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I have a deep emotional problem and it is about my daughter. My daughter hurt her back at work and it has gotten worse not better. Now she is like a turtle when walking and she still tries to trudge on. Let's just say her back is totally out of whack. Some days she can not even make it out of bed. The daughter has prescribed her strong pain pills and even that sometimes do not work. Okay, she is a CNA but she can only take sitting cases. She has not been working and she keeps getting canceled. Now this is where it gets good, since she is the only income and she has been getting canceled, her bills are piling up. She has been hit with a thousand dollar gas & electric bill, a four hundred dollar water bill, her phone has just gotten turned off and the devil has been busy. I want to know if anyone that lives in Baltimore, Md have the resources or know of anyone that can at least steer her in the right direction of getting help. We can only stand so much before we do something stupid. Sometimes a person needs guidance and just a little compassion in their life today.
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 in response to Inspiration...   I was listening to the scanner and I kept hearing the fire dept say that a tornado was on the ground in Cedartown and was headed dead for Aragon. It went about a mile north of me thank goodness, we were hunkered down in the basement!
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 in response to friedapplepie...   We survived, but it was scary. Like you said, Too close....
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Hey Inspiration - Did you fare okay in last nights storms? It was way too close for comfort for me.
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We have a special needs child, are there any programs for parents, who wants buy a house? like low mortagage,..
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hi friends, today my son went on a field trip with all the 4th graders at his school to the mountains, if you will please pray that they will have a safe trip there and back and while they are up there. they are calling for bad storms there so please pray for there safety. to keep the bus drivers awake and to watch out for the other drivers. he is very excited. thank you Inspiration for the spending money he was so happy and very grateful. please pray for them all.....thank you and God bless

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I have been unemployed for about 5 weeks. I have been actively searching for jobs and sending out resumes, but have not received any responses. My rent is coming due and I have no clue how I am going to pay it. Any ideas or ways to make very quick cash would be very appreciative. I am at the end of my rope.
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 in response to Aria...   You're very welcome ... i am so glad to hear that you've had some promise .. some movement towards some positive changes. That makes a lot of difference in our lives .. when we feel as though we have some power, some control over what happens to us, and we don't feel so helpless and hopeless .. we all still need help and support, don't get me wrong, but I've found that when we are in a really dark place and feel so stuck, taking even the small steps and feeling like we can do something to make the changes, which generates transformation, feels so wonderful. Suddenly there appears some light, some hope, and while many things may still be very hard, painful and challenging, we no longer feel as though we'll be forever stuck in a dark damp hole. You are an inspiration, as you took initiative, reached out for help, and then worked to change things .. many people don't understand that process, and remain stuck. I wish you all the luck in the world. You deserve great things and I get the sense you will have a lot to offer to others once you've conquered your mountain top, and even before then! You've already inspired me and made me smile for today, and I thank you for that. Blessings, Cat
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I am sad that I found out that the drummer from Manowar Scott Columbus died. He was 54 when He died so I am very sad about that.
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 in response to CATLUV...   Thank you for hearing my cries of help! I just sent out an application for the housing authority out of state; i figured with my job hunt and possible job I can save up money until my interview/placement of housing comes through or I find a place on my own, which ever comes first! Thank you again!
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 in response to CATLUV...   Thank you Catluv for reading my post; I am still at the dark place but I feel strong enough to pull myself out of it! Thank you all who offered prayer and advice! I wish you well in your fight and praying for god health! :)
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NO JOB for 2 years but income coming mid summer, losing house 1st of june if I can not pay off the past due payments. I am at my wits there any group or individual who can provide a grant to cover my past due home mortgage payments?

There are plenty of businesses who claim they will help, but for a fee.
If I had the money to pay a fee, I wouldn't be in this situation
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angel of the slab
i need help with rent
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Hellokitty #1
Hi, I'm a single proud mom of two great kids who are A students. I recently earned my AA degree in Criminal Justice last year. I have yet to acheive my goal of finding a career in my field .I'm still making mininmum wage. I travel a total of 140 miles each day and work 7 days a week six months out of the year, the other six months are 4 days a week . I'm struggling to make it and try not to deprive my children , i really don't want my kids to no the shape we're in. i cant qualify for food stamps,supposedly I make too much money by 76 dollars, CRAZY hun! What i'm here to say is I have been online applying for jobs every nite for over a year I a willing to do anything even a security job my dream job would be working in the courthouse so i can have 12 paid holidays and weekends off or private investigator.Currently I work all holidays except xmas and by the way I work a swing shift. Sorry for the long story but I have so much to let out and this past year disasterious. I fell asleep behind my wheel totaled my car, my home was broken into 4 days before Thanksgiving, theives took my sons computer, nintendo ds, and his chromatic ipod. My transmissions out on my car I need my car to keep my job, so I had it fix with my rent money, now I'm being evicted. And not to mention I drive a durango and gas is a day to day hustle to get. If there is anyone out there who could help me with a real job making more than 8.75 an hour and fulltime, or have any leads to get help with gas money to work, or money for food, please help I,m not expecting a handout maybe I could repay be doing some externship . If anyone hears me please respond soon as possible thank you to all who took time to read.
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Hi, Star how are you feeling today?
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 in response to Retiredmilitaryneedshelp...   If you go to my homepage and click on post, reading through it you'll find information that should be of help. I even have two sections for Vets. Good Luck , my friend, and God Bless
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thak you Inspiration, you are a true blessing to my son Dylan,and than you for wishing him to have a good time, ill get back with you after is trip tomorrow and tell you how it went....thank you and God you, ann and dylan
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 in response to Schmidty...   Well i am behind on my house my car and an orthodontist bill, which comes out to be about $8,000. I am 3 months behind on my house and car, and about 6 months behind on the ortho bill
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 in response to Retiredmilitaryneedshelp...   What do you need help with, if you don't mind my asking?
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 in response to xelphia...   Get ahold of your case worker and your local Departmet of Rehabilitation and they should be able to helpl you get that part. If not let me know and I'll do some searching.
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