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 in response to char6...   Thank you.I might ad also that the word abuse can be looked at in many many ways. It's abusive to wake up in the morning. Look it up in the dictionary.It's a word that has been abused.
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 in response to callinggodsangels...   I applaud you. Bravo.meant Sincerely.
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 in response to Melrose05...   Check on line. just type need help paying my rent. I am helping a friend right now but we are in NY. I have found a lot of numbers online. Now we just have to call them all. Good Luck.
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 in response to Melrose05...   Check on line. just type need help paying my rent. I am helping a friend right now but we are in NY. I have found a lot of numbers online. Now we just have to call them all. Good Luck.
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 in response to Mimzy...   Hello dear Mimzy: I could almost smell the petunias and fuscias out on my deck that will soon be back spreading thier lovliness and healing aromas. I will soon be out there with them to watch the sun come up in pure peace and quiet except for nature's orchestra. Thankyou so much for taking me away for a moment and reminding me of all the beauty and magic soon to be happening out on my deck. love you dear mamashe
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 in response to callinggodsangels...   She needs to get real and realize who is going to pay her to coach them in life judging from her own life??What has she learned from these teachings she wishes others to pay for? You have to be an example of what you want to teach. Her posts are sending mixed messages of helplessness versus empowerment. No one wants to crush another persons dream but after all the excuses in the world on why she can't leave, you get tired of hearing about the abuse. Its abusive to US to read. I think thats why Schmidy got so upset over it, how do you help someone that cant help themselves or wont? You certainly don't continue letting them see life through rose colored glasses thinking that she is going to get others to pay for her advice when she is an emotional wreck and can't even meet her own basic needs.Have a great day
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Hoping for a Miracle
I just got news from my oldest son who is 28 and that they are going to be doing a bronchoscopy on his lung on the 28th as he has a 3cm lump that is active and could very well be cancer and it doesn't look good at all.. I can not take much more of everything I have been dealing with worrying about bills and food and now I have just found out my son possibly has lung cancer and is only 28 years old.. He is now at the top of my list as My children mean more to me then anything in this world..I just want to ask for prayers that this will turn out to be nothing serious but the waiting is what will drive me and the family over the edge.. I know they say God doesn't put any more on your shoulders then he thinks you can bare but I can not honestly take anymore.. I want to thank anyone who has put me in their prayers and I ask you add my son Michael to the prayers that this will all come out ok..God Bless
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I have 4 children under the age of 10 my BGE has been turned off, I have called every resource. Im at my wits end, does anyone have any real leads as to how i can get my BGE restored?
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iam currently employed single mom of 3 im afraid of being evicted from my home or my lights being turned out this month i just dont know what else to do or no where to turn not enough hours or wages have put me behind im scared of what might happen i tried everything sources in my town are out of funds.
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 in response to cashay...   You want to look in the right hand corner of the post. I was not talking to you. You are in denial and if that is what you want baby then I'm not going to stop you.

I addressed the issue of the Mustang, I mentioned about being specific.I have noticed through the years that a preson wanting something as serious as you are wanting just wouldn't pick out a luxury item they would just want to get out and wouldn't much care how, thus, thinking of a luxury item like that is in the realm of fantasy.

What have I lied about? I have told a lie abot anything. I have asked questions.You say you haven't asked for anything, then what is it when you say you applied for a car and you would like a Mustang.

For all those who are reading this read post #14702, 314723, 314725 I reference a coupl more in 314743 and she again mentions her sons in 14745.

You say I'm attacking you. In a sense maybe, I have had comments about me. Whoop whoop. If they have merit , I'll take it into consideration, if not I ignore it.

You are qualified to teach the Laws of Attraction in your own mind, if you can't think yourself out of this life situation then how do you think you are going to "coach" someone else in theirs.

I just don't want anyone feeling sorry for you and send you money when you really don't want out of that situation. You run your husband down, running him down to where he could be scrapped off our shoes then you turn around and praise him for fixing the AC.

I just want people to have another perspective on the situation than just listening to your sad, very sad, unbearable story.It makes me want to cry, but it doesn't make me want to reach into my wallet and send you money. In fact it is kind of comical and intertaining. Have a good day.

