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Elaine of TSA

 in response to 2180...   You might want to check with the VA if you can start w/housing seniors who are veterans.
There are plenty of grants for Vet housing at the moment including grant per diem housing/shelter.

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 in response to Anonymous40784...   You are welcome for the prayers. You are very much loved here and it has been a pleasure to know you.
love and
God Bless you.
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 in response to Starshine...   Thank you so much for your prayers.
I am grateful to know such wonderful people here.

G-d bless you.
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 in response to Mimzy...   Wow thanks to Anonymous40784 I saw these homes. These are cute!!
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 in response to Anonymous40784...   I appreciate you.
Your miracle is coming!
Love you,
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 in response to Anonymous40784...   Hello
I just wanted to tell you are in my prayers. I hope you feel better soon.
hugs and well wishes
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 in response to Mimzy...   that house (in the picture)is so cute!
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 in response to susie's son...   Son,

I appreciate you & all who are praying for me.
You mean the world to me.

G-d bless you,
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 in response to positive thoughts...   Hello and I wish I had your youth and just old ways of existing. Love to get out to do things. Back2life sounds good. Let me know how is helps you both. I woke are called my friend in OHIO and went back to bed then decided get up for meals. I think for my birthday later I will get a pizza. Really would love something different than that and if tired I will go back to bed by this afternoon and I have even ate and gone back to bed.
WOW the man resigned in Egypt whatever so that is great.
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positive thoughts
 in response to Starshine...   Hi, I pretty much take one day at a time now. Mostly go and look for work. I have struck a couple of ideas on doing something but it would be self employment again. I would love to tell you right now but feel I better wait until can be final cause am just rolling ideas around in head for now.
Oh by the way we got that back2life thing and so far it works pretty good. Time will tell if it helps with his arthritus so am hopeful. I just did not want to pay for sessions of theorpy when this will work. Its pretty neat the way it works and puts one in relaxation mood. After 12 minutes it shuts of by itself. As I said time will tell. The book says most will feel results in 3 weeks. When ones back is out of whack it takes time to readjust. But so far so good with it.
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 in response to positive thoughts...   Hello and I do to. Good hearing from you and see what I can get done today.
What are you plans for the week?
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positive thoughts
 in response to Starshine...   Hello, Yes making someones day is wonderful. Just like here each and everyone of us helps each other and encourages. I learn alot from others as well.
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 in response to positive thoughts...   Hello and that is great. Just saying high and trying to get something done today. I wake at 730am no fail then take a nap. I have done similar things on toll bridges and buying homeless a meal You must be proud of her.
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positive thoughts
A random act of kindness

Hello, Wishing each and everyone of you a wonderful day!
My daughter just informed me on what she had done. She went to Tim Hortons for her snack this morning in the drivethrough while there she had noticed in her rear view mirror the person in the car behind her looked a little down. As she paid for her things she also paid for the person that was sitting in the car behind her.
She had done this in giving hope to someone else.
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 in response to fied...   I spotted this and was curious, is your land restricted or not. Some land can't have certain kinds of homes or structures put on it. If you are NOT restricted then you may have more flexibility in the kind of home you can have.

Now if you have no restrictions, there are other small issues that may make things more difficult - but I'll get to that in a moment.

Now, first option would be to find out if any of the mobile home sellers in your area offer a deal I used to see all the time. In fact, I'm looking to get some unrestricted land so that I can do this.

The Deal is that if you own your own land they will finance your delivery, set up and mobile home with no money down. Because of being a landowner you get this option.

A mobile home dealership often has repossessed or reclaimed homes also, so this deal could maybe be used with one of them to make payments for this even less.

I don't know all the little details, so you'd need to talk with one of the dealers to find out more.

Now, the second option I know of is looking in the classified ads and that's both online and offline. Look around for ads that offer a free mobile home. They are out there - I've seen them. Granted, always look the place over before making up your mind to get it. There are also ads for very low cost modular or mobile homes. A couple grand for a $20-30k home isn't bad - it's a steal!

The biggest problem with these isn't the fact that they are older models most often - hey, some of those are still nice. Or that they are used...some worse for wear than others...but that most of the time you have to "move" the building from their land, to your land.
That isn't exactly something that seems easily done, at least to me.

