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For those who are about to be homeless try calling your local/county's Human Resources to see if you qualify for assistance. My daughter and I did not and once you are out there, well... We cannot stay here but for a couple of more days that is why once again I am begging for votes at the site under ibotter to try to get a car to live in.  No one will help you for free so if you have food stamps offer them to a friend for temporary shelter.  We have now used all of ours up, so I shall pray for you sinced no one government, friends or anyone is likely to help.

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Hi Everyone! Hope everyone is still hanging in there

I still do not have a job, it amazes me.... all the jobs in the paper and oline, that have been there for several weeks or more or they are advertised and disappear then "magically" reappear- same job you apply and apply and still nothing! Makes you wonder...

Well, today, I am pretty down... My beautiful son called and he is now homeless, not jobless, but that could happen if he does not find a safe babysitter and a place to live. He is a Marine, no longer active duty. He has two very precious children 10 and 8. Their mother, his wife abandoned them years ago. But like those jobs I mentioned magically appears off and on, when she wants something. I know deep inside she has to love the children, she just does not know how to show it or how to be a mother, ( I am giving her the benifit of the doubt, even though I am angry about it). They were stationed in apan for a while and when they returned to America  it was not easy. She promised to pay child support, bt that was sporadic. So... enough on that part.

My son, is pretty awesome, he is a carpenter, a luthier, ( builds guitars), an exquisite cook, a wizard with computers, he can build and customise them! He can restore antique furniture he can sew, he is an artist! I guess a better way of putting it is a versitile human.

He loves his children very much and in spite of all the hardships was willing to stay married, which he still is, so the children could be with their mother. She has decided to take only one, not both.

So today he called and said he had been evicted and basically lost everything he had to make a comfortable life for his children. He is in his truck with his daughter, no place to go.


I called several places for him regarding emergency housing , there is a have to wait. Obviously, there is a list! The unemployement is out of control, yet on the news it says otherwise... this "economy" is not getting better, I have blond hair but I am not stupid


I am going to send him this link, I am not certain if he will join, he is not in the best of moods right now, he is very worried about his daughter and wheter or not he will be able to stay employed.He did apply and does have food stamps, so that is good but now a place to live too, the one place I did call said they have to start a case file and I am sure everyone is aware of the bureaucracy involved. He found a place to live but will need the money to move in. The place I called is geared to assist families with move-in money, as long as they are employed, how long that will take? Who knows.... No one answeres the telephone, but that does not surprise me, it just reinforces in my mind the "state of affairs", and no one wants to say it, but they cannot help. There is no money to help those who desparetly need it.


If anyone out here has a few suggestions let me know, he is in Ada county, in Boise Idaho.

I know each of us are really hurting so prayers are the best yet, and then just let me know if you have any ideas.


And really, thank you for the support!

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 in response to TexasStar51...   

This is Starshine and I gave you link for no kill shelters and some other info

I hope it works out for you all

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 in response to friendshelpingfriends...   Thanks for the important information of how I can find good homes for the 7 dog's I have.All but 2 have been sprayed & nueter and they have their city rabies tags as well! So their available to go asap! thanks a million!
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 in response to friendshelpingfriends...   

Thank You very much for the important information on the various locatons for me to find homes for the 7 dog's by the way I fell to mentioned that 6 dog's are sprayed & neuter plus they have their city vacinations tags as well! So I pray and hope that I can find the rightplace for them God Bless you and I know the Dog's will be greatful as well!

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dear concern fellow, i am 20 years of age and a student in one of the universities in Ghana. i want to seek the help of anyone who is willing to help a fatherless girl by financing her throuigh her education. i will be very if even a single individual or organization offers to help. thank you

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 in response to Anonymous40784...   Thank you for caring. I am still waiting on the Lord.
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 in response to traincar...   


