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 in response to Schmidty...   I have one more question for your great brain. Why is it that most every other dysfunction, disease, misfortune has some sort of help. Mental illness is a brain disorder that no one asked for. No one stands on the corner waving their hands saying "hey, me too". It's a pain in the butt for meds., hospitals, no money only to live on, to be upset for no reason, to have people misunderstand the whole thing of Mental Illness. The only support the mentally ill gets is emotionally. If financially they can not get by, even with the government. Remember, they only help with mental help.
thank you for all the help. Best of all, thanks for listening.
You seem like a person in shining armor smiley


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 in response to Schmidty...   Reply to Schmidty, You have led us over a huge bump in the road today Schmidty and finally ....someone that isn't afraid to stand up ans say what has to be said without malice or judgement toward anyone. I will be standing right beside you in support of making this page what it should and could be. As you know I chose not to join the share program so everything I say and do is because I love this site and the people on it and Emil has always seemed like a big brother to us least he listened and when we did good he was'n shy about telling us and the same if we screwed up. I hope I can convince all of our aidmates to just stick it out here and encourage others to do the same because we all have a hell of a lot more invested in this site than money and in my opinion this is one of the best things that could have happened to aidpage, it brought us together and I don't think APT knew that we consider them a part of our family and they needed to know that. In all honesty we all were told NOT to count on aidpage money but we're all human and everyone that got to making a substancial amt of money each month DID count on it so in many many ways I'm thankful that I'm still here for the love of the people and aidpage itself. One more thing ....I take my hat off to Catluv, God bless her, that gal doesn't miss a thing....ApT should be sending her flowers for what she did. Well my friend I'm ready to pack it in but will be here early in the AM and actually asking visitors if I can help them.
and because I don't deal in resources I know which one of you aidmates have the info that they need so I will go back to m y referring......sort of like the Meet and Greet mamashe of the group. I'm so proud of you my friend and if you ever have any suggestions for me as to what I can do to help with anything please let me know. love you my friend.....sincerely mamashe/sheshe
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 in response to Emil...   No problem. In fact, I wish some of the others would speak up just like mamashe has. You all have helped others now help me and yourselves. Don't let there be only one voice.

I've stuck my neck out for you, at least trying to, and now I need your voices. If I'm speaking for you say so. If it doesn't matter, like with susies son, then say so.

I know from being in the Union that there are a lot of you who have the guts to say something to one another, in supposedly secret, behind what you think is closed doors. Boy, you have guts then, but and it's a big but, asked openly and your spines turn to jelly.Which is OK if you can stand being that way. In other post I have let it be known that I have two feet on which to stand on, I have a backbone to hold myself erect, I have a mouth and a voice. (and I know how to run prety fast) kidding I can't run at all now.

In for a penny, in for a pound. I know what some have said in secret, now I'd like to know what you have to say in public. Hell if you are going to leave or find another avenue of income then what is it going to matter, speak up.

Families are open and aren't afraid to speak up, scratch that depends on the family. I guess the best way to put it is am I speaking of cowardly wishes,whispers and empty threats that I have heard, if so then why do I have to ask, "Where's the beef?" to coin a phrase.

Your true colors are showing.

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Hello to everyone. I hope things are getting better for all of you that are in need. As for me and my family, things seem to be getting worse. on Tuesday(03-29-2011) the cable company disconnected our cable television. our internet is dsl from the phone company which has not been disconnected yet.(but soon will be). When i woke this morning to get the kids off to school it was awful cold in the house so i checked the thermostat and it was set on 68 degrees as it should be, so i checked our clothes dryer and it wasnt heating either. so i called the gas company to let them know we had an outage, and i was told that we had been disconnected for non payment. At this point, all i could do was sit and cry, and pray to God for any help. But being the man of the house, i have to appear strong for the kids sake. They do not need to be worrying about these things as they are just kids who should have a worry free childhood. The thing i need most is a job, and ive spent 2 years of searching for work religiously. right now, we only have my wifes SSDI (525.00) a month to support this family of 6, and our mortgage payment is 728.00 dollars a month, so it wont be to long before we lose our home too. I am sorry for posting this post full of dispair, but i needed to let it out.
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 in response to Emil...   Serious, yet funny at the same time. I like it. I like you you've always been staight with me just like mamashe stated.