Now I do know several truckers that have told me if I ever needed to get something like this done, let them know and they'd give me a hand with it. It's nice to have folks that owe

But remember that you'll need a place ready for anything you bring over to set up. A concrete pad with hook ups for utilities is the norm. So if you don't go through a dealership who often roll this sort of thing into the loan; you'll have to have that ready for any mobile you have brought over to your land.

Another option that could be low cost is to get a mini house, like a storage shed and I'm hoping that you've got utilities available on the land already. Otherwise you may need to get creative with green tech to provide yourself with elect. water and such.

There was a guy that had no place to live, so he built his own place with a variety of materials and got some solar panels and a small generator to provide him with the bare basics. He built it on a small piece of land with a tree and lived there for several months.

Here's a link to what this guy did -
And he didn't even have his own land to put this on. He added wheels to it so that he could move it place to place. Talk about being a turtle - his home was went with him and was economical.
I recall a time that more people where creative like

I know of a few places that sell ready made or kit storage sheds. Some are really big and have a loft or half loft. With a little planning you could get the place hooked up for solar and not have to worry about an elect. bill! A rain catcher system could cut water usage, collected water is gray water and can be used for non consumption tasks like washing or watering plants.

A microwave, hotplate, coffee maker and a small frig would be all that you'd need for a kitchen. The loft could be a bed area with a nice firm mattress right on the floor. If you make a box to hold it or find one of those boxes that has the drawers in it (think they are made for water beds.) You can put a nice big mattress in that and you've got storage for your clothes right under the bed!

Now, for bathroom...that may take a bit of know how and some help to get it hooked up. But you could have a second shed next to the first one to offer that. If the first one has a back door, line up the back door of the second shed to that one so you can just take the door off one of them. (if you want to anyway)

Have the shower, toilet, a sink and maybe even a tub all put into that shed. If you get a large enough one, you can even add a small sauna room to it. lol (with the money you save you could do some fancy stuff over add a big jacuzzi tub.)

But to start off with you may have to do it the old days way, which is digging a latrine and sticking a top part on it. Had to use one of these when on a camping trip back in Girl Scouts. The place didn't have the facilities that modern ones today do. You have to be careful to make the top secure as insects, snakes and other pests could likely make regular visits.

Or you can get a port-a-potty somewhere, but keeping costs down doesn't really allow this, unless it's a real must do thing. lol

Well, those are the ideas I have - only other is getting an RV to stay in on the property, if only a temporary solution. That has it's advantages to just tenting it. An RV has it's own bathroom. You'd just have to go to some park with hookups to take care of the tanks and such. The RV parks are cool with all sorts of resources and the cost isn't so bad compared to some other options.

The Charity Car site had some RVs listed on it's donation page. It's the last option I got to offer.

Here's some places to get ideas. If you are financially limited, start with one room/shed...then add on as you can to make more room. Eventually, you'll have lots of room! Same with the mobile home, start with a small one, add another and then add another...fill the space between and you'll end up with a really big place!

Nice limited room idea

These sites show how to make use of sheds in creative ways

Hope you like some of these try thinking of some of your own. Enjoy the weekend...

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 in response to Schmidty... I'm sure you'd look just adorable in tights...ROFL

I just figured I'd send a smile along with my post - glad you liked the little bear...
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Lady Blue
I have never felt like this 1 year and 6mo ago i lost my bussines,home,my land i had befor i married,i could go on and on but ....... now i am not living with my husband on unempolyment witch isnt much i really had a lot going on i dont even live in the same town.
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 in response to totally stressed...   Hello
I just wanted to say I am so sorry this is happening to you. This is ridiculous!!
Take care
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totally stressed
there is no light at the end of the tunnel. its a facade to keep you going. we are being treated like cattle at an auction. the ssa has now[somehow] lost my appeal[bullshit]. and i have to start over. they owe me nothing. and after all the effort and work on my part? im right back where i started. to do this all again. we dont run this country. it continually runs OVER all of us. we only PAY to watch THEM legally strip us of our will to succeed. im very irritated with everything to do with OUR rights and obligations to this so called FREE and prospourus country. youll die poor and restless. and wholl care? not our representatives. that are charged with protecting us. they live off of what were CHARGED with giving them. OUR hard earned money. taxs. taxies. taxidermie. i like the last one. stuff em all, hang em on the wall. C-yall again. when im in a better state[of mind][not state of pannick]. this is sucking ever more by the day.
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