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So great to see so many resources and positive people! :-)
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 in response to georgey68...   OK, you are messaged, now what do you need to know?

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 in response to goingcrazy69...   Calm down what are you trying to do. Are you trying to open your mail with Windows Explorer?
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Salvation Army of Greater New York
The first Salvation Army center in the US - 1880.
120 W. 14th St., Greenwich Village NY 10011 Tel 212-337-7200
Tel: 888-234-8888; Website:
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Last but not least, children in need of dental health checkups and treatment may visit the Lower Manhattan Dental Clinic at 303 9th Avenue. Please call ahead at 212-239-1777 to schedule an appointment for your child and ensure that she or he will be seen on the same day as you visit. Open to children of low income families, the facility underwent renovation and expansion but since 2004 has been open and serving the public.

There are a variety of other free or very low cost clinics available in and around Manhattan, and to ensure that you receive the best possible service available, please check with a social services worker, a faith based organization of your choices, or New York City's Health and Human Services
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Free Healthcare Clinics in Manhattan, New York
Sylvia Cochran, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Dec 27, 2007 "Contribute content like this. Start Here."
.More: Manhattan Lower Manhattan Needy Families Dental Clinics .Manhattan is one of the most populous boroughs of New York. It is estimated that in the year 2000, it had a population of more than 1,537,200. Yet according to the Census Bureau, about
17.6% of families live below the poverty level, a fact that demands action with respect to health care. To this end, there are a number of free healthcare clinics in Manhattan, New York, which seek to serve those who otherwise would run the risk of going without adequate medical care.

Perhaps the most well known address for those in need of free health care is the Sidney Hillman Health Center. Located at 16 E. 16th St. on the third floor, this Manhattan facility permits needy families or individuals to call 212-924-7744 to schedule an appointment. The hours are Mondays and Thursdays from 8:15 AM to 7:00 PM, Tuesdays from 8:15 AM to 5:00 PM, Wednesdays from 8:15 AM to 12:00 PM and again from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Fridays from 8:45 AM to 4:30 PM, and Saturdays from 9:15 AM to 4:00 PM; an appointment is an absolute must! Even with an appointment it is wise to arrive very early as the line tends to get rather long. By far the busiest days are Saturdays and Mondays while the best day to visit is Tuesday.

Women's services are provided at this location, as well as children's examinations and also vaccinations. Other adult services, including men's exams, will also be offered at this locale. In addition to the medical care, visitors will have the option of receiving social service referrals as well as mental health help. The Sidney Hillman Health Center is one of the centers with the most comprehensive list of services provided to the general population that Manhattan currently has
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I just gave up I dont know how to use this on my e-mail it says that I got54 messages from people that care well I asked how to get them because I dont know how my be it because I was in a accident a while ago i WAS IN A COMA AND i DONT KNOW ALOT LIK i USED TO WELL i DONT UNDERSTSND if people want to help me or not I dont know how to get my messages from other people but thank u if u were some one that wanted to help me I'm just going to tell my 13 that times r tuff I just cant do this but GOD BLESS U ALL THAT WANTED TO HELP ME!!!!!!! I'LL KEPP checking my mail it;s GOD BLESS YA ALL goingcrazy69
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why do some people put all HOMELESS people in the category of BAD NEWS ?
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 in response to DHARMA...   I do care because we are all gods children so wrap your arms around yourself and that is a long distance hug to a sister
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well we got the trailer moved but even though it is cold it will be a while before we will have electricity. looks like we will be camping out in our own house. we have two huricane lamps and a couple of old fashioned quilts so it hopefully will be ok, we also have a little bit of propane to heat up cans of soup. I think soup will be the easiest to cook on the burner on the side of the barbq pit. well it looks like soup for christmas dinner hooray. 500 dollar deposit plus 140 for the electrician is really hard to come up with $1800 by selling almost everything i had. the only thing I have left is my leather biker jacket worth $300 if any one is interested to help out.
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 in response to DebbieinMissouri...   Hi, Debbie: Erica here, used to be Ercky67, but apparently after not using Aid Page for a few months they delete your account...I'm glad all seems to be looking up for you and your kids. I'm having trouble figuring out again how to send you a private message. Send me your address privately again? Your Friend, E
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Praying to get through this. We have five kids, I am in school and looking for a job for the past 6 months. I've applied for 20+ jobs a day and all I have gotten is a one day a week job. Christmas is here, my fiance works from morning till night but we are so far behind we can't get out of this hole. Every bill we have is due now and we are getting ready to lose everything we have. Our car broke down and we had to get another one which is breaking us financially. Tried everything. Just asking for prayers please. Please pray that we can get through this time. We have been thru so much in life and always worked it out. This is literally the first time I have felt like I don't know what we can do. Already sold everything we can. Please send prayers to our family. Thank you!
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I am dreaming of a Christmas morning, where my all three of my children, wake up and get what they want the most for Christmas. Where my husband has a nice gift under the tree. And where we have enough money to have a nice Christmas dinner.