Doesn't it seem as if you are hurting Aidpage by doing this though?Some might leave because of this.In the do's and don'ts explain how the everyone gets paid. Tell them to keep it secret. Tell them that if they start to complain about it you'll delete them plain and simple.

You guys are able to read the one on one's, the post on every page, you should have an idea on whether anyone else has complaints. In my opinion I think that you have gotten the rotten out of the core.Encourage everyone to spread the word, etc.
I think what the problem was/is is that they were trying to make a living off of Aidpage.You guy's make it plain enough NOT to do this. It is/was their fault that they didn't pay attention to the rules.

Did you guys even consider "what if" a lot of members left?Really!
Then who will be the ones answering the post? A great big Kiss to Catluv for catching this and letting you guys know. It's an example the we are policing ourselves as well.

You can't afford to loose anymore contributors, as it is. There aren't enough of us to catch all that come in. They get pissed and leave. Several times I've heard," You are the only one that has replied." Some have said they have been here for such and such period of time and noone has replied to them. That is bad for buisness also.
I'd ask everyone if they are happy with their"share" if any of them have complaints about it nd if not to forever hold their peace just like in a marriage. None of us want Aidpage to get wiped out either. At least I don't. But after that I'm looking at other options, to be honest I have been all along but this site keeps pulling me back because of the "family" feeling that each one shares. The ones that don't come back are selfish and only thinking of themselves, which at times we all do.

I'm here to help if I can. What can I/we do to help. Grant it, we are a dysfunctional family and we all have our quirks. What family doesn't or isn't. We need to interact with you guys more and you need to interact with us more.
You don't cut off you foot because it might get infected.
You could make any new contributors sign an agreementa separate one of nondiscloser.I honestly don't think anyone else has any complaints. They are thankful for what they get because it is a help and it makes me/us feel appreciated at the same time.I don't think you have anything to risk because of or from us. You guys are the ones taking the risk at loosing this page or having it taken down.
Heck don't tell anyone how they get paid , just tell them that you have a formula that you use and that's that.

Maybe I'm over stepping my bounds but I would like to keep Aidpage up and running and I think everyone else feels the same way . They /I have gotten use to that added extra and you are hurting the very people who are willing to help you make this page better.

Does anyone have any complaints about the "sharing program " speak up now, or literaly hold you peace, typing, and tongue forever.

I thank you for your honesty, your friendship, although you have been interacting more lately and its nice, for a while it was like you didn't exist. Haven't heard much from the Wizard either and he was/is a co founder.

I'm all ears and I'm sure everyone else is. If anyone else doesn't feel that I'm speaking for them, please say something.
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 in response to Emil...   You are welcome Emil..

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 in response to Starshine...   Thank you Starshine... everyone could add comments under that page.
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 in response to Emil...   Hi Emil
I answered in discussing Aidpage part. I don't know if it will help.

Best to you
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 in response to Emil...   Emil< In other words, ...I belong to facebook, is it legal for me to go to my facebook page and write a little blurp about how AIDPAGE has helped me and how much being a member has done for me??? Also, for folks that are having a hard time for whatever reaon is it ok for me to suggest trying aidpage? I and maybe most of us here need to know just where we can go to spread aidpages. advantages. Thankyou ..sheshe
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 in response to Emil...   Comment to Emil, thankyou for caring seems to me that maybe things would be a lot better had you and APT not offered an incentive to begin with. AAHH hindsight is always 20/20 ....I just pray that this works out for everyone. of course it won't bother the aidmates that aren't in the program and i pray that the ones that are in it will decide to stay. Thankyou for responding to me ....sincerely sheshe
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 in response to Emil...   Hi Emil
That would be my question too. How to make Aidpage bigger?

