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positive thoughts
 in response to FriskyFreddy...   Hello, I am responding to you in the spirit of peace. You fill the void of your heart with goodness en warmth of people and I need to ask where do you think the goodness en warmth of the people come from?
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 in response to FriskyFreddy...   You claim to be open minded and that the whole of Europe is.That is strange.

If you can believe in the power of prayer for the person then then why not for others. With that open mind you must be able to see that:
1. That if that person can believe and has faith strong enough to heal themselves then why not for others?

2. It is comforting to know that some one else cares enough to speak to their most high on your behalf, is that not a healing aspect therefore they are in effect healing or helping? If not by being a comfort alone? Having any part no matter how minute of that person's well being does not seem to be useless.

What is useless is someone who claims to be one thing and is another.Usually a person with an open mind "tries to see all sides" that's what open mind means. Funny, for a person that has a closed mind, I am explaining to a person who has an open mind What an open mind is. Is it not. Oh, wise one. Which by the way is another aspect of having an open mind.

Open mouth , insert foot comes to mind.

Whether it is useless or not I will pray for all who needs and wants it. Jesus did and it is still working today. Talk about power, talk about an open mind or closed one, however you want to look at it.

May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Properous New Year, and if that offends you thenI'll say have a Merry Merry and a Happy Happy , and not tough shite. May God Bless
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 in response to fampereyrainneed...   ALRIGHT!!! Have fun at the Laugh Factory and I am so happy you are all going. You are welcome and be sure to tell us what it was like. Merry Christmas as they open their doors to anyone in need, lonely, people who have no family,and homeless that day for meal and fun plus the comedians that perform there get a free meal that day.. Pretty cool place. I haven't been there but saw things from it on TV.
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Just wanted to say a quick hello and a Very Merry Christmas to all of you wounderful people on it would all today to list each and everyone of you but you know who you are. I also believe in prayer it does help. God Bless and be safe where ever you are.
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 in response to susie's son...   Don't waste your prays on me. Send them to the people who ask for it. It will benefit them.

And now STOP!! Sit back. Inhale deep and exhale slow. Let go of all your negative energy towards me. I am not joking here. I am dead serious. You all sound very hostile. Maybe it helps when i tell you i have many friends who practice very different religions. They all became very loyal trustworthy friends once they understood my statement. I am NOT a preacher. Every one of them is still practicing their religion the way the did before they met me. This is my way of telling you that i don't put my energy in religion. I fill the void in my heart with the goodness en warmth of people.

I seems to me that no one really understands what i am writing. I showed my respect to you and your god. I even apologized for using the word "s**t". Still you try to convince me of something unreal. What do you want me to say?
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 in response to nickerbockers...   I know that this might not be much and that some of it might be late getting there but here is all that I can do to help:


I hope everyone gets a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. For those who are offened instead of saying tough i'll say, "I hope you a Merry Merry and Happy Happy."

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 in response to sheshe030...   I am sure that reading my reply will make it all much clearer. Don't hesitate to discuss this matter if it didn't. The fact that i am rude is relative. I can only apologizes for using the word "shit". I keep in mind that next time i will **** the word "****". Hey! Seen that? I already started being friendly. I blanked the word "****". Oops! haha, I did it again. (i hope you don't mind a joke now and then)
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Thank you again and yes I was able to get a space for family and I wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year and thanks again for making my Christmas
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 in response to nini3...   Amen
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 in response to FriskyFreddy...   Prayer helps those who believe and it helps those that the believers are praying for. The person who denies God's existence is missing out on a lot. God is everywhere, all a person has to do is look at creation and they will see God.
It saddens my heart to hear that anyone thinks prayer is useless, and I feel that there must be a great void in the heart of any individual that feels this way. Now with that being said, I will end this message with one final statement. I WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOU
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 in response to susie's son...   You have no idea how thankful i am that you made this comment. I really am. You gave me the opportunity to explain myself. You might be surprised if i tell you i respect every religion and that praying really does help. Yup, it does. Yes, it is still me writing this and no i didn't change my mind. Praying helps for people who believe. There is no need for discussion if there is a god or not. You are free to think there is. There is absolutely nothing wrong in finding strength trough prays. As you write:"everyone deals with those needs in their own way". I can't say it better. That's exactly what it is. Pray for yourself and the stronger your believe the more effect it will have......on yourself. Yet, praying in an attempt to help other is useless.
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 in response to nini3...   I'm always glad to help and I do get pleasure from being of help. I think that my outlook comes from being, in my mind, from the bottom of the barrel. It's like they say,"all you got is looking up" don't know who came up with that but they were right.I do thank you for the very fine and kind words though.

Even the snail thinks(purely in my imagination)He's going as fast as he can in fact he might be going super fast. To look from the other side.