Oh, one thing, I'm not judging you. I don'tt want to or have to , others will and most of all you should judge yourself. I'm just pointing out the faults in the very sad story you propase.I use story, literally.

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no more medicine day 13 stopp yeah
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 in response to callinggodsangels...   If you have a complaint with me bring it to me, that way I can explain if an explanation is needed.Taking it to someone else and complaining isn't going to do any good because theya can only assume what I was saying.
Some times if you anger someone they will spill more information out than if you just let them talk.

Now the Law of Attraction in it's simpliest definition is basically "if you think it , it will come".Well why doesn't she 'think herself a better husband, why doesn't she 'think' herself in a better life, that in itself would make her notice or recognize her situation instead of being in denial.
If you would notice the back and forth of the post.I have a feeling that someone is playing around. She doesn't want a car, she wants a Mustang,now I know that visulization is a key part of the law of attraction but tell me if you were in the situation that she 'thinks' shes in would you think of a mustang , wouldn't you just want a car,That picture that she is putting in front of everyone isn't a mustang. She said that her sons started a company and that they 'think' they are rich. I asked why wouldn't they help her.

But most of all my pretty is that you didn't have anything to offer except trying to put me down.You didn't have any words of encouragement for her. You didn't offer to take her in your arms to comfort her.You chose to run me down.That would help her how?
I , in my own way, trying to get head head out of the deep dark hole where the sun doesn't shine and do what she is whining that she wants to do.You on the other hand are doing what to help her?
If you have a beef with me, keep it with me.I can tell you better than anyone about my post. Now, did you do as I suggested, are the post going back and forth. Yes, they are . Thank you very much.

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Hoping for a Miracle
You are forgiven hun.. I sent you a one on one so i thank you for feeling the way I do about liars and deceivers in this world, just been going through alot past few days as I explained to you in the one on one.. you have done no harm .. You are a great person and don't ever think differently.. I value anyones opinion I was just making sure I hadnt done something or said anything wrong.. (((HUGS)))
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I have sent a response to hoping for a miracle. I want Every one to know i am not saying she is lying about any thing. i was just adding to what she was saying. it was my mistake i could and should have paid more attention to how i responded to her post so to Hoping for a miracle i am very sorry for the misunderstanding. and i ask that you forgive me.
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 in response to lbart123...   perhaps, if you learn to breath softly, calmly...listen to life around you, letting it just wash over, through you...
Do not fear...let it go. Fear gains power over you only if you first give it that power. Do you have times where you fight for breath now... then seek to stop fighting. By calming one's self, releasing one's struggle against itself - one can find the peace needed.
Let what air that comes in...take no more or not fight for more...release the tension, let go of the fear...let it flow out...out with the air. Then slowly let the flow of air come to you...make no force of capturing more...let it come, let it go....softly, calmly....
When you are able to take more, drink deeply again, feeling it fill you then release it just as smoothly.

There is not greater way to be one with the universe than to release one's self to the breath of allow the life around us to fill us up. Try to find a time that is still, when the morning has not yet begun as all are asleep. When twilight whispers of the coming dawn...a cup of Jasmine tea or Green tea with Mandarin orange and Ginseng - sweetened a bit with honey or pure cane sugar. Not too much though... Then find a place you may sit to await the sun's morning rays. Sip the tea, breathing in it's fragrance. Feel it's warmth as to drink it. Listen to the earth waken - to the singing of song birds. The gentle rustle of the wind in the leaves. Let the warm rays find you as they come out, feel the life within it. Let this be your healing time - where you can find peace.

It may seem foolish to seek out these moments in such a busy & modern time. But I find that the more chaotic & rushed the times, the more these quiet moments are needed. It is within them that one finds a haven from the chaos, the illusion of control & the stress of living in this modern age.

I still think that an apothecary could advise you in methods that might ease your mind and body. There might be better teas to assist in relaxing the body, restoring energy and soothing the mind. I am not as knowledgeable as they, my skills do not compare to those of the ancient Eastern culture.

I am glad that I could offer you some relief...but it is you that can offer yourself much more than I. I offer only words, but you can put them into actions. Thus you do more for yourself in releasing your own pain and fear.