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 in response to Emil...   Reply to Emil, Well said...I do have a question: what are your plans to obtain those 85000 new pages? What can we do as a community to make this happen or do you not forsee this happening at all? Give us some detail as to what we can do with help of APT to make this page bigger? Thankyou or caring enough to answer our questions. sincerely sheshe
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 in response to Schmidty...   Comment to Schmidty:--KUDOS...Schmidty, your post wrapped everyting we all feel into one big package. One of the things that stand out is that "APT is very much a part of our family and it's about time we told them that, especially Emil, he has helped us all individually at one time or another, he is like the big brother that looks out after his siblings, to my knowledge he has never lied to us in fact he is the first to stand up of us if he knows we're right or he is always the first one to sooth the feathers in an argument. You are so so right about Whoknew, all APT has to do is delete her (they did) put an announcement on the main board telling ALL of us what happened and why and that there will be one day short of revenue and thats that. I would like APT to explain to us HOw does discontinueing the share program ensures it's viability and how doing away with the sharing program protect the interests of the aidpage community????What Interest???? You have, deserted the very people that have made this page what it is, they have worked their bums off for years to establish themselves as truly devoted I have to ask what are you going to offer the people that have done so much for so little, you simply cannot just take the money and run. A funny thing happens to most of us after beig here on aidpage for a few weeks, we all start caring for one another, we start sharing our lives with one another, aidpage gives a lot of us a reason to get up in the AM and helps a lot of us feel like we're contributing to somone other than ourselves, you have taken that all away, Aidpage is my home and I can't just sit here and watch my home and family members go down the tube simply because Whoknew had a breakdown. She was a huge detriment to this page anyway so the APT should feel releived . There are so many other ways to do this, you coul change the rules and tweak a few other things but you don't have to take everyones money for Gods sake. What is the motivation now APT, why should any one of these aidmates bother themselves to try to help others, WHY....the addage that helping others helps us feel useful and gets our mind off ourselves is fine and good for awhile but now that you have taken all our incentive away just how are you ging to stop a mass exodus from aidpage and if this happens what incentive will you offer new people to join aidpage. The way I look at it you guys just shot yourself in the foot. I don't want a word of this to slander or put any of you down in anyway. But this is my home and these are my family and I love them and yes even the APT. Just be very careful about what and how you explain this debocle to us as a lot of us have done some research and several aidmates know what really happened and for heavens sake post it o the main board so we all can read it come out of the darkness and share with the very people that have put you where you are. I do love you all and you know it so now its your turn to make this better. Thankyou for reading this. sincerely amamshe/sheshe
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I'm probably the biggest mouth here on Aidpage. I have been asked to be a voice ofsome and maybe none, but one to be sure, me. I'll probably be the next one to be deleted because I'm going to speak out.

Funny, that is one of the things that you encourage, yet if you do you will get deleted.There is one person that I went back to check on and they had been deleted and I have no idea as to why?

Except for Emil and the Wizard You guys must be new. I don't know if it was some type of a take over or if you bought them out, but the majority of the Aidpage Team(APT)must be new. This site was owned by Idilogic and was copyrighted from 1994-2009.

Now , whoever is The Peoples Networks are, have taken ownership or you have restructured your end and for some unknown reason can't keep the same name because off it, but the point is you guys can't be the ones who were running it when I started. The APT that I knew were smart, very smart, they had the idea of this site and either cared deeply or had compassion enough to come up with this idea or it could be that they had a brillant idea. You can't be the same people. They watched over and acted like guardians. Whoever you people are are acting like you have been in management of factories. Which makes me think that this was somehow a "take over" and not a sale.

But, I degress, I have come to ask you to reinstate the "share program" it is vital to some that are on here and it was very calllus that you just yanked it out from underneath them. You have corrected the "problem" You have deleted 'Whoknew' who did what ever she did. You have stated that you have fixed it so that wouldn't happen again. OK, fair enough!

But, why lie to us or me and say that you are taking away the "sharing program" because of "the risk" it poses.You said that you have fixed the problem that whoknew exploited. Let's see, another phrase,concern for the community, which has been deleted and is no longer there, must have read a one on one that I wrote and changed it.

You stated that you can't take the risk that it poses or as you stated,"associated with it." Strange thatyou have been living with this "risk" since 1994 oh, yeah, that's right The Peoples Networks took over. Then there was trouble with Nini3, of which it had to do with "her share" and how it was figured. Someone in Your ranks had told her the difference but because she caught it or spoke out because of what she was told, she got deleted.

You then decide that you need to restucture the "sharing program" maybe that is what she caught or was complaining about.Then because of being close friends to Nin3 Whoknew must have been watching her"share" closer than she had before and because of the restructured "Sharing program" lost, from what I was told, half of her income.

She did what evershe did and ranted about it which she pointed the finger at herself and you deleted her also. You guys like deleting people don't you?

You told me that you aren't big enough to "know anyone at Google to talk to even in an emergency" correct, that you weren't big enough. There again that is a stretch of the truth. Some one had to tell you that they are taking down the adds,they had to tell someone to tell the programmer, then to reinstate them again. That would be your contact person because you control the programming.

