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For those needing housing, i am an example, of how to build your own house, and make it comfortable. I am adding a picture of my starting wall. You can do the same, all you have to do is pray about it, and get a start.
Most people would call this a cordwood home, however, i used everything the Lord provided. I can post more pictures later on.
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Daughters 13th Birthday Party, Want to do something special.
I am wondering if anyone out there has got a party Marquee and or acessories i could borrow for the 18th June 2011 I am unable to afford the lavish party i wanted my lil girl to have and i feel really bad as she has not had a birthday party since she was 6 so Ive decided to have one at home as i have a large back garden but wouls like to make it that bit more special if i could with a marquee. can any one help or point me in the right direction.. It will be much appreciated
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 in response to BABYGIRLLL...   

Hello and welcome to Aidpage

I hope you are feeling better.

Try this

I hope this helps you


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Feeling Helpless and worthless. I am a victim of identity theft and desparately in need of financial assistance. Need to get out of this and be able to support my family and myself again. Please someone help us
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 in response to CATLUV...   Ahhh! Thus the threat.
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Standing up straight. Things not working out in eating department. I never felt this crappy in my life about not standing up straight. I think Rod bringing things from Trader Joes while at mom and of course I paid him helped.
Love you all
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 in response to FeBee...   To answer your question, the reason is because it was/is something that they(the doctors and scientists) either had some one in their family that had it or for some unknown reason it intriged them enough to try and figure it out. They are working on it as we speak. But the brain is a mystery in itself. You can look at some thing and I can look at some thing You'll see it one way and I'll see it another, then there are times that we'll see it the same way. How, why it is just skin tissue fluid, and electrical impulses. There are different things that are variables. How one is raised, where they are raised, sometimes how much wealth they were rasised around. It soon crosses over to the reallm ofsprits,God, Gods and the unknown. If we only knew what those aliens did to those monkeies maybe we'd have an idea.

They claim that mathmatics can answer all the unknowns, but as you have pointed out, whe it comes to the brain they can't get close.

I can get you the address and phone numbers to a couple of plces that might be able to help you with finances. I don't know I haven't contacted them. I think your question would be an interesting answer to ask them and see what they say.

I thank you for the compliment but I don't have a great brain, from what people have told me it's another part of my body that's smart. Thanks again.

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 in response to Hoping for a Miracle...   


Try this for food banks in your area petfood banks there is a listing for some states for free pet food.

Also try Pet co adoption fair for your pets and no kill animal shelters. And even but with caution on the last one as I put my cat up and got a nut responding. I did put him the recycler and got a nice couple but found a pet friendly apartment.

Use internet at library too.

I would look for help from churches or community action groups in your city.

I wish I could to do more and do try those sites

God Bless and I hope things improve for everyone


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Hoping for a Miracle
Today I am pretty bummed out.. have had a few responses on other sites but not sure if some are legit. I have been scammed many years ago(5 to be exact) out of over 500 bucks I still have all the info on a floppy disk and nothing ever got done about it..Still haven't gotten the help with utilities.. cut off on electric is the 3rd but thats tomorrow so I have till Monday.. so after then I wont even be able to get online to look for help or anything.. I'm just lost. I have cried all day so far.. supper last night was toast with jelly on it.. and thats what I have eaten today so far.. I pray daily for a Miracle and well I will continue as I know the Lord will not put more on my shoulders then I can bare.. I am trying today to find placements for my little 4 legged babies (dogs)as they are on the last of their food and can not afford to get any more for them. I have a 7 lb Chihuahua named Pixie and a 8 month old Chihuahua /Silky mixed named Rocky and also I have a Chihuahua/Pekanese named Snuggles she is 4 years old.,. It kills me to let them go as they have laid in my arms and beside me as I cry and always show me love but I can no longer care for them. We are still without running water but the neighbor is letting us get water from his home..We even went to our Landlord for help and they were unable to do anything for us and I broke down and even went to my family in which I already knew their answers, they say they are broke as well and not to put anyone down it really is annoying when someone says they are broke as they are caring in a trunk load of food into the house and showing you new outfits they just bought.. but God says not to hold grudges and judge others.. I'm at my wits end but won't give up till the end.. fiance is out today walking the streets gathering what he can to turn in Monday when the scrap yard opens but its at least some kind of food for us.. I know you all have heard a lot of sob stories and I am sorry for laying it all out but I really just need someone to talk to so I do not feel so alone.. If I do not get to post anymore after Monday I will still keep all of you in my prayers and hope that you all get your wishes and miracles and needs met as in this world today times are getting harder and the struggles are getting worse.. May God Bless you all in your lives and may things always start to improve.. the few I have met on here thank you so much for your comments to me and for the prayers.. We will survive but right now it just doesn't feel that way. I pray you all get the help you need and that life will improve for us all.. God Bless and take care ((((Hugs to you all))) and may God wrap his arms around you all and things get better....
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 in response to mamashe/sheshe...   See you later as I am about ready for a nap by 5pm . Could go for one now.
Have a fun day at least sun is out for bit longer.
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 in response to FeBee...   

Hello and I am older ugh. I lived at mom's house and the stuff I had to deal with and now older I couldn't do it all like I did in my forty's sucks. Same here good worker and body doesn't want to work. I feel the same way. for help with son if need be see the site there.

I am taking a nap about 5pm laying down crashing.

take care and go take medicine for my leg


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 in response to CATLUV...   dearest kitty girl, well honey, you got me, Patti and Schmidty and Emil, Friends susies son, starshine and Anonymous40784 and as for me ...I'm waiting..I sure hope you can shed light on all this big stupid mess we're in. love you Little one. lovemamashe............if I missed any old timers I'm sorry
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siesta time
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 in response to Starshine...   Then u must be the same age as me. In UP Michigan, I really been looking. Honest, I've been! Looking for any HELP! for any:
1. computer-to work at home because disabled-why-physical and mental disorder
2. son-financial-mental (because of me and doctor)

3. own house --badly in need of repair
built in 1910-1920,foundation falling or crabbing apart, some windows are glued to stay in, and that is just some of the homey things. I hope this doesn't sound to petty. I'm just tired of not able to physical work and not getting some of the things I want and helping out people more. It just sucks! When both physical and mental go at once, watch out world! I'm a darn good worker but the body doesn't want to work.The brain never was there so forget sitting on butt, The legal stuff.

I don't sleep much. I worked in factory that I woke before that. Never had to use brain. Thank God!

Helping all of us can cause circle under your eyes. Take a five you deserve it.
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 in response to FeBee...   

Hello I have been reading some of your posts. Funny. To do a smiley face hit insert link at right corner bottom of page and then at top see to the rt. different emotions to put on page.


And I wish it was sunny here so I could wear my sunglasses . cool

Have a good one.



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I am tired as been awake since 530AM - Getting older is tiring.
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 in response to totally stressed...   Darn! Sounds so much like my live. Want to be friend! We could laugh about our issues or cry. Sometimes I wonder, if it wasn't for my sisters computer I would really go nuts.

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 in response to FeBee...   Thank you FeBee for your support.
Heres to hoping things get better for all of us in need!
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Please continue to pray for me. I am still looking employment.

Thank You in Advance God Bless:)
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