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Saw this article on this morning - if anyone needs help with medical costs it migth be worth a shot!


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Hello everyone.  I really need some help buying food for my kids.  Our kitchen is now empty of everything but ramen noodles.  down to 4 of those.  PLZ PLZ help  Our food pantry thru the church is only open on saturday morning. i have a pay pal account  no idea how it works  thank you and GOD BLESS 

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Lil Brat

I am a single mother of three boys one that has sever mental problems... My car is not running good and no one will even do diagnostics on it for less then $100. I got laid of from my job in January and am having a hard time finding work. With my car not running good Its even harder to get to jobs and doc appointments.... any suggestion.

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Good Morning I am trying to shake this but it stays on my mind last week in South East an 80 year old man was beaten to death he was white as well as the couple that did it he rented rooms paper called it a boarding house at the time they seemed to be the only ones there well they wanted his car to take a friend somewhere it is 1 in the morning after they did it they were laughing saying they had beat him up sad some guy across the street think he had been there ran and told his grandma to call the police, the couple ran away but got caught think in North Carolina, she is 20 and him 23 they have throwed their lives away.

This man worked at a video store to now far as family nothing was mentioned of that sad all to it I felt he probably was easy and maybe loney and just took anybody in there have been times I have said I wanted well I would have to have a biggger apartment but I dont know if I could rent a room to someone live with my daughter and I she is 17  and handicapped then I say no noway landlords get fooled but they do a criminal and background check and I may end up with a silly person all they know they wont to do is make a fool of me no thank you  well that is what  is on my heart and mind today.


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Feels like the days are just flying by so fast.....

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Does anyone really know a good website for Free tv as close as u can get with out paying the fee's, ive found sites but they require a fee and the ones that r free its really either clips or episodes, if u know of a really good site where its regular programming or tv shows and movies please let me know had to get rid of my cable...and what about an internet povider thats free and good ..thanks,

Reminder, there are alot of freebies on craigslist including computer and monitors that r in pretty decent shape and almost anything else u might need, so if yr in need check out craigslist its still the best for everything and job posting...everyone have a great day!!! always remember when ur feeling down "just for today im ok" i will get thru

and ill deal with tommorow when it comes.....dEE  

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 I too am familiar with the feeling that the whole world is crashing down on you. I know how difficult it seems when you think you are alone fighting an up hill battle  I don't have the finances to help you, but I do know the one who can turn your situation around, and that is the Lord. 

  Money is good, but it is usually a short term solution to bigger problems. There are times we put ourselves into situations and only the Lord can see us through them.  We all have to reap what we sole, and we will have to pay the consequences to bad choices. I am not saying you are at fault for the situation you are in because I do not know you and I would never pass judgement on another person. I am only suggesting that every situation that comes along in our lives has a solution, and through prayer the Lord can help guide the best answers for us.

  I am 21 years old and have been going through a lot over the pass few months. I know I could not have made it without the  God and the encouragement and prayers I have received from this site. There are many wonderful people here who have also went through a lot. Listen to them and heed their advice. By doing so I know your burdens will become lighter, and you will become a part of the Aidpage family. 

  I will be praying for you & your family. My prayers are that you will spend time with God, and allow Him to do a work in your life. I pray that you will be blessed financially, spiritually, emotionally and you child will be healed.  

  I will make it a point to speak to the Lord in your behalf every day, and I will believe in a better tomorrow for you guided by God's hand.

  Welcome to this site. I hope you find the heart felt encouragement that has been so freely bestowed upon me. 

  God Bless you

Susie's Son 

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To day I am blessed. And my wish is all my peeps here at aidpage will be blessed also. God bless you all.

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I just need to find mea home Im a single mom with two kids and have been in apartment since I moved out of my mom house and i know that my kids need a back yard to play in and i need some place

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My new boss has been over two times but last night my cat nipped him not good and he wanted to play...

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positive thoughts
 in response to g8tchick...   Hello,  I'm sorry to hear that you are having hard time. I have been there too in my life.  I hope this may help.  Housing benefit is a benefit for people on a low income to help them pay their rent.  You can google dial peterborough and there you will find a list that may help you.  I wish I could help you further and hope this helps you.  Please let us know how you make out.  Wishing you all the best
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Im a single parent with 2 children from peterborough, england. I need help paying my bills i have got an outstanding amount of £250 to re-pay in the next couple of weeks or Im getting evicted and will be living on the streets with the kids, which i dont want. I dont have any family to help me out and i dont have many friends who can help me out as they are short of money themselves. I dont get alot from benefits and a lot of that goes on transport for my youngest child who is in and out of hospital as she has heart problems. I would be very grateful if anyone could lend a hand to us and help out and in the future i will repay the favour and help you out when i can.  Please if anyone can help us out i will really appreciate it and you will make me and my kids the happiest family around.

