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I'm probably the biggest mouth here on Aidpage. I have been asked to be a voice ofsome and maybe none, but one to be sure, me. I'll probably be the next one to be deleted because I'm going to speak out.

Funny, that is one of the things that you encourage, yet if you do you will get deleted.There is one person that I went back to check on and they had been deleted and I have no idea as to why?

Except for Emil and the Wizard You guys must be new. I don't know if it was some type of a take over or if you bought them out, but the majority of the Aidpage Team(APT)must be new. This site was owned by Idilogic and was copyrighted from 1994-2009.

Now , whoever is The Peoples Networks are, have taken ownership or you have restructured your end and for some unknown reason can't keep the same name because off it, but the point is you guys can't be the ones who were running it when I started. The APT that I knew were smart, very smart, they had the idea of this site and either cared deeply or had compassion enough to come up with this idea or it could be that they had a brillant idea. You can't be the same people. They watched over and acted like guardians. Whoever you people are are acting like you have been in management of factories. Which makes me think that this was somehow a "take over" and not a sale.

But, I degress, I have come to ask you to reinstate the "share program" it is vital to some that are on here and it was very calllus that you just yanked it out from underneath them. You have corrected the "problem" You have deleted 'Whoknew' who did what ever she did. You have stated that you have fixed it so that wouldn't happen again. OK, fair enough!

But, why lie to us or me and say that you are taking away the "sharing program" because of "the risk" it poses.You said that you have fixed the problem that whoknew exploited. Let's see, another phrase,concern for the community, which has been deleted and is no longer there, must have read a one on one that I wrote and changed it.

You stated that you can't take the risk that it poses or as you stated,"associated with it." Strange thatyou have been living with this "risk" since 1994 oh, yeah, that's right The Peoples Networks took over. Then there was trouble with Nini3, of which it had to do with "her share" and how it was figured. Someone in Your ranks had told her the difference but because she caught it or spoke out because of what she was told, she got deleted.

You then decide that you need to restucture the "sharing program" maybe that is what she caught or was complaining about.Then because of being close friends to Nin3 Whoknew must have been watching her"share" closer than she had before and because of the restructured "Sharing program" lost, from what I was told, half of her income.

She did what evershe did and ranted about it which she pointed the finger at herself and you deleted her also. You guys like deleting people don't you?

You told me that you aren't big enough to "know anyone at Google to talk to even in an emergency" correct, that you weren't big enough. There again that is a stretch of the truth. Some one had to tell you that they are taking down the adds,they had to tell someone to tell the programmer, then to reinstate them again. That would be your contact person because you control the programming.

You are acting like a person who gets their toes stepped on and then you find someone in a wheelchair and you go over and kick them because of it. Most of the people that you are hurting, in fact, it maybe all, by taking the "sharing program" out of the equation are people who are disabled.I hope that makes you feel like big strong corporate types. Are you really that paranoid that Aidpage will be taken down? To me, it seems as if you are trying to destroy Aidpage.

This page has been up since 1994, over a decade, and now you can't take the risk, we were told that the revenue you get doesn't even cover operating cost, really? Then why worry about the risk, you certainly aren't worried about the contributers or the members. You are willing to yank their "shareing program" out from underneath them in a heart beat. It's like a farmer who has handles an egg wrong and it cracked and broke, so the farmer goes in and kills all the chickens because he's afraid that there might be more broken eggs and they won't be any good.
I could see you doing this in a factory where someone has done something and you are trying to find out who it was, to flush them out or hoping that someone who knows about it will squeal and rat on them. This isn't the case, You know who it was/is. You delt with it. You said you corrected the problem that she exploited.Case solved!!

Why turn around and take part of disabled, senior, and disabled senior peoples lively hood, or partial lively hood away from them when they have done nothing wrong. They aren't as upset about whoknew getting deleted as they were about Nini3.

You guys are ranked number one on Googles pages. You are all over googles pages in one way or another. I don't see how you have that much to worry about, but I'm not in your shoes. Here's an idea! How about having the contributers vote about a person getting deleted yet, in extreme emergencies you still have the right to delete them.

Have a heart, truly , you have made it clear that no one should count or expect the "sharing program" to be depended upon to be an income but we American are prone to over extend ourselves, some it is down right a neccessity or a choice of medicine and eating dog food or eating proper and being sick. Again , I ask , How can you do this to them?