Section 203(k)-(14.108 RehabilitationMortgage Insurance 203k)

(14.122Mortgage Insurance-Homes in Urban Renewal Areas 220)

Section223(e)-(14.123 Mortgage Insurance-Housing in Older, declining Areas223e)

(14.142 Property Improvement Loan Insurance for Improving All Existing Structures ans Building of New Non-reidential Structures Title 1)

Energy Efficient Mortgages Program

(14.901 Healthy Homes Initative Grants)

(14.169) Housing Counseling Assistance Program)

(14.219 Community Development Block grants/Small cities Program)

Others that maybe of help

(10.405 Farm Labor Housing Loans and grants) (same as above)

Section 504 Rural Housiing Repair and Loan Program

(10.417 Very Low-Income Housing Repair Loans and grants Section 504 Rural Housing Loans Grants)

Money to Improve your Water and Soil

If they tell you that they have no money , tell them you can tell them where to get the money if they can help, then let me know.



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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------1] TRING TO FIND A JOB IN TN...




Sorry, that was supposed to go to TexasStar51! *sigh* Bad computer! Lol.

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 in response to whoknew...   I've just done something like this myself. I to am on SSI as well. I wish you the best of luck & hope you can find places for these precious doggies!
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 in response to tgray1976...   I have no information for you, but will surely keep you in my thoughts.
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 in response to traincar...   I wish you the best of luck! We got a loan from bank of america up against our house 7 years ago, now we're about to lose it! So I'd never recommend them to anyone else.
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 in response to Schmidty...   Hi Schmidty! Yes we would really appreciate any info you have. Nobody here in Oregon  seems to know anything. They just keep sending me in circles passing the buck. I also ran into some web sites that says you can get a poor, bad, or even a no credit score loan or mortgage and they name mortage companies like lending tree, wellsfargo, and yes good old bank of america but when you apply it is either payday loans for up to 1,500 or with the banks its right back to the 620+ credit score. So if you will please send me the info.
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Can anyone plzzzzz help me, i suspect hydro will be here tomorrow to shut off power, I dont even have any car insurance either, its been cancelled by them. Phone is due for shutoff any day too, which means no internet either, its going to be a rough one.

read my blog to see if maybe u can help with something. Keep us in your prayers plz

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Some how I'm supposed to be coming up with $900 in a week to pay for a deposit on a new apartment. I have no idea how I'm supposed to do that. The new job I started only scheduled me for one day all next week. I don't even know if I'm gonna be able to keep that job when I move. I don't drive and there are no buses that can take me all the way out there. I thought it would be easy to find a new job downtown, but I haven't found anything yet. Guess I forgot I live in Michigan....
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 in response to traincar...   

I went though the whole thing myself.

I can give you the address to applications for hud, they have more than one program and who ever told you that was right to a point, they like many others probably just didn't want to look or don't know, which they should, that there are other programs, through the USDA, and others.

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 in response to brinly77...   


Even running a small business online takes time. I've been listed for two months on Live Person as a tutor and have yet to have one student. I've listed actively for the last six months for tarot readings via online or in person, and most that come to me want these servicves for free. I would say it takes, as the professionals advise, at least three years to see any real profit from a home business. Or so that's what I've read on the business columns, etc. I certainly wish it was quicker, but I've not experienced this.


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It does take months to began to see the result of blogging. But everyone has something to sell. Not your body either. Make crafts and sell them. The internet is the best place to start. I understand that this site is all about grants and fundraising. I know that some fundraising starts by selling what you have to raise money. What is your passion. Everyone has a gift. Sit and look inside your spirit and find the true you and chanage your world. Make videos on  create blog on . If you cannot do any of these things yourself find a friend who will help you create the new way to make some extra money. I am not saying you will be wealthy but at lease try something new. Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.  Faith does something it is a creative force.

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I can't believe my food stamps are not in yet the 3rd is my date.  In the meantime I had surgery on my foot can't walk for 8 weeks.  I don't believe my food stamps aren't in yet.


this is crazy.  and the pain dosen't help