My husband works so hard for our family, he is working 12-14 hours a day, and when he gets home from work, he always makes time to play with the kids. He is the greatest father and husband. He often goes to work without any lunch, just so the kids will have enough to eat after school.

Our oldest son is a chip off the block, he does so much to help out. He is such a blessing. He's truly an awesome kid. He is 19 years old, he is working full-time, third shift, on a loading dock, he is working 10+ hours a night.

I am working part-time, right now, I have degerative disc disease and arthritis in my cervical spine. There are some mornings, that I literally cannot pick up my head to get out of bed. I have made two trips to the emergency in the last three months. They give me a shot of morphine, let me sleep for a while, and send me home, telling me to see my family doctor. He give me anti-inflammatories (which dont seem to help anymore), he gives me muscle relaxers and painkillers (which I don't get filled) and tells me to keep doing my exercises. (Really, Doc? Neck Exercises....How do you suggest, I do those exercises when I had to have my husband hold my head still, and pull me out of bed, as I got up this morning, because I couldn't lift, turn or move my head, without screaming and crying in pain?) All this on top of having to have an emergency hystrectomy, back in May of this year.

So things have gotten a little overwhelming here. We are swimming in collection notices, over due bills, unpaid medical bills, and never any money to go to the grocery. We have applied for food stamps and temporary assistance, but, were denied, because we made $100 a year too much for our family size. We put off paying the mortgage a couple of times to buy groceries and that lead to the mess we are in now.

Our home was put into foreclosure, so we had to come up with all the late fees and past due, which wasn't that bad, but then they hit us with almost $6000 in attorney fees. We are working on paying that off before the end of January, we are putting every cent we have towards saving our home. We keep out $150 and the rest has to go to the mortgage company. We only have three more paychecks before the deadline.

I am feeling so bad and so depressed, because I know my kids wont have a Christmas this year. We have a pair of gloves, and sock hats for each of them, one Barbie doll for our seven year old daughter, a basketball for our nine year old son, and a $25 gift card to Best Buy (that my husband got at work in a drawing) for our 19 year old son. I know that is more than some people will be getting this year, but it just breaks my heart, because my two little ones, wont understand, why Santa didnt visit them this year. They are truly wonderful, sweet kids!

If anyone feels it in there heart to help us out this Christmas Season, please contact me. Good Bless you all!

