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I live in Michigan. I'm trying to get a service dog for my son that has serious mental problems. Does anyone know how to go about it? He is on SSI and I'm on SSA so It'll have to be financial assisted or something. This kid has gone through so much. Not that anyone else hasn't. And what he goes through I do. It would have to be trained. Thank you
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I want to start up cafe here in my home town. Don't know where to begin. Im tired of teaching pre-k at a daycare. I'm divorced and all my children are grown. I want to finally do something for myself. My fear is great of getting older and close to retirement. I have nothing since my divorce; No home, I live with my daughter and her family. I was a stay at home mom while my children young, and being a military wife and living most of the time overseas, I never stay in one place long enough to have a career. dont know where to go , how to do it. I have search endlessly on the net for how and whys, and grants. Don't know which ones are scams. So confused. Thank you
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 in response to Schmidty...   thank you hon that helps a lot.
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 in response to Schmidty...   goto gogo and type in sten cell and it will come uoyou v=can allso go you tob and type in copd treatments stem cell hope itr holps
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 in response to kkrb21499...   There is a bereavement or compassion fare for domestic travel it could save you up to 50%.
There is a program that if you talk to them they may help,originaly it's if grandma needs a rid to the Doctor,contact www.eldercare,gov.
That's all I got.Wish there were more. Good Luck and God Bless
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Hello everyone
Hope you got to see the full moon.
I can't wait to remove this wrap from my leg and don't think I can wait till Wednesday.
Have a great Sunday.
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 in response to Atom Fallout...   I added your info to my facebook and spread the word, good luck with your wedding! I hope its beautiful!
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We were just notified that my Mom's father is in ICU in Chattanooga and we need to find a way to get her there before he passes away. Is there a program that helps with that sort of thing?
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Atom Fallout
I recently proposed to my gf of 3 years and I'm doing all I can to scrape it all together. I'm very low income, but I'm determined to give the love of my life, Diana, the most wonderful, fairy-tale wedding possible. She has had a very trying life and she deserves it. A week ago I stumbled on a contest to win free wedding photography on the big day. This is huge! All the couples involved are wonderful and beautiful people though and I'm afraid I might not make it. Voting is easy and the contest ends 3-31-11. If anyone here votes, this chance I'm taking will be worth it. All you have to do is friend request "Flora Fotography" on Facebook. Then in their photos you'll find the contestants. Open the pic for "Adam and Diana" and leave a comment under our photo and love story... and that's it! PLEASE help us! Diana doesn't even know I'm doing this, it's just all I can do to make her dream come true. Thank you and God bless you all for your help! If you have trouble, find me on facebook; screenname: "Atom Fallout"
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please check us out we really need any help anything help's someone with nothing
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Getting bigger and still no car or anything...this is starting to get really depressing.
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 in response to Inspiration...   thak you sherry i will check this out on monday
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 in response to ComputerGirl...   Good to have you back.
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 in response to lbart123...   You don't want to put your family through this? But you will put them through the pain and agony of ending it.Where's the difference. The only one I see is you being selfish taking the easy way out.
I have COPD on top of having half a lung removed.It isn't any fun but I have never ever thought about ending it. I have never heard of this stem cell treatment. How does it work? I'm sure there are other people who would like to know this also.
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Hi Everyone! I so hope you're having a great day! It matters when someone cares, doesn't it? Well, there are some fine people on Aid Page that does care. You're in a good place to find comfort!
ComputerGirl AidPage Contributor
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I am very fortunate to be included in a program to help severely developmentally disabled adults (Down's syndrome and Autism)by being part of a day program to help them learn life skills. Who do I speak to about getting us a grant? I will be running a designer's co-op that will donate a percentage of proceeds to the group. We are in desperate need as we have committed to a lease, and such as our original foundation has backed out. Any help would be wonderful.
thank you from a caring associate of people in need
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Necesito ayuda porfavor. No tengo trabajo y tengo unos biles atrasados q pagar.
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 in response to mrsdraper...   in response to mrsdraper... I’m not sure if you’ve contacted this organization with help with your power bill, but I just applied for help at the location in my area and qualified. You will need to take with you proof of income for the last 4 weeks, Social Security cards of all members in your household, and a copy of your last power bill.

H.E.A.T. funds assist households experiencing a potential loss of energy service or households that are in need of getting service restored. The amount of funds available for distribution depends on the generosity of corporate and private donors. Once an applicant has been approved for energy assistance, a check is sent to the energy provider and applied toward the applicant's account.

Clayton County Community Services Authority, Inc.

Counties served:


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hello my nam eis christina,im 25 yo mother of 3 daughters ages 5,2 and 1.i was cut of foodstamps during the christmas holiday and have been having a ton of trouble getting them husband suffers from a mental disorder due to a head injury and cant work..we are staying with my mother who also cant work do to sever r.a. that has gone without treatment for years because she has no insurance...we have been struggling for months trying to make ends we have shut off notices for march 22nd on our water and lights...our light bill is over $400 but only $250 to keep it on..and out water is 180 but they will take 80 70 keep it on..if there is anyone who can spare the money and donate to a young christian family...
every little bit helps..please if you can find it in your hearts to reach out and help someone who is really in need..
thank you for reading my post
god bless
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My name is Linda god where do i start.i have severe copd about the only thing to save me now is to try stem cell surgery,they do it in mexico and germany,i found the best one is in germany but my insurance won;t pay it,the first treatment is 30,000 and the 2nd is 17,000 i should know if it is working after 1sts treatmet,i feel like im begging i have never done anything like this before,im the one helping but now i need help.if anyone is able to help i can send you my medical records.i guess tonite is a bad nite.i have been thinking of ending it and not put my family threw this,im sorry to bother you,may god bless you
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