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 in response to Starshine...   

Yep, I have been contacting the media with my story and Michael Moore, too, he was one of the first I thought of to contact weeks ago.  As for Roger Moore I would sure like to have his lovely voice as a narrator or pehaps for the audio version of the book, lol.  (Maybe you were thinking about the feature "Roger and Me"?) When my mother was alive she couldn't help but call a neighbor she had Tim because he looked almost exactly like Tiny Tim even though his name was Tom so I imagine it was just one of those brain processes, lol.

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 in response to ibotter...   

Hello again. I think writing that book about your experiences is a good idea and somehow maybe get it to Roger Moore. Why not see if you can get the local tv station, or newspaper to carry your story? As you aren't the only one this is happening to.And what is wrong with how are you today as it is elongated again. Now let me go back so I can post this. 




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Shout out to Starshine and others!  Have been gathering some tips on living in a car, the problem seems to be finding some place to park without getting in trouble since I will not have money for gas to keep moving.  Did find a shelter that is more than a one night stay but they want twelve dollars a day and are not even in our county, about 40 miles from here.  On the bright side, since I am afraid we might just be in the tip of the iceberg, especially when everyone realizes unemployment benefits we not actually extended, just the dates to apply, maybe I can write a book about survival entitled "Deck Swabbers and the Peasants."

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 in response to RALPH7...   Great news RALPH7!!!! Good luck
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 in response to xdarkflower27x...   

You are not alone and you have us for support. You will do better

next time so remember that. I have been there took a test in German languages which I knew I had messed up at  and

went to my next class which was philosophy. I didn't feel like being at that class either. I didn't want to take a test or listen to a lecture.

But the philosophy teacher had a yoga meditation trance in mind for class that day. He quided us as we went into from being a grain of wheat in the ground,

as we pushed through the earth, feeling the sun, rain and then wind. Then being cut done and baked into bread. Then someone ate the bread

and later you being the bread were excreted out feeding the earth. The whole process reminded you there is always a continuation of life even after death.

The yoga trance took about 45 minutes and I came out feeling so relaxed and he brought you back reminding you, you were a 

student at this junior college.  I will never forget it. 

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Steroids Monday Yeh !!! It sure is about time I got treatment then i will be able to do alot more !!!

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so alone!!!! did horrible on my test... so depressed

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i posted an ad last night about some help with my bills.If someone see`s this that could get my weak business some free advertising or a free website,maybe my detail shop could get busy make money and i can pay my personal bills. im also interested in selling my studebaker to pay my bills.I also have a lot of yard sale items to sell that might help me to pay my bills.i so desparte that i hunt for penny`s when i ride my bike.I would like to find part time work on sat.and sun.ANYTHING IS SO GREATLY WELCOMED

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Late bloomer


I used to think that housing and unemployment were perculiar to this part of the world. But now I know otherwise, its everywhere. Human problems are universal, God made it so in His mighty wisdom. He is the author and giver of life and the solutions to our sufferings are in His possession and we wont find them unless we seek Him.

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Late bloomer
 in response to nini3...   

Nini! I haven't forgotten my promise am still working on the insomnia article. Hope all is well with you, mind your neck on the laptop gal, will keep you posted.

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 in response to jonathon...   jonathon's, good to see that you're getting some support. try social services they also can help. good day! keep us all posted! sandra35
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 in response to Late bloomer...   

Hello sweetie, I am ok and it sounds like you are having a

hectic week.

How are you feeling??

I haven't heard from positive thoughts so I hope she is 

alright. Me and the cat are fighting it out again or rather he is.

Just doing part time work and trying to remain sane lol

I am so glad you are here today even for a little bit.

love you


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Late bloomer
 in response to Starshine...   Hello my dear, hope you are am very hectic this week.
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Though we may have many troubles and pains in our lives, Let us not ever give up hope and always remember to smile.
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Ashira Datya

I still need money to help with expenses that are so far behind that I just am unable to catch up on by myself.  Please, can't somebody help me?  For my children?  They need and deserve

to keep a roof of their heads.

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 in response to nini3...   

Hi nini3 and I know very well about kitty's germ mouth that is why I know how to watch it with the 

bit. They are the dirty animals as a dogs bite has anitabacteriel spelling? in their salvia.

take care


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Hi!! New to this site, but have been in Technology since 93, laid off in 07, tried to start a business, but I have lost more then made.  Husband and I went Bankrupt, chapter 7, dischraged in Feb 2010.  I am currently going back to school full time, while looking for a job.  We have two kids, 8 and 5, the 5 year old starts school this year, that's why I decided this fall would be great to go back to school!  The issues I am having are savings, none, wiped out because of the business and living off credit cards...our current house needs lots of help, and I am not sure what exactly to do..*sigh*..

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Top of the day to all on the AidPage and that i hope everyone here, will get the comfort or Needs met soon. God is There for us and so r the people out here so don't take so hard when it seem like things r not working. Just give it to God he's The way, the truth and the light. No Weapon Form against u Shall Prosper, If God Be for Us who can Be Agaisnt Us. Hello! May God Be with You. Amen! Smile Gods Love U and so do I. Have A Bless Day

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 in response to nini3...   

Hi girl

I have to work between 9-11 so have good one 

and have to fix thingsto eat and cat bit me grrhhhhhhhhhhhhh

drew blood this morning

bad bad kitty he has got this bad habit of his

got to finish

looking for instructions in email for work


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