May you find peace, be free of fear and find joy in the life around you. Rest easy with no care this day to trouble you...
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I'm a little disappointed today I received an email from Target and they didn't hire me. I hope I do better with Amerprise financial services or the only job I can think of that I'm qualified for would be as a merchant sales representative. In case you don't know thast means selling Credit Card services. I freally don't want to do that I have done it before and it's an extremely tough job with which to make money I am also doing my leisure group travel business. It doesn't take a lot of money just time. You gotta be willing to work on it. I know it takes time but i am so anxious to maker some money I am desperate. I just don't know what to do right now.
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 in response to Hoping for a Miracle...   WHAT THE QUR'AN SAYS ABOUT

Just as lying reveals devotion to Satan, honestly confessing lies reveals faith in
Allah. People can make mistakes, listen to Satan, and say something wrong at any moment. But when they realize and confess their error right away, Satan's influence over them is destroyed. Moreover, such sincere repentance also shows that they are devoted to and heed Allah. Believers should always be honest and, if they say something wrong in an unguarded moment, should confess the truth immediately, regardless of the consequences to themselves. In one verse, Allah instructs the believers to do exactly that:

O you who believe! Be upholders of justice, bearing witness for Allah alone, even against yourselves or your parents and relatives. Whether they are rich or poor, Allah is well able to look after them. Do not follow your own desires and deviate from the truth. If you twist or turn away, Allah is aware of what you do. (Surat an-Nisa', 4:135)

Confessing a lie or another evil act, requesting Allah's forgiveness, repenting sincerely, and finally vowing to abandon such a forbidden practice bring great benefits and blessings. Above everything else, believers must do this only to gain Allah's love and mercy. In addition, following this procedure also destroys any potential arrogance on their part and makes them humble.

In several verses, Allah gives examples of people who realized their errors, repented, and turned toward Him. All of these are fine examples for believers, and following their example is one way of gaining Allah's mercy and approval, and Paradise. Here are some of these verses:

But others have acknowledged their wrong actions and mixed a right action with another, which is wrong. It may well be that Allah will turn toward them. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Surat at-Tawba, 9:102)

Anyone who does evil or wrongs himself and then asks Allah's forgiveness will find Allah Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Surat an-Nisa', 4:110)

But if anyone repents after his wrongdoing and puts things right, Allah will turn toward him. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Surat al-Ma'ida, 5:39)

[People who guard against evil are] those who, when they act indecently or wrong themselves, remember Allah and ask forgiveness for their bad actions-and who can forgive bad actions except Allah?-and do not knowingly persist in what they were doing. Their recompense is forgiveness from their Lord, and Gardens with rivers flowing under them, remaining in them timelessly, forever. How excellent is the reward of those who act! (Surah Al `Imran, 3:135-36)

Those who confess their evil and repent are no longer under Satan's influence, for their sincere confession and repentance mean that they are following the path of Allah. In the Qur'an, Allah states that some people serve Him while others serve Satan:

Did I not make a contract with you, tribe of Adam, not to worship Satan, who truly is an outright enemy to you, but to worship Me? That is a straight path. (Surah Ya Sin, 36:60-61)

In fact, Satan has only a very weak influence over people. While he tells lies and fills people with false hopes, at no time does he have the power to coerce them. In spite of this, arrogant people who are devoted to their own benefits and this temporary worldly life are influenced by his blandishments right away. The believers, because of their love of Allah and devotion to Him, do not come within Satan's sphere of influence. Even if Satan does influence them briefly, they immediately think of Allah and see the truth. As Allah states in the Qur'an:

He [Satan] has no authority over those who believe and put their trust in their Lord. He only has authority over those who take him as a friend and associate others with Allah. (Surat an-Nahl, 16:99-100)

Those who heed Allah will never do anything of which He disapproves, no matter how much their own advantage may be harmed. In every act, their sole aim is to earn His approval and mercy, and Paradise. Arrogant people devoted to themselves always pursue their own desires, and so may fall into evil at any time.

