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Good morning, all!  Will not be posting for awhile to say the least and wish everyone blessing and good luck.  Will return and maybe can help others with our experience.  I do suggest that those with modest needs to go to your local American Legion where I chaired many a charitable program over the past 14 years.  That was one of the ways my daughter and I gave back to society.  Since I am middle aged and  never expect to totally recover from losing everything words and time might be the only things I can ever offer again.  Thank you!

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i wish there was money lots of it that i could spread out across the world to all of us whom are in need of...i pray for you and your family that God provides all your needs...just know that i will pray for you all... keep the internal is hard for us all but keep joy in the depth of ur heart...things will look up for you...God bless.....
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glad u got ur disability... i was deemed disabled as of 1999 and was lost in the system for 2 yrs.... then when they foud my file i was given my disability...sine it was 2001 before i ever got the letter i had reached my 2 yr medicare coverage but i thought now they just go ahead and offer it to u i really dont know...but i do know if u r blessed enough with favor and u have medicaid you can use the medicaid card they give you and u can go back 2 years the most that they will pay for blessed...
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I would like to know if there are any grants to help in getting a vehicle.  I am in need of a vehicle and don't have a lot of money to purchase one.  I am not looking for a new one, just a good used one.  I am in Ohio.  Please let me know if there is anything available.

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 in response to dntmac2009...   

Good luck!  That has been my dream for years... sell all my belongings and buy a motorhome. Life circumstances changed my plans. However, I wish you the best and hope your life finds all your dreams coming true!

God Bless you with health, wealth and happiness...


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 in response to Trishs1978...   


I am sorry it is hard for you and others. What city and state are you in?

Have you tried

for clothes and gift cards for your son?? And help with rent there too?

So Sorry, 

Wishing you better times


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Well things are not working out.... drove around today to go to churches and other places... then ran out of gas on the side of the road with my child in the car.... luckily someone stopped to help grabbed a gas can and filled up 2 gallon for me!!  Thank God for people like that.  Im not finding help whatsoever... Dont what I can do anymore... please help me if you can.  Food, gas money, gift certificates for clothes for my son and diapers! I know people cannot afford to help with the rent situation but i still owe 167 if you can help me it'd be great by money gram or western union or my epassporte.  Call me if you can or have questions Im at a complete loss!!



Patricia  God Bless!


Epassporte infor is Trishs1978 or Trishs78 not sure lol!!

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Hi Rocker1, which charities told you need to have some of the rent money

before they will help? Are they located in Utah?

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 in response to ramona6...   

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You are extremely blessed Ramona!!  Yes, that is exactly what it means.. You are covered all the way back to 2003!  Wow, could life get any better?  I am so glad you fought the good fight, and came out the glorious winner! It is becoming harder and harder to win disability claims.

The reason I can answer this for you is because I too receive disability and they did go back and pay my bills also.  They will begin your medical coverage and you can than give them your past bills. I am not sure what the 2 year waiting period is about, unless that is something they started since 1990 when my disability claim went through.

In any case, you do not have to worry about bills older than 7 years as they cannot go on your credit report.  I believe the law hasn't changed in regards to that time limit. 

Good luck to you in your future and God bless you.

Regards, Laura

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On craigslist selling everything we own, trying to make enuf for a motorhome to live in...please wish us luuck

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 in response to bettyboop69...   


CLICK HERE FOR FREE CLINICS Some may have free dental clinics in your state..

Good luck

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I am in severe pain today, but that does not take from the fact that my grandchildren, whom I have adopted,  are going to have to go through a birthday without gifts. I have been crying off and on all day today, every time I look at their 7 and 8 year old faces. 

At that age I had a special birthday every year.  I only wish I could give them what my parents gave me at their ages.  Or rather, I wish I could even give them a cake!!

Read my blog if interested in my whole story...


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 Hello again everyone!! yea it is me again rocker 1!! I do that everyone else is getting the help they need!! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!! Now again I am asking for help with my rent!! So I do not get evicted!! Is there any one who is  a rock star movie star or rich that can help me!! I need help to get back on my feet!! I am unemployed right now!!  I live here in salt lake city, utah!! No one here in utah will help me!! I will get evicated soon!! If I do not come up with some money!! Anyone out there is a human bring that will open up there heart and soul!! That will help me!!  Some please help ME!! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU !!!!

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pro bono dental help in ft worth tx My son who is 30 has a seizure disorder and works fast food barely making ends meet. He has a terrible tooth and needs it pulled but has no money to go to the dentist. Is there anyone who can help?

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i got two see my two girls there in the state care because she got a bump on her head and the oldest was jumping on the bed the her dad told her not and went and checked on them again and noticed little sister had a not on her head so asked oldest sister what happened and she said nothing happened mommy we was playing i didn't hit mommy so whether we took her to the hospital or treated her at home it would of still look bad we were screwed either way now her dad is in jail has past assualts on him for adults not for kids all the kids love him get along with him but they are trying to say he is jealous becasue i had a kid with someone else but wasnt even together neither time but sucks cause he was actually doing really good had a job and everything it seems that is past is coming back to haunt him. I truly believe he didn't do it he has no reason has never hurt us ever before! lets see what happens dad says nothing to worry about he didn't do anything but sucks

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 Hello everyone? I hope that everyone is doing fine. And getting the help they need. I am still looking for help with my rent!! I will be evicted soon if  I do not come up with some rent!! I live here in salt lake city utah!! I am single and unemployed right now!! And because I am single and have no kids I cannot get any help from any charities!! Can some one in the state of utah help me? Or anyone in America help me? Or any one on this plant Earth HELP ME? Please someone I need help fast!! Is there not any human brings that will HELP ME???

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hey ronda here it just keeps getting  worst i need 200.00 for rent and truck dont seem like im going to get it i wish i could have some sunlight my way is there any body that can help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 in response to ramona6...   Perhaps, this would be a question to ask the attornies who won your case.
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 in response to Moken...   


You need to get out of that situation and seek help at an abuse center...

Here is shelters that deal with domestic abuse

and here

and see this for apply for public housing no matter how long the wait

Good luck Moken


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