If nothing else I feel better for just getting this all off my chest!!! Thanks for the listening ear.
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totally stressed
hi. same old thing. bills here and coming that i cant pay. filed my appeal on my own for disability. just now got back from state aid appt. christmas will bother me badly that i cant afford it. i would just like to make it through and be able to pay my bills. have just about exhausted every avenue for help. if something doesnt happen soon? the 1st of the year will be a disaster. i own my house, but no one is going to loan me anything against it. i dont have income. its a very nice place. effecient and updated. but i will not sell the only thing i have left. its worth much more than the city appraised value. yet id never get half as much as its worth, due to the neighborhood and surrounding dwellings. same thing every month. i just wish the ssa would give me whats rightfully mine. thats not going to be enough to live nicely. but it will be much better, and at least give me a chance to make it. someone hook me up for christmas. push buttons, or something. send a bag of money. loan me some on a promise. that promise could take awhile, if i acted like our government. sorry everyone. not in a good mood today.
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 in response to susie's son...   I did stop replying to the e-mails but now he is like passing my e-mails out to people I'm gettin wierd e-mails from other people. It's just crazy how someone could just do whatever they want really to me these is as bad an bullying. I feel bad for the person they have nothing better to do that disrespect people for there own fun. Well Thank you for the help God Bless
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Tis the Seaon, be very careful, alot of people out there are looking to scam and hustle u!!! some will have befriended u October to build a friendship of trust, read very carefully what they write, are they consistant?!!! some say they have no place to live, no family or friends, but a month later they'll say im staying with a friend, but thru all this they seem to always manage to have a internet connetction, theyll write about alot of "hardship" and things that are happening to them thats seems "unbeleivable!!! What im saying is that go with yr gut instinct, if something seems "funny" or "fishy" it is!!! and never under any circumstance give out ur address!!! or phone number!!! very dangerous!!! remember meeting someone on the internet, is not the same as knowing some in "realtime" alot of scam artist and hustlers know u cant check out their stories, or have the time to!!! so they can say and do what they fell youll buy into!!! U can however send info thru information and resources!!! and direct them to the right place!!! .....just be careful!!!
wishing all and everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!!!
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 in response to georgey68...   First thing is that you don't need much to make a young child happy for the holidays. The salvation army, goodwill and some other thrift shops like St. Vincent de Paul may be able to help you get some warm things and maybe a stuffed animal or toy.
Get some help with the utilities from places locally, try different churches, but the truth is many are under funded this year. Try to find out if there are any agencies that are doing holiday help.
Most of these open for applications in Oct. though so you may be too late.

Also look on Craigslist for work, or things that you may find for free. But always be wary and look at things with a cautiousness. If you are getting something free, make sure that you have someone with you or that it's in a public place that has surveillance cameras somewhere. (Gas stations, store parking lots near the building, some restaurant parking get the idea.)

If the kids are older, then you can help them to understand that things are more difficult and they may understand. Try getting making cookies, some inexpensive dough or make it with a simple recipe. This could create some fun, bonding activities that will make you all feel a bit better.
There is also some recipes for play clay, that can be colored with food coloring, or old Easter egg dye kits. Then you make enough so that you can "make" gifts for the Holidays.
You can make your own greeting cards using old magazines and junk mail advertisements that come to the house. They can make decorations too.

As for the housing issue, maybe you can call a help line locally and see what they can do. Even if you are afraid to, see if the landlord can work something out. Think of things that you could do that would save the landlord money. Offer to paint, clean other rentals that need work, exchange work for some money off your own place. See if you can work something out, being the holidays it may be easier to come to some arrangement to keep you and your kids inside where it's warm.

I wish you luck and hope that some of my suggestions give you some ideas. Stay warm and bright blessings to you and yours.
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Hi I hope every one is well today I have been sick. I looking for some info today. I have been posting looking for used items for Christmas like allot of others I have seen there post. I post about some Tinker Bell items and I get flagged every time. I was getting e-mails from the man until I told him I was going to call the Police. Now he is on chat rooms posting boards. Talking about how I need to sew my legs shut. I mean I have 2 kids I am fixed now so I don't have anymore it was my choice. I choice it because I know I can't afford anymore kids. So if anyone could give me some advice on how to stop this. I'm not the only one looking for help out there. Hell I see people online with 6 or more kids I mean What the hell I'm trying to be positive about all this but I find it hard to even ask for help and to get disrespected and I told him that he said you earn respect. I just don't get it
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can someone please messege me and tell me how i read comments on here
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