you.

Best wishes

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I am very desperate here, i cant find a student loan becasue of the bad credit score my mother and father have, with no other possible cosignners. i am paniking im loking atscholarships but to know avil and im running out of time
if any one knows of definat places where i can get money please let me know and i mean definat liek i can apply and i get it
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////PLEASE READ////// Im a single mother of 4 children and this is the second month I was not able to pay our rent. I have been served with eviction papers. PLEASE if anybody knows of anything I can do (I have been on sooooooo many websites and calling all kinds of charity organizations but its either a scam or I am advised that there is no funding at this time) Any loans I would be able to begin repaying in Sep. Please if anybody can offer any desperate!!
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I just pray that I can pull myself together soon. Being homeless, jobless, and depending on everyone for everything. It sometimes get difficult to handle the psychological aspect of just being completely helpless. I try to have the right attitude and keep a smile on my face. I pray that the Lord gives the trait of Loving kindness to all those who I meet on my quest to better myself. Some people are totally impervious to the feelings of a person who has been unemployed for months. I just wish sometimes people would give me a break. Give me time to put some pep in my step. Motivate me. Pray with me. Instead all I get is zero tolerance for this, and zero tolerance for that. I had a job for 1 day and was fired because I didn't respond to a woman who claims she was calling me. Well, i didn't hear her. She said "yes you did". The bottom line is that if anyone had any kind of common sense or compassion. Who in their right mind would risk losing a job for something like insubordination when they have been unemployed for 6 MONTHS. NOT ME! I feel like this is personal. Can you blame me?
in response to the grandma.her daughter dumped there children on her and her daughter and now ex husband divorce.well let me tell you something this makes me so mad well i don,t know if you are aware of the benefits that can come your way.that is what you need to do.first think of yourself and the little ones now take deep breath first contact the child welfare or gen attorney office get full custody of your grand kids now apply for food stamps,next call 211 explain your situation i know you can get good help here and don,t worry grandmas are very power full in a court room and you can get the child support,plus medical for you and the children under chips program,and when you file your taxes you claim the don,t fall for the boo hoo lines your daughter and ex son in law well try to pull cause once you get the child support going and benefits and there is more the daughter and ex son in law well be responsible for medical for the when your daughter and son in law are out there partying not caring wait until you get them in a court room. you i wish you the best and your grand children.i like helping those in need and to give the right advice a lot of people don,t listen to me i,m retired i use to work in criminal justice. and listen to me don,t fall for any sob storys your daughter and ex son in law well try to pull.
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Trying had to except the fact that a massive hemorrhagic brain bleed on 10-02-09, just may have left the left side of my body paralyzed, hope looks bleak.
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 in response to 1day@aTime...   Letting go is like being in a room that is dark with no light and you are hanging on to a rope.You know not what is below, above or around you. Your arms are tired and sore the muscles jumping up and down trying to hang on and you finally let go and you find that you were only 1 inch from the floor. You then realize that you should have let go a long time ago , it would have saved many a worry and wrong decisions, but that was then and this is now.
I want to here that you have some apartments for people with disabilities, and that you are treating them fairly.
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 in response to 1day@aTime...   As Mr. Price use to tell me," If ...If's and an's were pots and pans there woouldn't be any use for skillets." He knew what it meant, I think I do, but it kinda underhanded, but for the longest time I just thought , Huh?
If I would or could have my druthers? It's best not to think of them only what is and what is ahead.Looking behind is always 20/20 but the path you travel what is behind shows you where you have been and the path shows you where you can travel.
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my name is alex, im 18 years old and recently made a bad decision and got in trouble with the courts. i have a $325 fine i have to pay. i have saved up 50. my dad was going to help me pay it but he just lost his job. i am leaving for college in a month and half and noone will hire me for a short time. my mom kicked me out of her house 5 years ago and refuses to help me out at all. Im not a scam artist or bullshitting anyone. i am desperate i need help. if there is anyone out there who would be willing to donate any small amount of money to my paypal that would be probally the coolest thing you could ever do please. i know its my responsibility and i have to face consequences but i really need help please help me. my paypal email is seriously if you help me that would be the coolest thing ever please help me thank you
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 in response to 1day@aTime...   What happened was that when yoou finally let go you gave room for jesus to come in. When you had all those other issues you had the house locked down, and much like a vampire you have to allow him in, He will not force you to accept him.
Smokin weed too, damn I miss all the good parties.


I think somewhere along the line you found the smart button .Thank you for sharing some valuable advice.

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 in response to 1day@aTime...   I wish I could have known you then. I could help you figure out what you needed to do with the
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 in response to roses r red...   Some of the information that you might possibly use is on my homepage. Free for any and everyone. Good Luck and God Bless
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roses r red
i wanted to know if anyone knows of any programs that help x-parolees finical till they can find work dss wont help. and i cant help
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 in response to Inspiration...   I am on medicaid so I am going to the doctor like im supposed to and taking my prenatal vitamins i just havent been able to eat as much as i should be lately
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 in response to sammiesynaster...   Are you getting any pre-natal care?
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I'm getting to be so depressed and worn down I know part of it is bein pregnant, but part of it is stress not knowing whats gonna happen not knowing if me and my husband will be ready when our little baby gets here im already 5 months pregnant it seems like that 5 months has gone by so fast. Im not eating right and dont have everything i need i just dont know what to do nemore i want to get ahead i want to be healthy for my baby but nothing i do works
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 in response to 1day@aTime...   please belive me when i tell you while the money will open alot of doors an make alot of things easier to do, it won't change the depressed feelings or other emotions your going through. i thought the 65,000 dollar check i got that i waited on for 6 or 7 years would finally make the issues i was having ok, an when it didn't i blew it all in 3 months trying to findsomething that would make my problems my anger my depression my self hatred go away... nothing i did could. the money only made things worse cuz it allowed me to not focus on the internal issues... i was running from myself. i'm not saying thats what your doing i'm just saying plz don't count on the money to fix anything. while it will help, the root of the problem is internal... i'm not sayin meds or psych help will fix it, i don't believe that. the only person that knows u better than you is God. so if your not going to take your problems to Him, then i suggest some introspection an goal setting an find what you want an what (beyond money) will make you happy.
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 in response to blueeyes2...   Get in contact with your congress people. It's there job to help.Contact the SSDI and find out where your claim stands and why it's taking so long. That is a start.
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 in response to blueeyes2...   while i am not sure what your disability is, i lost the use of my left hand in a saw accident at work, oct 22 of 2003, it took a year just to be able to tie my shoes again because of the continual surgeries. i only say that to say this, two years is a pretty short time after an accident. i know i struggled with depression anxiety, drug use an alcoholism also i was very angry for a long time. dear being depressed is very understandable an you have a right to be sad, an even angry. but that dosen't have to control your life. they say exercise boosts serotonin as well as a healthy diet. i also suggest finding little things that you enjoy doing drawing reading walking peaceful things and focus on doing them.... i'm sure thats not what you expected to hear, those are some things i do now, i was bad off i'd lock my self in a room w a gallon of vodka and i wouldn't come out till someone came over an drug me out... i smoked weed on a daily basis and drank then when that didn't work i hung myself... after all that an several stress centers, i finally gave my life to God and prayed an prayed (God directed me in what to say) until i finally let go of all the resentment an sadness i had N gave my life to Him, He filled me with peace an i've dedicated my life to God an helping others, an thats what got me out of my depression an anger an many other things. plz don't think God is a cure all take all your problems away, there will still be work to do. but the peace God gives helps to face everything else in the day.
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 in response to SBHelgirl...   By goove, I think she's got it!!!
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