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hello my name is ronda i need 300 dollars to pay my rent can someone help me

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Right now I own a struggling flower business and my employees mean the world to me.  I have heard of grant programs, but really new and slow to the tech. part of the world.  I would like to get some grants to help keep my employees working. I just need to know the easy and simplest way to go about it.


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Hello to all here on the Aidpage site. Have anyone heard for those with mobile phones. They r going to start putting the cell phones out in a book for everyone to see. U just can't win! My Prayers goes out to all who out here for God to handle all your needs according to Riches in Glory. Every One Be Bless and trust God, All things r Possible Thur Him, He will open Doors that no man can Shut and give u favor, Just ask him. May God be with as u go thur your Trial. One day u will be able to give a testamony from the test. What ever your need is, take your mind off u and be there for someone else, whether its yo voice or what ever u can do to help and watch how the father work 4 u. Amen                  The Aidpage and people her have been such a lifter up to me.

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Late bloomer


Hello aidmates, came across interesting information today.........

Gotu kola herb

The human brain looses 5-10% of its weight beginning from age 20yrs. However, recent studies have shown that the brain can grow new cells and putting back the growth factors that decline with age is the best way to slow down the shrinking brain.

Forms of Gotu kola

1. Extract you can 10 drops a day

2. Dried herb, can be used for making tea

3. Powdered herb (available in capsules)

More information? visit

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are there any grants out there for dental i have cancer in my mouth and I cannot find anyone to help me


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well its not getting any better i got 2 days to oay rent,truck i hope thing start looking better because i cant take much more.

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 in response to Schmidty...   
I got this info from  
It should be a good place to start. I'm sure they have a medical support section too.  They do in my state.
Homemaker Service PAGE 2
Homemaker Service
Homemaker Service is defined as general, non-medical support
by supervised homemakers who have received specialized
training in the provision of homemaker services. The purpose of
providing homemaker service is to maintain, strengthen and
safeguard the functioning of individuals in their own homes.
Illinois Association of
Community Care Program Homecare Providers
Robert Thieman, Jr., C.A.E.
3085 Stevenson Drive, Suite 200
Springfield, Illinois 62703
Fax: 217-529-9120
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 in response to Schmidty...   

Hi Schmidty,

In California it is called In Home Services.  Your doctor has to sign papers stating that you need help in order to stay in your home.  A nurse who acts as a social worker comes out to your home and goes over every little thing that you need help with and ask exactly how long each need takes.  

Say if you are on oxygen and the caretaker has to clean the machine, change hose, clean filters, they want to know to the minute of how long it takes.  They will add all your needs up time wise, and give you so many hours.

They ask if you would like to interview someone from a list they have or if you have someone in mind.  The person now has to be fingerprinted, background checked, (just recently this has taken place) and file papers with Social Services.

Infact, you can look up on line your state gov. and In Home Services should be an option you can access and get info on.

Good Luck,


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 in response to Laura14...   What a trip. I wouldn't be complaining about making $25 an hour or $19 an hour. I be dog gone grateful. Glad you still have your job Laura and take care...
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Thinking about the 2 guys my hubby and me overheard talking today. One was griping about how far he had to drive to work. One was griping about having to lift things so much. The one that had to drive so far was complaining that they didn't give him a gas allowance to get there, just his 25 dollars an hour (WHAT! ) . The one who didn't like the lifting, was talking about how, his company did pay him when he traveled, but he was tired of their crap, he was only payed a measly 19 dollars an hour(WHAT!)

Lets stop right there! Can anyone divide my 7.25 into those!????? hahaha. I am so grateful for my job, I can't stand it! I wish I would have said something. But it probably would have come out wrong. lol The moral of the story, Be grateful for what I have, no matter what it is, it could be gone tomorrow! The Lord teaches me something every day. I hope I don't miss a thing he tries to tell me. Lord open my ears so I can hear you every time you speak! God Bless You All! The Lord has truly blessed me, and I wish the rest of you the same!


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I'm in need of serious financial help! I need some-one to "Pay-It-Forward" and I mean help me out of a Gov't mistakes on my (S.S.I.), (V.A. Percentage), (V.A. Pension),(Texas Childsusport)! I need seriuos help from a true christan who believes in "God & Jesus"! I'm 59 and up to this date haven't had a real vacation in 45 years! Why cause I can't afford it! Yes, I know that I get as little as $650 S.S.I. & $391 V.A. Disability! I can't afford to purchase auto Insurance, pay a large consolidated loan, my rent is $400 a month, electric every month is over $200 and my city utilities is always $85 a month! I don't make enough to cover all these expenses and I get $16 a month food stamp! I'm unemployable since 2003 and I have alot of illness and serious injuries that keeps me from obtaining employment! I didn't choose to be ill but I am! I know that there must be millions of other people with problems too and If I can have some-one to open their "Heart" and help me I would be very greatful deeply from my inner soul!

