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good nite
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Im a single mother of two boys. I always been a hard working woman, my biggest dream is to own a house to live with my boys. But never happen. I only make enouhg to pay bills. Now my car broked dow,I really need a transportation to get my going. But my fate in God will always be there, sending me a Miracle Angel...
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In the midst of your darkness. Accepting Jesus Christ into your life will consume that darkness by his marvelous light.
By accepting him your prayers shall be heard, your sorrows to joy, your depression to delight, your lack be plenty, your sickness to healing, your impossible to possible.
You may find me on YouTube @ theiggy457.
Shalom, love, and peace to you all.
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 in response to Retiredmilitaryneedshelp...   What rank did you retire as?
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I want to help abused children. It is something I have always wanted to do. My husband worked in NPO for years. I have worked for victim services. What are my options? Please advise me!! I just really want to help.
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i am in need of some help. if anyone can possibly help i am in need of 50.00 for my mothers meds, personel items and to get her to the doctor for her appointment. if anyone can assist please my paypal account is wandaleenieves at yahoo. we would greatly appreciate the help. god bless and thank you in advance
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I feel very down, tired and unhappy. I hope tomorrow will be a better allaround day.
Talk to Moseique
This is for Arby70, I think thats the name, anyway, just wanted to know what your message was about, cause its not listed in my messages. Give it to me again if you would and thanks whatever it is.
Talk to orionsrogue
hello all,
sorry i have not written in a while.hope you all had a happy easter,

forgive my lower case.

is there any other jobs for disabled, work from home other then surveys. i need a part for my computer, that i can use my voice to make the keys problem, myspeech is slurred, so it would need to be very sesetive.
did anyone work with vocational rehab.alo a place called NTI who is
suppose to be good for disabled jobs.need to find a voice for computer
firs.monmey is so tight. past 2 months.down to nothing 2-3wks after ssdi a payday loan, good thing for peanut butter.i nned to talk to a financial advisor
i am wearing plastic bnags and towels to bed.

i know a lot of you have it worse.
i'm thankful to God, and hate when i complain.
thanks for listening,and sharing.xelphia
Talk to xelphia
 in response to anns3sons...   You are very welcome. I'll let you know the moment the funds have been transferred.
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 in response to Inspiration...   thank you once are a blessing and ill make sure dylan knows an angel sent it....hug
Talk to anns3sons
i need like 300 dollars
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is there anybody here to really help out without wanting money
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The Screw Up
 in response to Inspiration...   ok thanks
Talk to The Screw Up
i am disabled liviig were i can be put out any time i need a place to live i don't care were it is i just need it safe i live in nj. now but would move i drive i need a car i need help before i lose my mind god bless all. bob!
Talk to robert56robert
 in response to The Screw Up...   I'll think about it for a while and see if I can help you come up with a a solution.
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The Screw Up
 in response to Inspiration...   i wish i could, he harrases me through the internet, hes no where i live, i talked to my bf and i told him eveything, and hes angry at me and i understand that too. but he forgives me for what i've done, and i promised i'v never mess anything up between us at all soo thats fixed, now i gotta break it to the guy whos emotions i've hurt. on how i dont want him. D: idk how tho! he still likes me a bit!
Talk to The Screw Up
 in response to The Screw Up...   I understand. Have you thought about filing a restraining order against the person who's harrassing you?
Talk to Inspiration
 in response to anns3sons...   You are welcome. I also have a PayPal account. I'm just waiting for my paycheck to hit the bank so that I can make the transaction.
Talk to Inspiration
Okay I need some info from anyone that's had to deal with 1. Litton Loan 2. Making Homes Affordable 3. getting a modification
I've been at this since the start of last year, in Feb. when I received a packet from Litton Loan about the different programs available to those that were having trouble with meeting their mortgage payments.

I'd also heard about the mortgage help online Making Homes Affordable. I saw that Litton Loan had signed up for this and they were getting funding to help people with their mortgages.

So I contacted them, got the first package and sent it all out to them. I also contacted First Home here locally to help me out with the paperwork. From this point, in March I started the process that would end as of this month.

My mortgage is $556 which isn't bad compared to many. But I'm disabled & my income is only $828 now compared to the $1028 it was when I started this. My income has gone down since one of my children is now 18 & no longer gets child support. But this isn't why the process came to an end.

My % is 10.84 and I've been wanting to find a way to reduce it. I got this place with my back pay from my disability. This was back in 1998 and I mistakenly trusted the real estate agent when I should have taken my business elsewhere. I was betrayed, a little "creative financing" on paper put me into a house that I couldn't really handle. I should have walked. But I didn't. Thus the nightmare I've had to deal with & a house that wasn't what it was claimed to be. It was all based on lies. But with the modification, I hoped to make things better.

For months I jumped through the hoops, sending in documents for everything over and over again. I figured that this was wasteful, but was told it was the way things were done. So I kept at it and finally a few months ago I didn't hear anything. My worker was hopeful, she thought maybe they were going to finally make a decision.

Well, that decision came - they reviewed my request for loan modification under HAMP. But they said that they were unable to offer a HAMP modification because:

"We service your loan on behalf of an investor or group of investors that has not given us the contractual authority to modify your loan under the Home Affordable Modification Program.

Your loan has also been reviewed for a non-HAMP modification. Unfortunately, your loan does not meet the guidelines provided by the investor. We are unable to offer you a loan modification at this time."

Now what? How do I go forward from here?
To add insult to injury they sent me the NPV that they used to evaluate my loan, sending me the report. It shows what my new loan would have been IF I had gotten the HAMP.

It shows a 2% interest rate, with my payments reduced to $111.56 and a principle forbearance of $5,400 that I wouldn't pay interest on or pay till after the loan was paid off!

Why tell me this if they won't let me have it. It's like telling someone that's hungry, here's a wonderful meal - but you can't have it.

So now what are my options. I called up & was told the investors are not participating. How can they not participate? If Litton Loan is servicing the loan, how can they offer a modification to homeowners - especially if the investors are not allowing the loans to be modified?
I don't understand why I was made to jump through all these hoops to only discover at the end that they don't have the authority to even make the offer in the first place. How can these investors not allow a modification with the way the economy is?

I'm angry! I'm tired! I feel like I've been played! I don't like not having any options. There has to be something more I can do...

If anyone out there has any experience or info about what I can do next...please let me know.
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