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hey im ronda can someone help me get gas money to go to fla my mama 65 yr old and she hurt her hand and i feel like i need to go help her im worriedabout her

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Praise the Lord everybody... I am not asking for much here today except for the prayer partners on here to touch and agree on a few things in my life.... I would just like for you to pray for me with my health... I have a few things going on and i would like prayer... I lift up the people on aidpage that are in need that whatever you want and whatever is a necessity need in your life that God meets it...That if it is financial you be blessed with the money and it is used for the purpose of your needs... If it is a healing i pray for you as well that God touches your body and that the blood of Jesus drips from the head to the toe covering you and the healing process is beginning to take place....If you have never tried God for yourself and not just trying him for needs but getting to know and having a relationship with him regardless to what is going on in your life the good and the bad i encourage you to confess the wrong doings in life... that u r a sinner and that you want to be saved... salvation is the key.... knowing and having Jesus as your savior coming into your life is an awesome feeling... he will make your life over....brand new.... you maynot and u may see an instant transformation but know this one thing...God loves you no matter what...or who u i pray for you and plz pray for me....that whatever is happening in my life i still have the strength that God gives me to deal with it... that God keeps me balanced in life...thank you very much.....
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hey dont worry about ahair cut my 2 sons have long hair their 12 and 11 hair to the middle of their back the funny thing isthey started a new trend they call them the longhairboys .the funny thing is iwas barber

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Hello, We are in need of help.   My wife and I were relocated to Michigan in November of 2009, the company that moved us up here let me go in June.    Since then we have not been able to find a job and we are going down hill fast.    We are unable to pay our bills, including rent and to make things worse we were in an accident July 31st our 25th anniversary that has left us without stable transportation and both in a lot of physical pain.   We need help to get us through the rough time we are going through.    We have always been very giving always trying to do all we could to help others but now the tables have turned.   Please someone out there help us.    We just want to get by and find jobs so we can get back on our feet.

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Naryanan is co-chairman vice president of NASSCOM of India !!! If anyone was wondering !!!

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 in response to AR130567...   

Hello and I have plenty of advice. First of all out here in CA it is illegal to dump animals somewhere. If you took them in then you are responsible for them. I don't know if this link will help as it is for homeless and almost homeless people

and another alternative is

And here is a list of pet food banks. You can see if one is near you.

Contact your local Petco for adoption days for the cats and ask each of the above and Petco about low cost spay and neuter programs and get them fixed. The local humane society last resort for a low cost spay and neuter fees but pets are destroyed daily as too many of them have no home

The above a list of pet shelters and animal rescue organizations. Make sure it is a no kill shelter they go to... thank you

Starshine and good luck 

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 in response to SarahBelle...   

Hello and it is great to see the responses to all the Aidmates who try their best to help people. 

I like to know what happen to the American Dream too. I know people who seem to be doing fine and others that use to be doing well they are struggling with parents who are ill, aunts and helping their children and grandkids out. Many more are having a hard time than before. But you keep looking for work whereever you can find it or to share a house with others for example Have a better evening and hope you keep the lights on. 

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 in response to Larry28...   You might go to  and look for 10.407 Farm ownership Loans or 10.411 Rural Housing Site Loans and Self-Help Housing Land Development Loans(section 523 and 524 site Loans)

And there is Section 504 Rural Housing Loans and Grants and 10.417 Very Low Income Housing Repair Loans and Grants

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 in response to AR130567...   

Call animal control, just because they get sent there it doesn't mean they will be put down.There are plenty of people that are looking for cats.

Or put a sign out in your yard free cats for the taking.

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I am heartened to see all the responses to Starshine and to others. Its very comforting to know that this forum is here for those dealing with crisis, illness, etc.

In my original post, I was so into explaining the financial issues that I forgot to mention that I cannot work any longer due to health issues. Its a blow to me, since I have always worked, and was really good at what I did. I put my husband through college and had three kids in elementary school. I loved being mom and the provider. Now I just feel lost.

