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Aidpage community.....I want to alert you to the fact that the poster "susie's son" also known as Susan or Christopher has been lying to all of us for over a year now. She has cheated me and others out of money through her lies and deceit. Susan is very much alive and her son Christopher was never sick nor married. She tells me Christopher is not involved and that may be the case. The authorities will have to determine whether this is true or not. I asked her to address this with the Aidpage community herself this morning but apparently she chose not to.

Please join me in praying for her. Unfortunately, Susan used the Lord as a tool to cheat us all. For those of you who may not be believers please understand that the Lord's love for all of us is real and He is in fact a loving God. Don't let situations like this influence your relationship with Christ. Each of us should have our own personal relationship with Him that can't be swayed by any individual. We are all human, therefore, we all make mistakes. Jesus Christ is the only one who will never make a mistake....put your trust there and you will never be let down. God bless everyone on this site and I pray that the Lord will answer each one of your prayers in a way that brings peace to your hearts and healing to your bones.

Don't let situations like this cause you to stop trusting people....I'm not. There are too many good people out there to allow a small number to influence us in a negative way. I'm sorry to bring this sad news to everyone.

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I need help desperately. I am a mom of 3 who lost home and financial income by escaping a domestic violence relationship. I purchased a trashed 3 br trailer home that is falling apart. I have no a.c. and its 100 degrees outside. I am suffering heat exhaustion. I live in a junk yard because I can not afford rent. It has been a nightmare, we are constantly having issues with running water. Spent almost the whole wwinter without adquate heating, and hot water. I need help with items and repairs. I do not have a job, and kids dads wont pay child support. I live in the middle of no where in the az desert.
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Back home leg is okay and can take shower. Use ointment on it and wear regular stocking. Headed for a nap
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 in response to Luscious1777...   

Check your messages - click on the link "My messages" at the top of the screen.

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need info on how to open a homeless shelter for women in erie,pa
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 in response to Luscious1777...   We'll help you to get access to your original account.
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Hoping for a Miracle
Well today I just want to add that I set up a paypal account for myself since I have had a few ask about it.. I do not know much about it but my son helped me with it.. It's set up with my email,.. that is my Maiden name , not that I'm asking for everyone to add anything but for the ones who asked.. I'm still trying to get the funds for my electric which right now fiance is out helping a neighbor and gonna make around 40 more to add to it so we have now 60 of it together out of 267.79 but we are not giving up.. I have been doing some things online for a very nice lady and it should help but it takes 2 weeks to get the 1st of any pay.. not a lot but anything helps.. so when I loose electric here my Mother did say I could come to her place to use the computer to do the work... so there is a little hope but I hope everyone who has been asking for help is receiving some kind as I know if you keep faith it will come and sometimes it may take a bit but it happens anyways God Bless and everyone have a Blessed Day!
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Trying to stay positive Go lay down till 12 and finish eating later
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Need a full time job either in Delaware or el paso Texas, email is appreciate it! :-)
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Sleepless in California. Awake for a long time.
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Good night everyone!
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totally stressed
 in response to FeBee...   hey FeBee. neat pic. i'm a friendly kind of guy. i like to make people laugh. and ive definetily cried all over this place. computers are nuts. you've but found a way to be the hidden fruit. lol. i'm game. post me some wild crap. i'll return the favor. we're all here for the same reason. life is really beginning to be a pain in the ass. so we reach out to new places for support,advice and information. the internet just takes that to a quicker and easier level of expectations. most here are very excellent human beings. i like this place. iams stayin. C-ya. Ozzie[my macaw]says Ow[after he nips and laughs at you].
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I need help ASAP. I need a place to stay & a job. A live-in job would be ideal.

I have yrs of experience with elderly, disabled, alzeimers & mental retardation.

also worked 2 yrs as asst groomer, dog daycare & kennel Supervisor.

I do not have a car any longer.

I have no family or friends.
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lovely one
hellow i would like for different people if u can give me some advice on what to sell good at my booth at the flea market i didnt do good my first time
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freaky meat
scholarship for mentally ill son with high iq
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I need free federal grants to purchase cattle
Thank you, Paul
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Hoping for a Miracle
I Hope everyone is having a good day.. I managed to talk to my Electric Company and I have till Friday at noon to pay 267.79 to them but so far not having any luck on finding work or any help. I tried the 211 for help and closest place is 6 hours away and there is nothing in my county I am in..My fiance is out again trying to find some kind of work.. he worked for a lady yesterday for over 4 hours and made 20 bucks but he didn't turn it down as at this point anything is a help.I keep praying and refuse to give up hope that in the end this nightmare we are in will turn into a pleasant dream and everything will be ok.. Anyways just letting everyone who has replied to me know I'm still trying and doing everything I know and to let others know keep praying and keep the faith and things have to happen for the better.. Thats what I am hanging onto is prayer and hope and faith.. May God Bless You all.. Hope everyone is having a Good Day God Bless
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Hopefully see leg ulcer doc Wednesday and then one more week of antibiotics and maybe wash hair. I hope as I don't want to have any more medicine. Just get well.
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I feel so alone, and I feel like such a failure as a mother..and as a person in general. I work so hard...i really do.....and I try to see the positive in everything and instead of getting upset I just work harder to find solutions to problems...but I have finally given up. I cant get ahead no matter how hard i try. My spirit is finally broken. in my heart I feel its never gonna get better. Nobody will help me because I have a does that make sense? if I didnt work I could get help with rent, utilities, meds and my phone would be paid for. I work and work and work...and still I cant dig my way out of this hole. My poor girls. They deserve better than this. Thats what's in my heart.
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desparate mom of 1 needs a hou
My husband is unemployed since 2007. We have been living in apartment after apartment paying rent with nothing to show for it. We need help in getting a house and apiances preferrably energy efficient. I am looking for a grant of about 50,000 in order to make this happen for my family. Right now we are all 3 surviving on 1500 a month which is my disability. It just does cover the bills and some food I still have to go to the food bank every month.
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