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 in response to TAMEKA5...   

I don't know where you live it but if you can't find something you can afford then look for something that you might find for free.  I see manytimes in various Craigs List  where people are giving away free RV's.  I Know they are small, but hey families can adjust and live in them.  And it would give you a place to sleep and keep your family dry. and if you had one you might could find a free place to park it in exchange for some light work you could do for having a place to park it.   I wish I could help you but I also financial woes too. and on top of that I have major medical woes too.  I hope and pray that you find an answer to your problems and no one should be without a home or a roof over their heads..



Talk to LittleBitmama

Dear People ,

Ihope and pray you will understand and assist me in my financial difficulties.

I really cannot say much but only that my 8 year old son and me are going to loss what we have left soon because of my divorce.

I am alone in this country and have no where to turn to but you kind hearted people who will read thiscry of mine.

Thank you and god bless.

Talk to Mike4601

In the name of JESUS,Please help me at this misrable moment. I am a father of three and not at a stable income.I am totally lost,I see no way to survive,to settle bills as I am in heavy debts.Please lend me your good hands to uplift our lives as a family.I have no permanent shelter too. Be a good samaritan towards ourselves.more deatails at request.Thank you.

Talk to cdtmaxran

please I am in a dire need not just me but my family who are in situational need, my father is being told he is about to pass away, yet the hospital is throwing medical bills at us about 15,000/ But know We can't pay it because our apartment landlord is about to issua us an eviction notice we have 1 month 20 days before we get botted out, the rent is $900/ plus the gas we cook on/ please if anyone caring out there this would be a miracle, I know i will pay it forward, I am a christian, praying that someone who went through this may find me.


my number is 207-774-2410

my name is edmon manguda

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hmmm....looks like a cloudy,stormy day.

Talk to blueberry

Hi does anybody know of a free internet service, or next to nothing really cheap and also a cable service as i have to get rid fo my VERIZON AND DISH, CAN NO LONGER KEEP THEM, I HAVE HAD NO INCOME FOR THE LAST 3 MONTHS AND AS WE SPEAK I BELEIVE THE TIER 5 UNEMPLOYMENT IS STILL PENDING BUT DOESNT LOOK GOOD...


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In the Dark with kids

Well its been almost a month since they turned off our Electric (4-26)... sometimes I think I am getting used to it and then sometimes it feels harder and harder each day to deal with. I am crying daily about it. I feel like a bad mother.. and I wish life was different for my children. Its hard to know they are living in the dark and there is nothing I can do about it and there is no help anywhere. I have been to the local Social Services, local charities, even wrote a letter to the attorney general of the state of NY, and there is just no help. Electric shouldn't be a luxury, but I have been told it is.

 If anyone can help, even a little bit, even a dollar from each person who reads this.. I would greatly appreicate it.. and prayers.. please prayer for us.. thank and Gob Bless

Talk to In the Dark with kids

well i am going through alot at this time well to start me and my kids father was saving for almost a year we finnaly saved enough but my credit was bad so my kids father asked his mother to purchase a van in south carolina and we were going to pay it off within 3 months because it was 4700 well we sent her 1500 then she baught the van down to glenburnie then we had to put it in the shop we did we spent our rent money on the van as soon as we got it out the shop she came and tookn it she said it was in her name and it was nothing i could do she was right but i plan to get a lawyer because she wont give us our money or van now we spent all our money we have nothing i cant even catch a cab to work or buy food she made us start over well this is what i need help for also i am trying to move out on my own and i need money to move and go back to school i just dont know how to go about finding info on how to obtain money please if you can help please let me know as soon as possilbe.i have been so depressed some times i feel like just laying down and dieng but when i think about my kids it makes me want to live another day i dont know how much longer i can do this my kids father needs to be byhimself cause he dont speak up for me take me anywhere we have been together for 15 long years and i have been through so much i just want to be me and my kids i really need to find transportation and a place to move please help

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