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well i guess tomorrow i will lose everything nobody can help me im scared and all alone

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How I am to pay off all of our bills and be caught up on every thing.  My husband always says not to worry but I can't when all I see is bills and no money to pay them. My kids get upset cuz never able to do anything fun always trying to get caught up on bills. 

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If nobody can help me with money,would you all please pray for my detail business,personal finances,find a part time job and sell my not as bad off as most,but i might be homless if nothing gets better.

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 in response to RALPH7...   Sorry you ended up in ER that is scary...Get well soon...
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Ended in ER last nite,better now but need to rest more now.My last day of steroid treatment caused a reaction.I guess it's like going thru chemo.Atleast that's what I've been told.I hate these ugly feelings but things happen when you have MS !!! Just letting everyone know I will be ok just more rest for awhile !!! God Bless You All !!!

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Having a really tough time making end meet. My fiance and I work our butts off and have nothing to show for it! We have 2 small kids, and I house we rent, our cars and that's it. We live paycheck to paycheck and he works at a warehouse and i work in a corporate office!!! I can't believe what we go through every month just to scrape by and get the bare minimum!! California is outrageous with all of the taxes, fees, rent etc... I feel like I'm in a hole that I can't crawl out of. We have debts from years ago we can not pay. Our daughter has been in and out of the hospital with some mystery illness.. we can't afford the medical bills. I need a life renovation!! A new job!! ANYTHING! Something has to give and I'm just waiting for my time!

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A lot of people have needs...I 'm in desperate need of a car. It will help me get back on my feet, get a job, take my daughter to school, daycare, and all her doctors appointments. Its hard living in rio rancho nm without a car, its been impossible to get a job. Please help. I would love a free reliable car, but i'm also willing to pay the little i have for one also.


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Hello how many of you know about safelink wireless and Assurance Wirless cellphones free of charge but you must be getting some kind of assistance  SSI maybe social Security safelink is 68 free minutes and Assurance Wirless 200 minutes just wanted to pass that on shyshy 471 
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Looking for pregnant teens in need of support during pregnancy, labor and birth.  I am here to help you understand the changes of pregnancy, how to cope during labor and birth and the beginning of parenting your baby.  I am not here to lecture, but to provide support.

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Like flower "Forget me not"

Don't forget your roots

With out knowing your roots, you don't know yourself"



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 in response to lost11...   

Hey girl,

Your son is probably looking down at you & want you to know he's okay. Its natural to miss a loved one who has passed on. Your body will take time to heal from your TIA. Sometimes, it can take years for the body to heal.

I too, do not learn things as quickly as I used too. When we have problems with our bodies or sicknesses its hard on us. We want to do all the things we used too but can't. I understand.

In America so many of us learned to associate having money & material things as our worth/value. I know I learned this. And, when we don't have we feel like crap or lowly.

However, our worth is whats on the inside of us. Its our heart. I am currently learning this. Our worth is our spiritual man. Thats the only thing we get to keep. We don't own our body. We will leave it behind. But, our spirit is forever.

You are a very kind person. I have been inspired by your writings. You have uplifted me here & I'm others have been uplifted as well. You have done what some 'doctors' could not do.

You are a woman of valor & very worthy. You are not your earthly possessions. Your spirit is worth more than much gold.

G-d bless you my sister.

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 in response to Late bloomer...   Great information. I have that and have used it when I had leg ulcer as I was told good for that too. We learn something new each day. I rather take ten drop a day but capsules are ok and I mix mine with food...See you later friend.
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Hello, i am 19 years old and starting university this year. University is abou 200km away from my home, so i don't have money to travel that far. My parents don't have money and have drinking problems. On the good side friend of mine found me a job but it's 200km away as well. All i need is 60$ to rent a house in there so i would start living. Thanks for listening to me

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 in response to Donna52...   

Hello Donna52

Is the place you are living at going under a condo conversion?  I once lived in an apartment and they changed it to condos. We were given 30 days to relocate and some money not much to move. That happened out in CA.

I don't know how much rent you need and I wish I had it go give. This is sad when we get older to face such a difficult time alone and in need of money. Try to apply here but it takes a while and maybe longer than your deadline

and try

You can put up three wishes at a time and someone told me do them for $100 for better results. This is not a quarentee but I did get a wish fullfilled there one not long ago. 

Please check my blog here

There are some work from home jobs, and look into it is in my blog and check your local senior citizen center for any other seniors needing a roomate to help with the cost.

Wishing you the best.


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 in response to RALPH7...   Oh RALPH7 I am happy you got your last treatment and so thrilled for you that the rooms in your house are rented out is great~ You have waited a long time for that..Take care and get a good night's rest and feel better...Bless you too.
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 in response to lost11...   

Hello lost11, I feel alone to sometimes like many times but I get busy doing my part time work and hang out with my cat. Call some people I know and plan for help when a lady comes back to declutter. Try to keep the mind occuppied. There are too many people that live in a world of being alone.

Even if you feel like you are alone, you have friends here and hopefully you will meet some friends where you live such as in a support group or some kind of hobby you enjoy. You never know how a hobby might turn into to some extra income for you.  Many blessings to you and may you feel better as time marches on.

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 in response to lost11...   

Reply to lost11:---It seems to me that you and I have more in common than I thought, tell me is your son no longer with us? My son passed away at the age of 18 from leukemia and that was in 1987 and my brother (worked for forest service doing smoke jumping into fires)was killed one week before my son passed. The day we buried my brother my son passed away as well.There are many days that I come so close to wanting to join my son but I have family that it would kill if I did something so selfish as take my own life.. You are so worth living. Are you saying that you had a stroke and it left you not right, that your slow to learn because of it? What has happened to you was supposed to happen, how you handle it though is up to you and how you value yourself.. I think your a wonderful lady, you have made my day brighter by just cheering me up with a post about how you are parying for my husband.. That post stayed with me all day long and I thank you from my heart for what you said. Let me assure you that people with phd's are having trouble getting full time jobs so quit beating yourself up for not having a better job. Your a bright and gentle soul and I for one am very glad you came to aidpage and just by posting someone and telling them you have prayed for them is so very important. You must never under estimate your valur again, you have so much to offer and you one hell of a lady so you quit feeling sorry for yourself right now, ok? I'm here to listen to anything you might want to share ok? Sincerely sheshe030


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Feeling a litte lonely tonight...missing my son...knowing how hard he fought to be here.  Last year when I had my "mini stroke" or otherwise known as TIA part of me wanted to just throw in the towel and join him...but we don't have the luxury of that choice to make do we???  I have continued to try to make it...all the while noticing changes in me...that are a little unsettling...such as waking up in the middle of the night not being able to breathe...and when someone tries to teach me something does not come as quickly as it use to...which makes me wonder if maybe all along I was not all that I thought I was in the first place...if being homeless, low pay is any indication of what I am worth...perhaps they are all right??? Thank God, I am not homeless anymore...but my inability to get full time work...just a little down...miss my son.  Would love the ability to give more to those around tired of feeling like the beggar...and frightened.  Bless all of you out there for kind words...

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I need rent money fast.  My landlord is selling this unit and I need to be out by Aug 16th.  No money

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Well maybe things will be now starting to work out !!! got my last day of IV steroids today feel alittle bad but I'm sure it will passed.I had a few troubles on this last one.I just have to rest alittle more.They had to stop my infusion for alittle while cause of a reaction & had to try to counteract it.Feel abit weird & throat sore.I will feel better tommorrow I hope.Then I find out today that now I have my house full with every room taken.That is a step in the right direction .God Bless You All I have to Rest Now !!!

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