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 in response to lukie...   Nice to meet you, Lukie! Glad that you are doing better and surrounded by those who love you. :-)
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I'm grateful for time with God; we are on our Sabbath and I didn't get as much time to help others the way I usually do before the start of Sabbath, so here I am trying to help. I'd encourage others today to pull close to their families; help them to understand that Christmas is about the gift we have in Jesus, not material things. Economics are tight for most people right now, but Christmas doesn't have to be a disappointment if we focus on what we have in each other and what we have in Jesus. I'm grateful to "just be" and appreciate what God had already given us. There is no material gift on earth that can hold a candle to that. Grateful for God's love...and for not giving up on us.

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hi to all my friends i just got out of the hospital today. i got sick but im back home with my family.
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i want to make my wife and kids happy this christmas, wife is worried about money and i dont make enough it saddends my heart so much i cry alot these days wishing for a miracle. mabey it will happen
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I just keep thinking how depressing christmas is when you have three boys who won't be getting Christmas presents this year. I don't want them to miss out because I got laid off from work. I have no other options but to ask for help. I have to leave my house by the end of this month and we have no money for deposit or first months rent. If anyone can help me I really would appreciate it so much. I need a miracle this Christmas. My boys are three, two, and three months. I need all the help I can get!
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still trying to cope with the pressures facing our children christmas morning with very little for them.i guess i should be gratful for what we do have each other. but boy oh boy is that tough..
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I am in need of a part time job that will work with my school schedule. I have to go to school in order to get a job that will pay to live. I am 57 years old and starting over in life and I have to admit I am really scared. I have a roof over my head and food stamps but have to work to pay for gas, phone, and personal items. I have loans to pay for schooling but not for books. I live in Roy UT.
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 in response to goingcrazy69...   Here They Are:

Hope you have a Merry Christmas
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This year many people had more basic things to be thankful for. Happy the family is still together, happy to have found a minimum wage job, happy for good health. And when thinking about next year, think about the concerns raised by Thomas Mountain on my blog page. The general idea behind Thanksgiving is a very good one but celebrating the genocide of an entire race of people is very depressing. Kind of like celebrating Auschwitz Day, and it is really simple to avoid doing so. Think of American T-day as a Holocaust Day. Just have your Thanksgiving Day on a different day, even the day before or after what is traditional. But to sit down and celebrate an ongoing genocide is just cheering it on. Surely that is not what most people intend. Show the world that you are not a part of a mass murder. Just choose another day.
Sincerely TVC15
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 in response to goingcrazy69...   

Hello and I am pretty sure I gave this to you so excuse me if it is a repeat.

See below and I hope your 13 year daugther gets something for Christmas..

Good luck and take care


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Well I found a college scholarship for $10,000. It is free to apply. The drawing will be on December 15,10.
So here is the web address. Best blessings to us all!
Hi there! I thought you might be interested in this $10k scholarship I found. You can sign up in minutes and it's totally free - but make sure you do it before the Dec. 15th drawing! I just checked the link and it will take you strait to the registration page.

If you register I'll be entered in their $250 Amazon gift card contest. Please have anyone you know sign up with that link too!
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Thanks for the 'warm fuzzy', Misty Creek. I argued with myself for years about risking that much money on shoes. Many of the people on Aidpage have a small amount of money that has to spread over far more than it can. It is not only a good feeling when something works for you but it is a kind of salvation when you have to risk what little you have AND IT ISN'T A RIP OFF.

I guess I was kind of thinking out loud about what usually doesn't get stated when people are asking for help, as well as thinking about the way folks with a secure income accept spending money but not always getting what you spent it for. When a person slips from that secure income there is a learning process to endure about making that lesser income work and giving up fantastical investment notions for practicalities.

So I was speaking to the group and expressing a winning move, even when poor, that came out of what many might call a loosing position and sharing that feeling of taking a financial chance that actually worked for me and having no regrets. I'm lucky that the part of my life that I had to take that money from isn't a part of feeding my kids, just myself. many people have harder choices to make.
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I will never rent from Penske again. Their service is horrible, their representatives are rude, inconsiderate and deceptive. They tried to get me to rent a truck that had no insurance, check engine light on, damage to the body and a defective tire that caused the steering wheel to shake. After, I filed a complaint against them with BBB they are trying to blame me for what happened that day. They have a lot of nerve after the way they treated me and despite the fact that I could not move my things out that day, had to pay an additional month to rent at the location, pay movers for nothing, and spent alot of money unexpectantly on cab and bus fare.
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 in response to Schmidty...   OOH BYE THE WAY R U SANTA????Because I"m a45 year old woman and very much Beleave!!!!!!!He just works in mysteryouse ways.SO R U!!!!!
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 in response to Schmidty...   yes it tells me there r lik 32 people thatwant to help but I cant get themI have firefox but it would be niceif u sent me the addy for things that can help me for my thirteen year old little girl! I"m really stressed for her for christmas since she has nothing and my6 year old got adopta family.GOD BLESS AND THANK YOU
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 in response to kingauth...   I am so sorry to hear that he did not come through for you.People mean well,but, they really need to understand what a promise really get your hopes up,only to be dissapointed...not fair..Wish I could help you...I struggle myself with my grandson(I am raising) and my disabled husband...I pray someone out there hears your problems and comes through for you...Shame on the person that gave you hope....God Bless You and Your family....
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I think of all the people having so much problems and heartaches....I say...GOD BLESS THEM ALL...May The Grace Of God Bring Them To Succeed In There Lifes....
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can anybody answer me me why someone would offer to help then just not follow through? A gentelman said he would help me with the deposit for the elecric to turn it on before the big freeze this weekend and told me he would call me and put the 200 dollars on my wallmart card but he never callrd.
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well lets see..its one thing after another..i dont know what to do...i had a car a place to live..i lost my car.i had an apartment but lost it..i was staying with some friends but they wanted more money that i didnt have and now they are kicking me out...i have no were to go..cant ask my family..i have no car to get back and forth to work..i dont know what to do..i just wish i had an so ready to just give up and say oh well..i have to wonderfull boys and all i want to do is be able to provide them with a good christmas but with no were for me to live i cant do that..i have a job..but it just seems i cant get no were..someone please give some kind of answer........
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 in response to drhoades...   I am sorry to hear you are having a hard time. I know its hard to get a car or anything for that matter when your credit isnt so great. Have you tried the car lots that do their own financing? Also, there are a few places online that specialize in bad or no credit financing for autos, that way you dont have to keep going to different lots to get approved. I cant recommend one as i havent personally used any but would run it through the better business bureau first if you decide to try this route. Another option is to wait until you are ready to file taxes, many car lots will use your anticipated return as a down payment. Or you can go to local auctions and get a car for hardly anything, I have done this and recently bought a F250 truck valued at  20,000 for 8,000 and some dealers take payments as well.

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