I have a 20 year old son who's in the U.S. Army and he left for Afganistan 5 day's ago and I haven't had a chance to spend one day with him since he came looking for me at 15! I have a 22 year old son who just graduated University in May 2010 and I couldn't afford to buy him his High School & College graduating ring's as well as a vehicle so he can drive to his future job starting in August! I have a 34 year old son living in Houston,Texas haven't seen him since 1 year old! So with my financial situations afford to help them with what I getting from the gov't! I'm not getting any better in my illness and I would like to be able to help my son's out before I die! That could be soon of the way I'm not really getting better daily! I'm not dying yet, but please I'd like to have a little funds to share with my son's

I also would like to have money to help susport god's creations of dog's & cat's that are "Homeless,  Abused,Abandoned,Neglected,Tortured" daily and who need loving homes with seriously loving families that will get all the strays off the street's! We need to protect all god's creations that family pet's of this land! I'm not talking about "Man Eating Animals" Nope not them! I have alot of goals to complete but I can't do that with out the "Help" that I truly need! So Please, No Head games, Fake Advisors, I don't need Scammers either! I need one true person or person's who will not be predjuice of giving all he or she can from the "Heart"! To "Pay-It-Forward" with out thinking and who will truly hel me to get the chance to live whats left of my life! I would rather "Beg For Help Then To Steal"! I'm not ashame either! Thank's for the ear! God Bless!


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anyone needing wanting to buy some yard sale items,golf cart,woodchipper let me know.these items are on consignment at our detail shop.we need to sell these to pay the bills at work.I only have a 1950 studebaker for sale,if i could sell it it would help me to pay my personal bills.I feel embarrest when i ask for financial help.would gladly work for money.I DO NO DRUGS,SMOKE,DRINK OR STEAL OR ROB. i have been working since 1979 and NEVER had to ask for anything until now. yours in christ,dale

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 in response to ingrid.babygirl...   

You have a great day, yourself and many many more.

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 in response to Schmidty...   

u r welcome...actually i do have some health issues of my own and that is how i can tell u what i can know/remember lol...if my memory serves me correctly when you go and speak to your physician or whomever the person maybe tell them that u do need a lil help..there are home healthcare agencies that will send a nurse to your home to access you and your needs and if she feels the service is needed all the doctor needs to do is agree with you and the doctor responsilbity is left to doing an FL2 form...that is just your diagnosis etc.... and then it will be developed how many hours you would be able to qualify for??? i am not a well person but my mind stays sharp most of the time but the meds get me confused at times... darn meds!!! i just thank God i am not where i used to be physically but it seems like the chronic pain has increased tremendously and i am a mystery to the doctors...that is a story itself... so i wish you luck and sry i got off track talking... :-) if i can give u any more info or u just want to talk feel free anytime...and yes CRS have a wonderful day!

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I would love to stay up all night but hear it is not good for the body. Keep sheshe030 husband in mind,prayer and thoughts as he goes in Tuesday for testing and to see if he should need surgery if the medication if working or not.

Wishing everyone here better times and we make it through another day getting closer to our own goals and goals to help others. Check out lovethyneigbor here utube video he put up. I saw it before and man if this man can do what he can, I wonder why I can't do what he is doing talking to people.. He is amazing as are all of you.

Sunny since his kidney failure that I have put in my blogs and know more about the disease now is sleeping on he edge of my bed. Ever since his coming home he has for the most part slept with me and hopefully stays sleeping till 8AM. Kind of clingy except this morning he hid under the sofa due to workers next door. Of course I thought oh no here we go again. If he didn't come out of hiding back to the vet.

Night everyone


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Pray for all of those who have any kind of aliment or troubles.We all need prayer !! Pray for sheila's husband that he gets well soon !! I just went thru my first IV steroid treatment & have more feeling in hand !! Still have alittle numbness in my arm but after I'm done I'm sure will be gone.Alittle stomach irritation but is normal.I was told I could feel alittle sick for awhile but then will be back. I always come back but I have so many who believe in me & I thank you all.God Bless Each & everyone !!! I have two more days to go.Good Nite

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 in response to sheshe030...   praying for u both
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 in response to sheshe030...   

Hello sheshe030

I will be keeping Kevin in my thoughts and prayers all goes well tomorrow for him and he doesn't need surgery. Prayers to you and Kevin for a great recovery. Love you , Starshine

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 in response to sheshe030...   Will do.
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does anyone know tax proptry laws

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