In the Qur'an, Allah compares these two different types of people:

When he is told to stand in awe of Allah, he is seized by pride, which drives him to wrongdoing. Hell will be enough for him! What an evil resting-place! And among the people there are some who give up everything, desiring the good pleasure of Allah. Allah is Ever-Gentle with His servants. (Surat al-Baqara, 2:206-7)

As these verses state, arrogant people find it easy to lie on their own behalf. Those who do everything for Allah's approval, however, never lie, no matter how much their own interests may be damaged.

Islamic scholar Mehmed Zahid Kotku explains why this is so and points out what happens to those who lie, as follows:

"A person who tells lies against the society to guard his personal interests must be one of those thoughtless fools, or even someone who is an atheist or ignorant of the faith and has lost his reason. A conscious person does not stoop to lying or take notice of it, for he knows that lying is shameful and will sooner or later be exposed. In contrast, a Muslim is very pure in character and courteous, for he does not want his character to be blemished. For this reason, he avoids lying at all costs, for he knows that lies are the mark of a hypocrite. Allah does not like liars at all. Our Prophet (saas) does not like what Allah does not like. Of course, it is impossible for people and angels to like those whom Allah and the Prophet (saas) do not like.

This being the case, to be a liar is to be a disgraced, immoral, low grade, and valueless person who is despised by everybody. The liar is disgraced in this world and the next. Lying is not the business of noble people, but of vulgar or, more correctly, despicable ones. It is out of the question for a noble person, if he is a Muslim, to lie when getting down to business. Because of this, a Muslim is always noble and honest. He never stoops to lying."15

Kotku advises the believers to adhere to honesty with these words:
"Seek honesty. No matter how much danger there may be in it, certain salvation lies in honesty. There is glory in honesty, so do not deviate from it. Lying is debased morality, so avoid it. There is nothing so fine as honesty in the life of this world. In the sight of Allah and of people, there is nothing as bad as lying."16

Forgive me for the long responds but i to dont like the lying
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 in response to cashay...   An Idea Can Change your Life !

As the song goes, you’ve got to “accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.

Changing our lives for the better begins with a choice. Often it means letting go of the things that no longer serve us and taking small, but significant, steps in the direction of the life we want to be living.

Whether you begin the process with one small step in the right direction or a big leap of faith, it is important to have a sense of purpose and mission for any goal you choose to pursue. Keep your eye on the prize as you move forward. There may be setbacks along the way—that is a natural part of transformation. Just keep in mind that they are temporary.

I agree with you cashay thanks for that.
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 in response to cashay...   again i dont mean any harm in sending this to you. so please read with an open mind. if you have any questions please feel free to ask i will try my best to answer them, and if i cant i will find some one who can i wish you and your family peace. may God bless you and may he give you all what you need and want.

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 in response to cashay...   I am sure you and your husband are very good people. this is just a little information to read please enjoy.

Examples of Negative
Relationship of Husband & Wife

Many Muslim husbands and wives treat each other like adversaries rather than partners. The husband feels that he is the boss, and whatever he says goes. The wife feels that she must squeeze everything she can out of her husband. Some wives never show their husband that they are satisfied with anything he does or buys for them in order to trick him into doing and buying more. They make him feel like a failure if he does not give them the lifestyle that their friends and families enjoy. Some husbands speak very harshly to their wives, humiliate them, and even physically abuse them. Their wives have no voice or opinion in the family.

Marriage In The Eyes of Allah

It is very sad that this relationship which Allah (SWT) has established for the good has been made a source of contention, deception, trickery, tyranny, humiliation, and abuse. This is not the way marriage is supposed to be.

Allah (SWT) described marriage very differently in the Holy Quran: '. . . He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts) . . . " (Holy Quran 30:21, Yusuf Ali Translation).

Do not be a Tyrant

Regardless of whether or not Islam has made the husband the head of the household, Muslims are not supposed to be dictators and tyrants. We are taught to treat our wives well. The Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) was reported to have said: 'The most perfect Muslim in the matter of faith is one who has excellent behavior; and the best among you are those who behave best towards their wives" (From Mishkat al-Masabih, No. 0278(R) Transmitted by Tirmidhi).

Be Partners in the Decision Making Process.

