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totally stressed
 in response to Schmidty...   dear Schmidty. there ya go. thats what iams talkin bout. in all seriousness? were all to serious some times. and for good reason. like takin the break from reality. it's funny thou. it's always still here tomorrow. nice to relax hear and yawn. won't match witts with you too much actually. i could get lost, and find myself in a corn field, or out-standing in it ive got my own assisans[did i get that right,or left?], yet i don't feel threatened. kill me with laughter. if i should pass in my sleep? i'd rather do it happy[Aye?][im supposedly of canadian mohawk decent, so i guess i can say aye,Aye?] trully like ya sir. i'll keep postin crap. at least i got a chuckle from you for my persistance. haha. see you back here when you find time in your seemingly oh so busy day. i couldn't keep up with you[even in the dodge]. you are the man,friend. on the page to ya.
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positive thoughts
 in response to Hoping for a Miracle...   Hello, I will keep your family in my prayers. Hang in there God hears and answers.
God Bless your family
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 in response to Starshine...   Thank you so much Starshine for all the resources... Its nice to know there are people out there with good hearts.. I will let you know how it goes... God Bless..
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 in response to woman 36...   Thank you so much I will try that...
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 in response to cashay...   The Laws of Attraction is easy to understand, the Bibleis confusing at times but to say it makes no sense, you are mistaken.
I know who you remind me off now Woman 36. Yes, it took a while. But you remind me alot of her.
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trying to fix my operating system on computer so it runs good. Hope avast can do or need a new computer
waiting for call back from them
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 in response to cashay...   True wisdom is more precious than rubies, I agree.Only what one person considers as wisdom another might consider ignorance.
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 in response to char6...   Thank you.I might ad also that the word abuse can be looked at in many many ways. It's abusive to wake up in the morning. Look it up in the dictionary.It's a word that has been abused.
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 in response to callinggodsangels...   I applaud you. Bravo.meant Sincerely.
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 in response to Melrose05...   Check on line. just type need help paying my rent. I am helping a friend right now but we are in NY. I have found a lot of numbers online. Now we just have to call them all. Good Luck.
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 in response to Melrose05...   Check on line. just type need help paying my rent. I am helping a friend right now but we are in NY. I have found a lot of numbers online. Now we just have to call them all. Good Luck.
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 in response to Mimzy...   Hello dear Mimzy: I could almost smell the petunias and fuscias out on my deck that will soon be back spreading thier lovliness and healing aromas. I will soon be out there with them to watch the sun come up in pure peace and quiet except for nature's orchestra. Thankyou so much for taking me away for a moment and reminding me of all the beauty and magic soon to be happening out on my deck. love you dear mamashe
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 in response to callinggodsangels...   She needs to get real and realize who is going to pay her to coach them in life judging from her own life??What has she learned from these teachings she wishes others to pay for? You have to be an example of what you want to teach. Her posts are sending mixed messages of helplessness versus empowerment. No one wants to crush another persons dream but after all the excuses in the world on why she can't leave, you get tired of hearing about the abuse. Its abusive to US to read. I think thats why Schmidy got so upset over it, how do you help someone that cant help themselves or wont? You certainly don't continue letting them see life through rose colored glasses thinking that she is going to get others to pay for her advice when she is an emotional wreck and can't even meet her own basic needs.Have a great day
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Hoping for a Miracle
I just got news from my oldest son who is 28 and that they are going to be doing a bronchoscopy on his lung on the 28th as he has a 3cm lump that is active and could very well be cancer and it doesn't look good at all.. I can not take much more of everything I have been dealing with worrying about bills and food and now I have just found out my son possibly has lung cancer and is only 28 years old.. He is now at the top of my list as My children mean more to me then anything in this world..I just want to ask for prayers that this will turn out to be nothing serious but the waiting is what will drive me and the family over the edge.. I know they say God doesn't put any more on your shoulders then he thinks you can bare but I can not honestly take anymore.. I want to thank anyone who has put me in their prayers and I ask you add my son Michael to the prayers that this will all come out ok..God Bless
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I have 4 children under the age of 10 my BGE has been turned off, I have called every resource. Im at my wits end, does anyone have any real leads as to how i can get my BGE restored?
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iam currently employed single mom of 3 im afraid of being evicted from my home or my lights being turned out this month i just dont know what else to do or no where to turn not enough hours or wages have put me behind im scared of what might happen i tried everything sources in my town are out of funds.
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 in response to cashay...   You want to look in the right hand corner of the post. I was not talking to you. You are in denial and if that is what you want baby then I'm not going to stop you.

I addressed the issue of the Mustang, I mentioned about being specific.I have noticed through the years that a preson wanting something as serious as you are wanting just wouldn't pick out a luxury item they would just want to get out and wouldn't much care how, thus, thinking of a luxury item like that is in the realm of fantasy.

What have I lied about? I have told a lie abot anything. I have asked questions.You say you haven't asked for anything, then what is it when you say you applied for a car and you would like a Mustang.

For all those who are reading this read post #14702, 314723, 314725 I reference a coupl more in 314743 and she again mentions her sons in 14745.

You say I'm attacking you. In a sense maybe, I have had comments about me. Whoop whoop. If they have merit , I'll take it into consideration, if not I ignore it.

You are qualified to teach the Laws of Attraction in your own mind, if you can't think yourself out of this life situation then how do you think you are going to "coach" someone else in theirs.

I just don't want anyone feeling sorry for you and send you money when you really don't want out of that situation. You run your husband down, running him down to where he could be scrapped off our shoes then you turn around and praise him for fixing the AC.

I just want people to have another perspective on the situation than just listening to your sad, very sad, unbearable story.It makes me want to cry, but it doesn't make me want to reach into my wallet and send you money. In fact it is kind of comical and intertaining. Have a good day.

Oh, one thing, I'm not judging you. I don'tt want to or have to , others will and most of all you should judge yourself. I'm just pointing out the faults in the very sad story you propase.I use story, literally.

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no more medicine day 13 stopp yeah
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 in response to callinggodsangels...   If you have a complaint with me bring it to me, that way I can explain if an explanation is needed.Taking it to someone else and complaining isn't going to do any good because theya can only assume what I was saying.
Some times if you anger someone they will spill more information out than if you just let them talk.

Now the Law of Attraction in it's simpliest definition is basically "if you think it , it will come".Well why doesn't she 'think herself a better husband, why doesn't she 'think' herself in a better life, that in itself would make her notice or recognize her situation instead of being in denial.
If you would notice the back and forth of the post.I have a feeling that someone is playing around. She doesn't want a car, she wants a Mustang,now I know that visulization is a key part of the law of attraction but tell me if you were in the situation that she 'thinks' shes in would you think of a mustang , wouldn't you just want a car,That picture that she is putting in front of everyone isn't a mustang. She said that her sons started a company and that they 'think' they are rich. I asked why wouldn't they help her.

But most of all my pretty is that you didn't have anything to offer except trying to put me down.You didn't have any words of encouragement for her. You didn't offer to take her in your arms to comfort her.You chose to run me down.That would help her how?
I , in my own way, trying to get head head out of the deep dark hole where the sun doesn't shine and do what she is whining that she wants to do.You on the other hand are doing what to help her?
If you have a beef with me, keep it with me.I can tell you better than anyone about my post. Now, did you do as I suggested, are the post going back and forth. Yes, they are . Thank you very much.

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