Yes, it's best to get your rest, supposedly, that's the time that your body repairs it's self the most, I think that's the only time it gets to.

Well, we have been conditioned to get presents for Christmas. I know you were expecting me to say,"to give and receive." but that is only particially right. We were taught to give..... AND receive. To expect something in return when we are kind and giving. We weren't taught to give, period.
My point is that we expect to give presents and to receive presents, and that is to say, receive presents guilt free.

If you can do some crats and give them ont they will mean much more(unless it's something that person really really wanted and couldn't afford).
One Christmas I was feeling that way, didn't have anythingbut the landlord was remoldeling soe of his places and he had scraps of wood and molding laying around. I asked if I could have it and he let me. I took it, cut it in Several pieces, glued the sides toether put them on a square block of wood, heated a rod to burn their iniatials into them and gave them as candle holders.

Here's a 'trick' that may help with the headaches, neckaches, etc. Take a towel, hand towel or a worn thin toel, put it around your neck, hold both corners or far ends in your hands, pull upat a 90 degree angle to your chin and roll your neck around i it's out of plces or needs poped, this will do the trick.

You might have to go down to the office and bug them both the state and the hospital.If you have to be a little rude, or I guess persistant.

You , yourself, share your wisdom and expeience which helps those you share with. Your warmth, compassion and understanding comes through your postings and I look forward to reading more of them.

May you have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year, may God Bless

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 in response to sheshe030...   Thank you. I know that many here rely on prayer. Prayer is what keeps our hearts close to God, and it unites us with a powerful bond that enables us to share the struggles that we encounter every day. We don't pray because God needs us, it's because we need Him, and that revelation can make all the difference in life. Thanks for being one of my prayer buddies.
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 in response to nini3...   Reply to Nini:--We're bless to have you here Nini and I'm so very thankful for your constant and unconditional friendship. Have a wonderful holiday sweetie. Love Sheshe030
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 in response to FriskyFreddy...   Reply to FriskyFreddy:---You are an extremely rude person and you need to stick around here and learn what we're all about before you start casting judgement. You owe Susie's Son a big apology. sheshe030
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 in response to susie's son...   comment to Susie's Son:--And I will be right beside you kneeling in prayer as well. sheshe030
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I don't understand how something like this can happen to me at this point. 2010 really has been the most awful year for me. I had $598 in my checking account that would cover my bills and money for my daughter's christmas presesnts to hold us over until my check that would come in next week. I am now looking at an an account that even despite 5 overdraft reversals by the bank... it's still negative balanced with 9more negative transactions posted. I am told by the bank it's the merchant's fault for posting a pending charge to my account that was supposed to be have been cancelled and from what I witnessed was. Someone that charge caused everything other charge to become negative and followed with 4 OD fees for the 3 days it remained pending on my account. The merchant refused to charge back those charges and called my bank to have them revwerse the charges and then offered me a gift card to their store. The bank says those charges even if reversed which they can't assure as it was still the error of the merchant in their opinion I am stuck penniless and am only going to be able to give my daughter the 1/2 a heart I have left after this disaster for Christmas. I'm told to apply for a credit from the bamnk which I am sure they will not approve and then left with no other options but to be broke until my unemployment check posts after the holiday. I am on my knees at this point I really didn't want to believe that a bad year would get this much worse in culmination. It's getting had to be able to manage my mood and I am growing more depressed as the situation progresses.
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Its another day today and Im trying to figure out what its going to bring for us today.. Ive been a good provider for my babies but having a fixed income has affected my household trmendously. Im in need of help of warm clothing for my kids plus diapers im a single mom and father is no longer in the picture anymore. Its Christmas eve and i still have no tree put up in my house and obviously no presents for my kids. If anyone can help a helping hand we would gladly appreciate it.
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 in response to nini3...   Feels good to meet someone who is on the same wavelength. (i think..., i hope!)
You can explain yourself much better then i will ever be able to. True aging my cynicism only get worse. Still i do respect people for who they are. We are all products of our experiences and the culture that surrounds us. I noticed that here in Europe we are more open minded then the rest of the world. I am proud of that. Being open minded doesn't mean there is no respect. Contrary!
If you ask a friend if your bottom looks fat in that new dress and she tells you it doesn't very well knowing it does but she doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Is she a best friend?
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 in response to FriskyFreddy...   I disagree with you. I will not debate the power of prayer, and I don't believe that we can speak for every person in need. I will state that prayer is the only thing that keeps me going and helps me make it through the day. I have MANY needs and my life has been turned upside down over the pass year, but I know that God is with me, hears my prayers, and meets my needs.
I have many people on this site ask me to pray for them, and many of those people are in need. You have a right to your opinion, but it will not stop me from praying or believing in the power that's comes from talking to God.
Everyone has needs, and everyone deals with those needs in their own way. I will continue to PRAY
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