You are acting like a person who gets their toes stepped on and then you find someone in a wheelchair and you go over and kick them because of it. Most of the people that you are hurting, in fact, it maybe all, by taking the "sharing program" out of the equation are people who are disabled.I hope that makes you feel like big strong corporate types. Are you really that paranoid that Aidpage will be taken down? To me, it seems as if you are trying to destroy Aidpage.

This page has been up since 1994, over a decade, and now you can't take the risk, we were told that the revenue you get doesn't even cover operating cost, really? Then why worry about the risk, you certainly aren't worried about the contributers or the members. You are willing to yank their "shareing program" out from underneath them in a heart beat. It's like a farmer who has handles an egg wrong and it cracked and broke, so the farmer goes in and kills all the chickens because he's afraid that there might be more broken eggs and they won't be any good.
I could see you doing this in a factory where someone has done something and you are trying to find out who it was, to flush them out or hoping that someone who knows about it will squeal and rat on them. This isn't the case, You know who it was/is. You delt with it. You said you corrected the problem that she exploited.Case solved!!

Why turn around and take part of disabled, senior, and disabled senior peoples lively hood, or partial lively hood away from them when they have done nothing wrong. They aren't as upset about whoknew getting deleted as they were about Nini3.

You guys are ranked number one on Googles pages. You are all over googles pages in one way or another. I don't see how you have that much to worry about, but I'm not in your shoes. Here's an idea! How about having the contributers vote about a person getting deleted yet, in extreme emergencies you still have the right to delete them.

Have a heart, truly , you have made it clear that no one should count or expect the "sharing program" to be depended upon to be an income but we American are prone to over extend ourselves, some it is down right a neccessity or a choice of medicine and eating dog food or eating proper and being sick. Again , I ask , How can you do this to them?

In my case it is not a neccessity but it is nice to be, let's say rewarded for doing all the research to help make this page even better. I have even advertised my hompage to help make Aidpage bigger, but you have got the best rank, #1 on Google and Yahoo and I imagine that the rest follow the giants.

Put people helping people in your search engine. First one after the advertisements is Aidpage. Put in all of the key words in the search engine and you are one of the top names if you aren't the top name.

In my opinion you do not have to be this harsh on the rest of us. Please, I'll even beg for the rest of them. Reinstate the "sharing program" because as you well know that everyone whether it is right or wrong basically counts or a better word is needs that "share" to come in.

Thank You for reading this if you have and I hope you are listening. Please for God's sake don't take this "Sharing program" away in fact, you can have my share if you will, please, return the others "share". It just isn't right what you have done. I just don't do this for anyone, but this is how much I care for these people here on Aidpage.

Whether you like it or not you have become part of this "family" also. Why not ask the contributors on their ideas and what they think. Most are to afraid to speak because they are afraid that they will be next at being deleted.


Oh, I had to edit and add. I have a few suggestions, no it isn't that, on how you can make Aidpage better. If you wan to hear them?

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Devastated. Dreams about so many things as for part time work. Now the medication is making my fingers swell
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 in response to NOM NOM!!...   You want everything, you just don't know what it is.
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 in response to Not_Me...   Let her know how you feel, but think first, if you guys hit it off so well and she had feelings for you , why is she with somebody completely new?
Sit down with her and have a heart to heart, be honest with her and ask her to be honest with you. Be prepared to have your heart broken. Just because you feel this way doesn't mean that she does.
When ever you have a question to ask you will find that you will have three answers always Yes, No, and maybe. Expect it to be no and the other two will be a surprise.
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I dont know where to turnn anymore. I need help to pay my rent, feed my son and myself. This is not a scam, you can find me online and in real life. I am unemployed, cant get assistance right now, cant pay anything. I face very real hardship right now. I've created a page in case someone (anyone) has it in their heart to send us a few dollars....anything..anything at all would help so much. Please clic I dont even know if the link on the site works yet...could you please try? I pray this reaches a few good souls will take a chance and help.
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i will be attending college in august and i need to find 10,000 dollars for school any help would be grateful
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I am in love with a girl who I met when her ex-boyfriend helped my ex-girlfriend cheat on me 3 years ago. She was engaged and now she's not, but she has another boyfriend. She's much younger than me (no worries, she's definitely of age). I'm not really the type to wait around to see if they ever break up, but I really like this girl a lot. We just connect, and she's funny, kind, and has a warm charm that I can't find in anyone else. Anyway. That's my story :/
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