In my case it is not a neccessity but it is nice to be, let's say rewarded for doing all the research to help make this page even better. I have even advertised my hompage to help make Aidpage bigger, but you have got the best rank, #1 on Google and Yahoo and I imagine that the rest follow the giants.

Put people helping people in your search engine. First one after the advertisements is Aidpage. Put in all of the key words in the search engine and you are one of the top names if you aren't the top name.

In my opinion you do not have to be this harsh on the rest of us. Please, I'll even beg for the rest of them. Reinstate the "sharing program" because as you well know that everyone whether it is right or wrong basically counts or a better word is needs that "share" to come in.

Thank You for reading this if you have and I hope you are listening. Please for God's sake don't take this "Sharing program" away in fact, you can have my share if you will, please, return the others "share". It just isn't right what you have done. I just don't do this for anyone, but this is how much I care for these people here on Aidpage.

Whether you like it or not you have become part of this "family" also. Why not ask the contributors on their ideas and what they think. Most are to afraid to speak because they are afraid that they will be next at being deleted.


Oh, I had to edit and add. I have a few suggestions, no it isn't that, on how you can make Aidpage better. If you wan to hear them?

Talk to Schmidty
Devastated. Dreams about so many things as for part time work. Now the medication is making my fingers swell
Talk to Starshine
 in response to NOM NOM!!...   You want everything, you just don't know what it is.
Talk to Schmidty
 in response to Not_Me...   Let her know how you feel, but think first, if you guys hit it off so well and she had feelings for you , why is she with somebody completely new?
Sit down with her and have a heart to heart, be honest with her and ask her to be honest with you. Be prepared to have your heart broken. Just because you feel this way doesn't mean that she does.
When ever you have a question to ask you will find that you will have three answers always Yes, No, and maybe. Expect it to be no and the other two will be a surprise.
Talk to Schmidty
I dont know where to turnn anymore. I need help to pay my rent, feed my son and myself. This is not a scam, you can find me online and in real life. I am unemployed, cant get assistance right now, cant pay anything. I face very real hardship right now. I've created a page in case someone (anyone) has it in their heart to send us a few dollars....anything..anything at all would help so much. Please clic I dont even know if the link on the site works yet...could you please try? I pray this reaches a few good souls will take a chance and help.
Talk to paulhere
i will be attending college in august and i need to find 10,000 dollars for school any help would be grateful
Talk to tinkey
I am in love with a girl who I met when her ex-boyfriend helped my ex-girlfriend cheat on me 3 years ago. She was engaged and now she's not, but she has another boyfriend. She's much younger than me (no worries, she's definitely of age). I'm not really the type to wait around to see if they ever break up, but I really like this girl a lot. We just connect, and she's funny, kind, and has a warm charm that I can't find in anyone else. Anyway. That's my story :/
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i don't know what i want... or maybe i want everything??
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 in response to sunshine1963...   

Hello and I glady will give you some information for your son.

I hope he can find help in one of those place for his teeth.

Take care and good luck


Talk to Starshine
my son is looking for his teeth hes a ex meth user.hes only makes enough to pay his rent goes without food for days because his teeth hurt so bad. please help him find some help with these teeth. we live in il. but what ive found nobody will help. please help him out with some info.
Talk to sunshine1963
I need help on the bills this month
Talk to catboy1212
I am promoting a fundraiser I have going on over on to get enough donors to assist in the cost to help my ailing grandmother. I would appreciate it if others on this site could promote my fundraiser to your favorite social network, friends and love ones. No amount too small. PLEASE at least check it out. TY TY
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still waiting for my ssd and ssi money, this is going to seem like it takes at least i know its coming!! Federal Government is cutting our food stamps AGAIN, as it is we dont make it the whole month, they cut me 40 dollars last month and i just got a letter stating this coming month (april) im losing another 50 dollars, which has nothing to do with my receiving ssd/ssi.... just new state and federal cuts. to me it doesnt make much sense to cut down on the food to feed the poor. As it is right now i only make it 3 weeks on what we get.... im afraid to see what this next cut does, as it is i dont buy any snacks/soda/juices etc. I buy all meals and the cheapest food possible and also use many coupons that i print from online.
We are getting low right now on food and not sure what they expect us to do. I would go to food cupboards for help but that takes gas because in this small town there isnt one, i'd have to travel 26+/- miles aprox. to get to one. Thats not possible!!
Cant wait to get my money, wish i could speed these people up!!
Talk to tgray1976
I just miss 19,000.00. In a game of chance because I did not remember to play. If I would have played I could have help quite a few people and paid up by bills.
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I dont know where to turnn anymore. I need help to pay my rent, feed my son and myself. This is not a scam, you can find me online and in real life. I am unemployed, cant get assistance right now, cant pay anything. I face very real hardship right now. I've created a page in case someone (anyone) has it in their heart to send us a few dollars....anything..anything at all would help so much. Please clic I dont even know if the link on the site works yet...could you please try? I pray this reaches a few good souls will take a chance and help.
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i'm at my ropes end just need a lillte help i would gladly pay anything back that people could give this not a scam i'm really a week away from being homeless and it scares me to death

