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 in response to Schmidty...   Ha Ha Ha oh Schmidty you crack me up, I really needed this conversation between you and Cathay. I'm sorry but it just struck me as hilarious. So far my day sucks but hey it's onlly 7:30 AM so there is lots of time for the s--t to hit the fan again. Lug nuts came off our suv, not a pretty picture. I hope you are sticking around for awhile today. I need a lift in my sprits and your just the ticket. love ya mamashe/sheshe
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 in response to cashay...   I read that you are leaving. That's good. I feel that although some of your advice is good, you are just weaving your stories as you have said on other sites. Some of your advice is in left field, to say the least. Jesus tells you not to mind the material things , to mind your soul and look toward heaven. Not look for a BMW to get down the road. Besides with all this crap that you spew, you make it sound as if you are better than everybody else, at times, then other times you are in a deep dark hole. Would you like me to tell you where that deep dark hole is?
You know I have read your other post and have read your post on other sites, you are a pint low or missing but you are still full of it. I wish you a very happy journey on your trip away from here, how soon will you be leaving, today? Best of wishes. Bye

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Good morning, Mamashe, how are you this fine morning. I hope all goes well today and you smile all the way through.
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 in response to Anonymous40784...   Well said.
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 in response to cashay...   Oh, hogwash!!!!!
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 in response to cashay...   that's cool. I'm rejoice things have changed around for you. I thank God for such a report. I can understand your love for your car. I have a love for a car myself. A car that I'm believing God for that I have desired since I was young. In his timing. It's coming. I continue to sow seed for it. I'm sowing for my harvest.
Shalom, love, and peace friend.
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Any other programs for electrical assistance aside from LIHEAP and the ones associated with ones respective utility company? My power is close to being shut off and while i applied for LIHEAP about 2 months back, the funds were exhausted for the year and was only able to get a small grant offered by my utility company. If anyone has additional ideas I would be very appreciative! Thanks! Cat
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hi there my names dana. im feeling realy down today as i got email that my cause is ending anyday. and theres not 1 donation      :( i feel terrible "please help my kids"sign up  and support us here thanks....

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 in response to Anomaly...   Thanks :) .. took some time with my camera settings to get it to come out as I viewed it at night .. trickier than one may think! No, not a house, just an apartment, but it's still my home, and i am thankful and grateful to have it! We need to find a cheaper one, which is tough, as I get attached to homes and have trouble leaving and moving everything .. feels very unstable and disturbing on some levels .. not to mention the actually physical exhaustion of all of it, and thinking about money to pay for deposits and so forth .. money i don't have. So, for now we stay .. but i think the place has hidden mold and that worries me with my auto immune diseases, especially since i will begin treatments to suppress my immune system next month. Thanks for the tip on the clock, I like it:)
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 in response to CATLUV...   I actually got my pic from Facebook (it's not my tree). Come to think of it, I don't know why I've never taken a picture of my tree lit at night, as I am a Christmas enthusiast. :P Oh well--this year! Your tree and home are beautiful. Do you live in a house? I do (but it's not mine). Can you believe over 100 days have passed since Christmas 2010?! Check out this Christmas countdown: I love Christmas!!!
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 in response to cashay...   How interesting .. best of luck in your endeavors. I hope you have begun to see some improvement within your home environment as well? I would assume so when considering your upbeat and positive attitude. I think it's excellent that you're on your way to healing so many things which were once so painful and challenging in your life. Witnessing such transformation throughout our lives after so much time spent in a place that feels so dark and hopeless is pretty amazing isn't it? Well, good for you, I hope things continue to look bright for you and your kids. Best wishes, Cat
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 in response to Anomaly...   Yep, i get that about once a week or so ... Big misconception I'm afraid. You, I, and most everybody here need money! LOL ... Oh boy. Oh and LOVE the actual pic of the Christmas tree! Here's my tree from last Christmas .. wish I could have it all year round ... love the smell, the beauty, the peace, "magic" and energy it brings!!!
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Today this random woman sent me a private message asking for a donation. I think that she saw my name under the "Aidpage Contributors" banner and thought that I "contribute" money to others...
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good night
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I have had struggles In my life friend that I thought would take a miracle. It just so happens that I accepted Jesus into my life. My life has never been the same since. He continues to be faithful. I was laid off back in December. God opened the door as he doe's so well. I start new job mid next month. Do I say that to be insensitive? No. I say that because the same God that met my need's will be there for you, and your family. God is In the blessing people business. Accept Jesus into your life, and I guarantee your needs will be met according to Philippians 4:19.
Shalom, love, peace, and blessing's. Send me your praise reports. I love to hear what God doe's In people's lives.
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I am the father of two boys. My fiance and I have really been struggling to make ends meet. My unemployment has run out, the first of the month is coming up and every month around this time has become a real struggle. I am a student online and my fiance has just graduated school, but is having a hard time finding a job. We are both creative and are NOT looking for handouts, but if we don't come up with at least $300 before the 3rd of May, we will be late with our rent. We have pawned everything of value and will be receiving an SSI check for my youngest son who has Down syndrome. If there is anyone in the Atlanta area in need of web design, marketing, flyers, business related material or even day labor, we would be willing to work for any donations that anyone may have that can help us out. Thank you in advance for any advice, prayers or links to someone that can help, please respond and let us know. With so many scams out there, I would understand if you hesitate to donate or help, but your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Willing to WORK for HELP
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 in response to cashay...   We also should visualize how we are going to pay for such items.
Many times, we get our luxury items 'by faith'. We get financing for such item. Then hard times hit or one is not able to keep up the payments.
Too me, I have always felt 'what good does it do me to get something,but cannot afford to keep it'. I know of people who get 'stuff', but lose it or its repossessed. I know of people who make a habit of this: get stuff,lose it, get again,lose it again.
In my mind, I have always thought 'how can I ever get ahead if one has to keep starting over'?
Its more important to me to get something & 'keep it'.
After coming to this realization, when I get a car I keep it now until it literally falls apart. I no longer believe in having car notes. I have found it better to own older vehicles & no notes than to have the latest style that the repo man will get. In the past, I used to have to have the latest sport vehicles. I had big notes. I payed them but it was a struggle. I had to sacrifice other things that I needed. I discovered while in my 20's having a nice car but with large car notes is not the way to go. For the last 13 or 14 years, no car note, no stress in this department.
Having wisdom will eliminate alot of repeat mistakes. It also saves from having to repeat the heartaches of a bad decision.

Our life is affected by the decisions we make.

Best wishes
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I have a deep emotional problem and it is about my daughter. My daughter hurt her back at work and it has gotten worse not better. Now she is like a turtle when walking and she still tries to trudge on. Let's just say her back is totally out of whack. Some days she can not even make it out of bed. The daughter has prescribed her strong pain pills and even that sometimes do not work. Okay, she is a CNA but she can only take sitting cases. She has not been working and she keeps getting canceled. Now this is where it gets good, since she is the only income and she has been getting canceled, her bills are piling up. She has been hit with a thousand dollar gas & electric bill, a four hundred dollar water bill, her phone has just gotten turned off and the devil has been busy. I want to know if anyone that lives in Baltimore, Md have the resources or know of anyone that can at least steer her in the right direction of getting help. We can only stand so much before we do something stupid. Sometimes a person needs guidance and just a little compassion in their life today.
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 in response to Inspiration...   I was listening to the scanner and I kept hearing the fire dept say that a tornado was on the ground in Cedartown and was headed dead for Aragon. It went about a mile north of me thank goodness, we were hunkered down in the basement!
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 in response to friedapplepie...   We survived, but it was scary. Like you said, Too close....
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