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 in response to Rosie327...   

Oh thank you Rosie and they are running blood work on him now and I just woke up as water was off and didn't eat till later.. I didn't crash till 330 am...busy beaver here. will have to find source for paper bag...he knows how to play with toliet you

your dog sounds soooo cute...

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 in response to Starshine...   You can keep SUnny form getting bored very easily - simple things like paper bags, toilet paper tuobes and carboard boxes keep our kitten busy for hours!  His favorite toy right now - and it has been for months - is an old twisted up plastic slinky!!  We throw it and he chases it, attacks it, beats  it up, then brings it back to us so we can throw it again!
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 in response to bvinson...   

Have you tried or , that is a sister site to this one.

They give you advice and the programs help you get your proposal right, helps you with the letter of inquiry, and helps you decide who to send the proposal to. A wonderful program/programs.

And if you would want, I could send you an ebook or two that will help you write grants.

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 in response to Starshine...   

Starshine, glad to hear about your cat. I'm an animal person myself. Not only cats and dogs but fish, fresh and salt, lovely creatures.

You grow attached to them almost as if they were children of sorts and a non animal person doesn't understand.

I had two cats, that above the rest, I'll hold dear in my heart. Simond was a tiger stripe like Morris the cat on the commercials, I was gone for a week maybe two and when I came in the door I yelled his name and he came and jumped into my arms. It only happened once but I'll always remember it.

Now, Misty was a black cat who at the ends of her hair were lighter, thus the name. She would fetch, bottle rings off milk jugs, just like a dog. She would also sit and sit up on command. She was well over a hundred in cat years. I had the pleasure, well I really can't say that. I'll put it this way, she passed in my arms and she knew it. I find it hard to talk about even today and it's been5 years now.

I know how much Sunny must mean to yo from the way you write about him and I'm sure he'll be very glad to come home to you. Give him a hug for me. Later!

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Good morning   The Lord works in mysterious ways. In April I had filed for Food stamps. And they lost all my paperwork. So I keep calling everyday. And of course got the run around. So I had given up the idea of getting food stamps. As fate would have it I got a phone call yesterday. The have found my paperwork and I'm approved. So  all they could say was were so sorry. So I'm very thankful for this help.  Because I was wondering  what I was going to do for food.  I hope everyone has a great day. Peace empress86

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I am in need of help for a plane ticket and visa fees so that I might be able to be in africa with my soon to be husband who is a pastor from Uganda, this is not a scam by any means. I am very low income proverty level,Iwill be able to obtain my pastorial degree and credentials while I am there. this is very important for the work of God that I have been called to do. He will be here next month i July, we will be married then. I would really love the opportunity to be able to go back with him the first of september instead of being seperated here in the USA. I pray that God will just touch someone here that is able to help me financially for this. God comes first in my life and HIs work. God bless .and thank you
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 in response to Roseb441702...   Thank you so much Rosebud!  I've been looking through the Virginia Business site, and there is a ton of info there.  I certainly don't mind doing the legwork, but as a professional on proposals and grants, do you have any keywords or particular signs I should be looking for to hone in on what I need?  The area I'm looking at setting up my business is very rural, yet has incredible potential and tons of traffic.  It has stayed afloat due to the commercial watermen and local farmers, so I have thought for a while some type of rural economic grant might be avaialable; I just don't know how to go about getting them.
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 in response to DawnMariexx...   hello i is nice ti see a smiling face in these troubled times keep up the good work
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 in response to nini3...   well im trying to stay positive and my loans for school went through..waiting on the grant....I start the 21st so trying to climb out of the black hole
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 in response to nini3...   

Hey nini3

I feel sorry for him too but he ate last night at the vets and is moving around so a good sign .And I got to talk to him two times and bill is paid for so that is really good by an organization..

I got my hair washed and shower then water was turned off so I munched on pizza pocket someone gave me till I could get to where I could fix things with water on .. Haven't got much work done had to take care of phone calls and hopefully Wed a day before he comes home I can crank it.. I am good after 12 am anyhow..

I know my cat when he is well he will beg and told not to give him chicken, tuna is ok very tiny amounts once a month ( sure he will understand that - not) and I hope he forgot about treats as he can't have those either. Ran add with recyler for cat food...

Just waiting on blood work thursday morning then if all ok he comes home pretty much like a 8 yr old kitten till he puts weight one again.. Can't wait to see how he looks and I know he will be glad to be home or maybe he will miss all the attention there.. 

Looking forward to him coming home. I feel like he is here even though he isnt

have a great night and thanks for the hello and concern for Sunny and me 

Get your studies done as that is great what you are doiing nini3

love ya


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hi,im a single mom of 5 and im trying to buy a house but with the job i have i dont qualify for it i seen a dream house and my kids love it to but like i said i dont qualify for it, but im looking for somebody that cut help my dream come true by giving to my kids freedom by having our house.

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Anybody have a grip on-Utility Relief Programs Available in : Cook County, Il.? or northwest suburbs of Chi-Town(Chicago) esp. for electric and gas costs.  Our two companies (COM-Ed.(Dread) and Nicor (Sly-cor) Gas don't give "2 Sheets" if you're on SSDI. We have tried to keep up BUT, living in the highest-taxed county-COOK (Crook) County, Il. IN the U.S.?  We make too much to fit into poverty-level programs-  But, make too less, to eat on a regular basis.... we can be the Poster-Board Couple for"Middle":Aged-Income-Road, or Spread(thin, of course)................. Bononline2

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 in response to gwennypooh...   To find out about educational grants contact the financial aid offices of the schools that you want to attend.  The would be the best sources of information as to finding out what kind of grant programs and scholarships that you might be eligible for.
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 in response to bvinson...   Be sure to check your own state's website.  Some states (and more local areas) have started grant programs just so that they can improve the economic status of their area and bring in more dollar revenue.
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 in response to xdarkflower27x...   Thank your for the prayers for me and Sunny..I can't wait for him to get home. I hope he will have outgrown his whiskas treats as I don't think he can have them anymore. He has a kidney stone too so no wonder he ran around like a race horse the vet said , see how it goes...
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 in response to DawnMariexx...   OKAY!!!!!! I LOVE CRAIGS LIST!!! I had a few scary nasty comments ....But GIRL you are right there are people out there willing to help!!!!!!! PLUS it has a bunch of info on there!!!!!  I just wanna remind ppl meet in public place!!!!!! I WILL BE PRAYING FOR US ALL???TRYING TO MAKE MY LIFE MORE POSITIVE!!!!!!!!   THANKS TO EVERYBODY OUT HERE FOR YOUR SUPPORT
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 in response to Starshine...   Well i will keep you in my prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND SUNNY
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 in response to bvinson...   It's always a pleasure and it's mine.Let me know how those pan out, if you need more I have them. Best of luck.
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