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Hello everyone, its been a while since I have been on. I have been busy looking for work, going to school and trying to jump start my life again. Last year I relized after reading so many stories here that I need to take control of my life and get it going again. I do realize that chating with the numerouse members here has helped me a lot and reading their stories and advice has also helped. I a, back now and will be posting new and hopefully helpful blogs to benefit all. Take care and have a great week.

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Besides my lyme disease.there are things i would love to have or do that i probably will never get to see or do.not just being sick.but having a dream trip to ireland.anyone ever been there?i promised myself id get my front teeth fixed first.but its the teeth the trip or the 2 acres of land to grow  midiciaal herbs .flowers on,but most of all have my dog be even willing to rent somebodys land. or work the land to live there.anybody have any ideas? my income is 600 a can i save a dollar to do anything? please 3 goals and plans dont look so close anymore.besides the fact that im 48.

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Good Sunday to you. Tomorrow is eviction day. I've got all the camping gear in the van, but now that won't even start! I have two old piece of crap mini vans. A 1996 Ford Windstar and A 1993 Dodge Caravan. The dodge always ran good but the brake on the pas. Side always drags, no matter what you do. I put a new roter, caliper and pads on it and it still does it. The Ford runs like crap and won't start. Now the dodge won't start either. Both ran yesterday! You hit the key and all they do is turn over. (No, they're not out of gas) if there is a God he must hate me! Cancer eviction now our home on wheels won't run either. Why. And nobody can help. I've contacted a thousand different organizations in regard to our problems. Didn't get one penny. Only phoney offers from Nigerian loan and so called charity scammers. Oh well. I'm creating. Free website on webley that will identify these people and stop them. My new lifes work!

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Just want to start a business running a farm/produce stand and having housing available for some farm hands and maybe open a thrift store. Looking to find grants to help fund this endeavor. It is a lifelong dream of mine to work a farm with gardens and livestock at 37 years old I think it is time to focus on developing something my children can have for future generations to come that will be helping others in the world to have jobs and food.

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 in response to RALPH7...   So sorry Ralph that your roomate didn't follow through. I hope your eyesight gets better. Take care ok??
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I will be on here alitle more often when I stop having problems with my eyes.Will be contacting the doctor Monday,sometimes I wonder if everything will work out.Had someone liked the place 7 said they would call me back & didn't so I don't know where I stand right now.

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 in response to elainekimm...   


Try having your mom call 211 to see about assistance and about the abuse there with the hitting as it is not a good example for children to see and live with. I would suggest they ask about seeing a counselor to resolve things ..

Good luck 


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 in response to kevinT1969...   


I saw this earlier and felt very bad about your father having cancer as my parents passed from it also. 

My blog has some resources that maybe able to help with medication etc. Just look for the word cancer in my blog

I hope that helps and is your father a Veteran of the Military?

Best wishes to you and prayers to your father. So sorry.


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 in response to kevinT1969...   

Hi Kevin, so sorry to hear about your father being ill, but a couple of things I wish you would think about, Only God knows how long your father will live, not man as they are only guessing I know this for a fact as I have been told many times that I had only days to live, yet here I am writing this to you, and when all the doctors have told me this I always reply that only God know when I will be called home and that is the way I live my life.  Why I am still alive I have no idea, but perhaps it is to show others that the ending of ones lifetime is God's choice not mans and if we have a strong faith and belief in God he will take care of us.  I firmly believe this and have seen this with my own eyes God is always with us.  And if this is God's choice I know how it feels to lose one you love and how difficult it is to let them go and what it costs to take care of their final resting place and I am sure the Lord will step in and provide what is needed.  I'm sorry but I don't have the funds to help you out, but can send prayers that this will be taken care of for the family and to relieve some of the stress if this happens.  If your father ever served in the military and is a veteran then he might be entitled to have a military funeral at one of the veterans cementary which would be save the family from having to buy a plot to bury him at.  These plots are expensive if one has to buy one and they are well kept up and they also will provide a marker for his resting place.  I am not sure about what all they will provide but it is something you might want to check out for yourself, if your father is a veteran. I hope this has helped you and I truly feel for you and your family and may your father leave this lifetime when God determines it is time for him to go home and not mans.  My prayers goes out for you and all your family and for your father.

Little Bit Mama

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Hi Anonymous40784

How are you ??

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This is really important and it will not take much time or effort for all to help.  My father has leiomyosarcoma cancer and recently it has spread to his lungs and has been given 3 weeks to live.  We need help with medical bills and I hate to say this but most likely a funeral.  His last employer let him go when he got sick so he has no life insurance.  It is important that we take care of this wonderful man.  He is a retired pastor who saved alot of souls and he deserves better than we can provide.   I know the costs of a funeral run around ,000 dollars and we have raised about ,000 but we are real short.  If the lord speaks to your heart or if your feeling generous you can donate at this  Any amount is wonderful and if you can't donate you can also leave him a message their and he will know people are praying for him and thinking of him.  Thank you and god bless.

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Me & my mom dealt with financial problems for about 2 or 3years now, it doesnt seem much , But its a handful to me .

Today .. 05/01/2010 . My aunt came out yelling & slamming doors, came into my room & got mad because i didnt i forgot to wash CHOPSTICKS ... So bust open my door & my moms door telling us to get off our lazy ass's & do the dishes. I dealt with my aunt yelling & getting mad over little things for about 5months . & i totally lost it & FINALLY told her to shutup . As rude as it sounds . I couldnt take her BS anymore . She came into my room yelled at me & then pushed me & hit me once . My mom came out her room & they started fighting . Literally . There was a lot of yelling & hitting . They both called the police on each other . & then the police came & talked to both of them . They were talking about us getting evicted .. & i was scared for my life . I didnt know what to do, i was crying & praying my heart out for help .I didnt know what to do besides go on the internet & run into this website .. I really want to help my mom & around my city, its hard for someone my age to get a job . I REALLY PRAY & HOPE someone here can help me & my mom .

Today i really wanted to end my life, cuhs i couldnt take it anymore .. But I know i should be smarter & stick around to be with my mom .

Pleasse someone help me & my mom .

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i have 2 children and im going back to school but i dont have a job and i need income to be able to take care of my children till i finish i would be so greatful

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 in response to sbhelgirl...

805 844 8481

S B Rescue Mission24 West Arrellaga Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101-2518(805) 966-6071

hope you are connected to see these numbers..good luck 

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 in response to sbhelgirl...   

When you call him there are two other numbers I wrote them on this site but didn't hit post ask him for those or google homeless shelters Santa Barbara.

I better eat. LOL

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 in response to Starshine...   

I did


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 in response to sbhelgirl...

434 East Ortega Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Evenings and Weekends:
805.730.3848 - Phone

call and see about this one

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 in response to sbhelgirl...   Take care it seems like we are all in the same boat or just about there too..
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 in response to sbhelgirl...   Hi Helen  Where are you and boyfriend going to stay??? The motel was per night not week?? Wish I could help..
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