As much as I am glad that this page is here, it hurts my heart that SO many are suffering. What ever happened to the American Dream? Or is that just for some? Sigh...


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Hello people,

I want some advice. I have this cat that use to come to my house all the time and i use to feed her occasionally because i felt bad for her. It turned out that she got pregnant nd had her babys in the back of my house. I was felt so bad for her so i let her in my house with her four kittens. I don't know what to do with them it has become a problem with my family.I dont have any money to take care of them. I would hate to give them up to animal control because they will immediately get euthanized. I dont even have money to neuter them. I feel so terrible!!!! I have got so used to them that i can't think of them gettin hurt or being caged up. I dont know whats best to do with them. My dad wants to go dump them somewhere far away but i could never allow that. I am very sad!!! Does any one have any advice???

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I think it is a real shame that the state and churches are paying for these roach hotels that are breeding disease and more corruption.  The slum lanlords that run these places should be arrested.  One of these places had a murder months ago. This is where they are putting people who do not have a place to live. 

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Hi just a note to let you know how things are. Just received our power bill Saturday and it is 154.97. I don"t know how I am going to pay it. If anybody knows of somehing let me know. Thanks.

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Hello everyone,

My name is Larry and i'm writing just to say that a year ago i had a great uncle to pass away and i was his right hand man for about ten years. My uncle was a farmer of beef cattle and very wealthy with money and own alot of farm land. To go on and make the story short is i want to get some of the land that he had and restart another farm that i enjoyed so much. I need help with finding the right grant that will help me with this and with your advise and direction would be greatly helpful.

Thank you.

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1.  I am looking for a grantor to assist me in the final stages of publishing my book.  The work is alreading at a publisher.

2. I am looking for a grantor to help with the rebuilding and repairs of the water and irrigation infrastructure in rural Clarendon, Jamaica.

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someone help us plzzzzzzz

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 in response to xdarkflower27x...   Your are so welcome and I am glad you can use free school supplies.  I just decided to look for school supplies as you stated you needed them and found out many programs are available in many states but start earlier by end of July..Good I hope you find help with the housing too. And thank you for using my site to help you with the information I gathered. Take care sweetie...
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 in response to Starshine...   I just wanted to say thank you so very much about the school supply info...i sighned up asap and thanks about the housing stuff. I remember years ago I found your website page and i used a bunch of info on it. thanks again
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Hopefully not major problems! See if this helps for free school supplies


Good luck

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 in response to xdarkflower27x...   


I know it is confusing. I am waiting for one and I have no children but a senior and can't get one faster. Out here in CA people I know of two ladies and a man who have mental disorder, biopolar and another lady got into cheaper housing fast by seeing a mental health proffessional. I would check the link below and contact the housing counseling agency to get a corrrect answer as far as Michigan goes. 


Rental Help:  Michigan

More From HUD     -
-       What is Public Housing?
-       What are Housing Choice Vouchers?
-       Fair housing
-       More rental assistance
-       Income limits
-       Landlords
-       Tenants
-       Senior citizens
-       People with disabilities

Subsidized Apartments
HUD helps apartment owners offer reduced rents to low-income tenants.  To apply, contact or visit the management office of each apartment building that interests you.

-       Search for a subsidized apartment

Public Housing and Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8)
To apply for either type of help, visit your local Public Housing Agency (PHA).

-       PHAs in Michigan
-       Links to PHA websites

Some PHAs have long waiting lists, so you may want to apply at more than one PHA. Your PHA can also give you a list of locations at which your voucher can be used.

Need advice?
-       Contact a housing counseling agency

Other Michigan Resources     -
-       Local tenant rights, laws and protections
-       Help with your utility bills
-       Find rural units for rent  -
-       Upper Michigan
-       Lower Michigan
-       Independent living centers
-       Rentals from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority
-       Low Income Housing Tax Credit units
-       HOME contacts

Content current as of 1 July 2010 

Just apply where it says to apply for section 8 and wait till you can get a voucher then look for places that accept the vouchers so you can get a cheaper rent

Good luck


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