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positive thoughts
 in response to Starshine...   Hello, That is cool that the doctor still has him as patient. Now that is a caring doctor to treat without insurance. Hope your leg will heal in less than two weeks.
Love and hugs
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 in response to Anomaly...   Hi Anomaly
Thank you and I am glad it is better. I just can't get it wet. So take bird baths and use cornstarch for the hair.
That is great news that you are getting food stamps. I hope your SSI comes through fast for you and you get it sooner than 3 months.

I am happy for you and thank you for the message.

Take care and have a great evening too.

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 in response to sherri36...   jason dooley my buddy hope all is ok plz get back to me and plz contact us and my mom plz come back home relay to bostonmc617 on yahoo facebook make a better for me ed and i miss him and someone help us work things out and i will leave him alone focus work on myself take care of myself be positive and all on him its his lose cant forgive me and remember good times positive being like family bestfriends and roommmates but guess was act part of role to play to have cheap rent rides and whatever other motivate to pretend to be friend care like family and claim want to be long term roommate can people respond reply and have calm long way since january being happy positive moving on letting it go and focusing working on myself my life taking care of myself and health and be better person love myself sober for my life self improve myself life and finding job and focus on school and be better to myself and person to and for myself as well as others
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 in response to sherri36...   hope all can improve get better for all happiness positivity love fiancially and forgiveness peace friendships all can be mended sooner than later
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 in response to sherri36...   just hope can get better improve in myself my life and with people palces situations
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Leg ucler
Went to doctor just got back and he said by next week hope it is healed up when I see him -oh I hope so. And stay with drugs I call them antibiotics for two weeks. So I just hope in two weeks my leg is healed and I find a dry wash for my hair.

He told me of a man who comes in every week that had 30 leg ulcers and they got all but two of them gone. Something to be thankful for that I don't have that many and the man had no insurance at all but he got treated anyway.

Pretty cool that this doctor did that for him and sees him still as a patient.



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hello everyone i am new here and tring to find some resources money is extremlly low i have 7 people in the home a special needs baby who we travel around 500 miles round trip everyweek to seek mwedical care. And a disabled husband where can i find resources we also have a broken car and we are unemployed
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 in response to Bizzoo...   If you are single and don't have children, you should apply for food stamps and general relief. General relief gives you cash aid each month. What county do you live in? If you're in Los Angeles county, I can give you more advice.
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I am so lost and need help.

Hey everyone, im a 21 year old Bay Area born and raised guy. Ive held steady work sense i was 16 years old but recently i have not been able to find work.

Im struggling, bills are stacking up (almost 2000 dollars!!) and i have no idea how to fix this. I feel like im getting deeper and deeper in a hole that ill never get out of. Half of me wants to get a credit card to pay my bills, then in the least all my debt is to 1 person. But the other half knows thats ganna screw me over more in the long run.

I need help, i need advice. I dont expect people to hand me money (but would not refuse it lol), but i do need some solid advice on how i can either get myself out of debt n stay out of debt, or ways to make easy fast money. Im still looking for full time work when ever and where ever i can but its so sparse out here in California.

i have no idea what im going to do and its only getting worse every day =(
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 in response to Schmidty...   Thank you and closing soon Have e coli in wound. on drugs.
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 in response to Starshine...   Sorry to hear it.
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 in response to angeleyes1990...   Contact you high school or colledge and ask them when and where you can take the classes or test. There shouldn't be a cost but every community is different.
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 in response to ?????...   Do you have a busiess plan, with a three year financial plan?
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Funds fell out from under our family last night, now we are on our own to find home building money. We are family of 3, living in a VERY rural and low income village. We need to construct a naturally built building. We'd like to do it this year. We'd like to have a baby, but hope to have a home for us to live in.
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I will see you all later. Think I will eat and go back to bed. Long day at the doctors at 130. And sleepless again last night.
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I'm looking for funding to help start up my a non-profit company.
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i hope and pray you can get back to Ga really hope you don't have to put your grandmother in a old folks home.
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I'm still hoping and praying (and begging) that I can find sources to help me reloate to GA in order to help my ailing grandmother. I can't bear the thought of putting her into a nursing home.
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I lost my home after loosing my job. My kids and I had to live in a one bed room. Many days we did not know where the next meal was comming from. I have a BA in Human Resources but no one will hier me because they want experience in that field. One of my kids is about to graduate from law school in May of 2011. I am a single mom, my boy live in a two bedroom apartment and I live in a one bedroom because I can't seem myself living with the kids in an apartment. I would like to do something for my son's graduation but don't have the finances. He graduates from the William Mitchell School of Law in Minnesota.
Please Help.
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Hello everyone. Well, i guess i am back now, after such a long time. I am now building my own home. It is uniquely different, since i am using what the Lord has provided, which is cordwood etc. I had thought about the strawbale, but it is not readily available here, so it's bales of hay rather than the strawbale, and a lot more expensive here. I do have my solar panels hooked up now, but still need my inverter.
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