Follow the principle of 'Shura," and make decisions as a family. There will be much more harmony in the family when decisions are not imposed and everyone feels that they had some part in making them.

Never be Emotionally

Never be emotionally, mentally, or physically abusive to your spouse. The Prophet (SAWS) never mistreated his wives. He is reported to have said: 'How could they beat their women in daytime as slaves and then sleep with them in the night?"

Be Careful of Your Words

Be very careful what you say when you are upset. Sometimes you will say things that you would never say when you were not angry. If you are angry, wait until you calm down before continuing the conversation.

Show Affection

Show affection for your mate. Be kind, gentle, and loving.

Be Your Spouse's Friend

Show interest in your mate's life. Too often, we live in the same house but know nothing about each other's lives. It would be great if the husband and wife could work together for the same cause or on the same project. They could perhaps establish a husband/wife prison ministry, take care of orphans in their home, or lead an Islamic weekend class.

Show Appreciation

Show appreciation for what your spouse does for the family. Never make your husband feel that he is not doing good enough for the family or that you are not satisfied with his work or his efforts, unless, of course, he is truly lazy and not even trying to provide for the family. The Prophet (SAWS) was reported to have said: 'On the Day of Judgment, God will not look upon the woman who has been ungrateful to her husband." (where is this hadith found) Show your wife that you appreciate her. If she takes care of the house and the children, don't take it for granted. It is hard work, and no one likes to feel unappreciated.

Work Together in the House

The Prophet (SAWS) is known to have helped his wives in the house. And if the Prophet (SAWS) was not above doing housework, modern Muslim husbands shouldn't feel that they are.

Communication is Important

Communication, Communication, Communication! This is the big word in counseling. And it should be. Husbands and wives need to talk to each other. It is better to deal with problems early and honestly than to let them pile up until an explosion occurs.

Forget Past Problems

Don't bring up past problems once they have been solved.

Live Simply

Don't be jealous of those who seem to be living a more luxurious life than your family. The 'rizq" is from Allah (SWT). In order to develop the quality of contentment, look at those people who have less than you, not those who have more. Thank Allah (SWT) for the many blessings in your life.

Give Your Spouse Time Alone

If your mate doesn't want to be with you all the time, it doesn't mean he or she doesn't love you. People need to be alone for various reasons. Sometimes they want to read, to think about their problems, or just to relax. Don't make them feel that they are committing a sin.

Admit Your Mistakes

When you make a mistake, admit it. When your mate makes a mistake, excuse him or her easily. If possible, never go to sleep angry with each other.

Physical Relationship is Important

Be available to your mate sexually, and don't let your sexual relationship be characterized by selfishness. The Prophet (SAWS) was reported to have said: 'It is not appropriate that you fall upon your wives like a beast but you must send a message of love beforehand."

Have Meals Together

Try to eat together as a family when possible. Show the cook and the dishwasher, whether it is the husband or the wife, appreciation for his or her efforts. The Prophet (SAWS) did not complain about food that was put before him.

Be Mindful of Your discussion Topics

Never discuss with others things about your marriage that your spouse wouldn't like you to discuss, unless there is an Islamic reason to do so. Some husbands and wives, believe it or not, complain to others about their mate's physical appearance. This is a recipe for disaster. Information about your intimate relations should be kept between you and your spouse.

Many of us treat our spouses in ways that we would never treat others. With others, we try to be polite, kind, and patient. With our spouses, we often do not show these courtesies. Of course, we are usually with our spouses at our worst times --- when we are tired and frustrated after a hard day. After a bad day at the office, husbands usually come home angry and on edge. The wife has probably also had a hard day with the children and the housework. Wives and husbands should discuss this potential time bomb so that if they are short-tempered with each other during these times, they will understand the reasons rather than automatically thinking that their spouse no longer loves them.

Good marriages require patience, kindness, humility, sacrifice, empathy, love, understanding, forgiveness, and hard work. Following these principles should help any marriage to improve. The essence of them all can be summed up in one sentence: Always treat your spouse the way you would like to be treated. If you follow this rule, your marriage will have a much greater chance for success. If you discard this rule, failure is just around the corner.
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