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 in response to Hoping for a Miracle...   


What city and state do you live in?

Food banks listed below

Try some of the ideas here for help with rent microgiving and others.

And check the churches for food sources and community action groups that might be able to help you.

You need water and surely there has to be a neighbor or someone who can give you some.




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Hoping for a Miracle
Thank you pebblesrock for sending me a message of hope.. I hope you as well find what you need.. you are the only one who even responded to anything I said.. We are without water and for the past week or so we have been cleaning copper and turning it in just to be able to buy food for the day. my hands are swelled from it and now we are completely out of meats to eat, we have bread and butter and a few can goods so that will be our meal for tonight.I have looked online for any help and there is none so far that has even responded.. you see all this stuff about people helping people and well I do not see it.. I dont want a million dollar handout .. My fiance walks the streets looking for work, we have actually walked the streets and roads for cans to turn in and have to depend on a neighbor to take us to turn them in and well we do give him 10 bucks of anything we get for the trip to turn it in.. and every day is a new obstacle and they just keep getting harder and harder to get over .. now in 3 days I will loose my electric which is 250 plus dollars and when I loose that then I loose my internet so no way to even find someone to talk to. I was born and raised in this town and it saddens me to see no one offer not even a dollar to help or work so we can earn the dollar.. its a shame that people have become like that.. just other day I seen a lady walking streets like us looking for cans and I had loaf of bread and I had her come to my house and gave her half of it and some can goods knowing I would soon be out.. thats just me.. just because there is no one who will help us I still want to help others..anyways I hope all who is needing help will soon get it.. I pray for us all that we all receive some kind of miracle in our lives to make things better.. I put my faith and hope in the Lord above in hopes he see's that we all have easier roads to travel and less obstacles to overcome.. may we all find the things we need in life to make it easier to survive.. Amen and God Bless
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Please someone help me. I am 32 year old mother of 5 children. I was enrolled in nursing school full time until my youngest daughter was born in April partner of 7 years at that time..lost his carpentry business..due to economic downfall...and we have been living by the grace of god struggling day by day since then. School was put off..because we can not afford to pay daycare for the children. I have always had weak teeth...with each child were 3 or 4 more cavities. with no dental insurance..and definetly no money to have my dental problems teeth have become worse..paiinful..and embarassing. I have become very indsecure of myself..and hate even smiling or laughing with my kids in fear that they will notice the discoloring..or decay. It has dramatically changed my life. We dont have anything worth anything to sell in order to get some funds tio get my teeth fixed..and i do not want to loose my teeth. all of my family has had dental problems. i have missed special occasions with family because of the embarassment. it hurts me because i used to be known as outgoing and the girl who laughed all the time and made everyone laugh. Please if anyone knows of a dental practice that would be willing to help me save my me. My dream is that one day I will be able to help someone in the same way. I see all these superficial showa with women trying to become perfect....believe me i have other issues id love to change..but more than anything I want to be able to smile at and with my children without discomfort or being embarassed. Thanks in advance for the help in anybody who will maybe ask around or lead me in the direction. May God bless you all.
Talk to mommy2my5babies
I dont know where to turnn anymore. I need help to pay my rent, feed my son and myself. This is not a scam, you can find me online and in real life. I am unemployed, cant get assistance right now, cant pay anything. I face very real hardship right now. I've created a page in case someone (anyone) has it in their heart to send us a few dollars....anything..anything at all would help so much. Please clic I dont even know if the link on the site works yet...could you please try? I pray this reaches a few good souls will take a chance and help.
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