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Thinking positively DOES make a difference.  I have yet to meet a chronic complainer, or negative person, who has ever gotten a lucky break :-)

 in response to Starshine...   

That is awful news! I don't watch tv very much, but I would

miss it if it was gone, when there is severe weather, I like keeping

the radar on.   Last night a storm blew through Missouri and this

one had very strong winds and blew one of my big trees into my

house.   It is one thing after another!

What state do you live in Starshine?  Maybe there is some way

to get a tv to you, there is a place here that has free furniture and

appliances.  I will check.  Have a blessed afternoon!

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Late bloomer



I stumbled on

All you need to do is participate in a brain stimulating quizz of your choice, subjects on offer are Maths, English Language, Learning other languages, Art, Chemistry and Goeography and you donate 10 grains of rice for each correct answer. I found it worth my while and hope you also get time visit the website.


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I think my tv is biting the dust as it won't go on..I tell you...

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Hi nini3

how are you??

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Hello everybody.


my name is alan haining

I live in southern california. Back when I was in high school I experimented with drugs and now I am paying the consequences. I have rotton teeth. well only my front teeth are broken and rotton. My old dentist told me that my enamel is worn off all of my teeth and I will start losing them. I only have 75% of my teeth left. I am in cronic pain and nothing helps any more. I am unemployed and nobody will hire me cause of my teeth. It is really depressing cause I have a 2 year old son that looks at my teeth weird.  I am looking for help from the goodness of someones heart. A grant, pro bono work I don't care.  If anybody could help me figure out how to get a grant and what is involved in getting one I would dearly appreciate it.


Thank you very much!

Alan haining

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 in response to Godistheanswer...   

AMEN!!! my name is PENNI! i live in PA! I am disabled, and hurt

and live in severe pain everyday! my husband died almost

2 years ago and since then, my life has been full of so much

turmoil.. i am 3 mos behind in my rent. I know God has an

answer, and WILL HELP ME.. (mark 11:24)... when we ask

BELIEVING we receive.. I want you to know.. its good to know

friends who are praying and believing w/each other!


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..... Hello,

my name is PENNI HELMS, I am a christian who LOVES JESUS SO!!!

I am disabled and live in severe pain everyday.. I am praying one

day I will BE ABLE to get out and work!!! but, right now I cannot..

I need YOUR help!!! i need YOUR prayers! with my husband dying

almost 2 years ago, everything is going DOWN HILL!!! I am sooo

discouraged... I am sooo on my last rope,, my rent in behind (3)

mos... and I cannot pay it.. I hope I can get a grant or something...

I Just need a MIRACLE.. I know GOD has angels out there to help me!

Have a great day! thanks for reading... I cannot take much more...

so many things rising up.. and I am feeling so much heartache!

I will wrote more later.. penni

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 in response to Late bloomer...   

Hi Late bloomer

Have a great day and take care 


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 in response to Anonymous40784...   

Thank you as it would be nice to get the job.

I think once she gets some rest she will be ok.

Have a good night

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Late bloomer

Greetings my dear mates, hope you had good easter holidays, celebrating the rebirth of nations. I feel total rejuvination in every part of my body.

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 in response to Starshine...   

I wish you the best on getting that work.

I hope sheshe is doing fine.

Have a great night.

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 in response to Anonymous40784...   

Hi girl

I am doing ok. I stayed up way too late last night. I had taken a nap at 330pm then got up hour later and trying to do alot then I applied for the telemarketing job Rosie sent me. The man called this morning and he had other people to call so I don't know what gives. It was work from home for a big business but he mentioned something about taking me to place legit company the stores they help etc..I don't know he will call back..

It was cool here when I got up and just miss the sun and the yard..

I am going to try to look for more other work..And might have company Wednesday will see if they call

I am glad to hear from you and very surprised plus grateful that susie6 made it through her surgery. That was a relief this morning to hear from her.

Have a great night.

Got a message from sheshe030 but hadn't heard from her.



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 in response to woman101...   

Woman 101, have you ever heard we are our own worst enemy, When we feed negativity it increases nagativity, and it will destroy you.  Think positive always, tomorrow will be a better day and and be truthful with yourself and believe, not just say it, but truly believe.  How many times have you been told your are dying, I've been told that many times and I normally answer, man doesn't know the answer only God does and he is the one who has kept me alive more times than you know.  Try walking in my footsteps and others and you will find how truly lucky you are its not a pleasant walk to take.  Be greatful for what you have and love and cherish it.  Give thanks to God for giving what you have and even thank him for what you don't have, you don't have I hope and pray life threatening illness or neither does your children I do hope and pray not, No one ever promised any of us a pleasant life and we all have a bed of roses with thorns, we all have to learn to see the beauty in the rose and have to stop and smell the fragance of the rose to see its beauty beyond the thorns.  I don't write this to hurt you in anyway, but to show you the other side of the coin.  Give thanks and truly mean it and I think your life will take a turn for the better. I hope and pray that good things will come your way soon, and God is truly the answer to your prayers, but you have to ask and it has to be truly from your heart, otherwise its like you are lying to God and to yourself, be truthful and honest with God, he wants you to be happy, but you have to want to be too.  May God smile upon you and give you peace and hope for a better future and life. 


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 in response to Starshine...   

Hi girl,

I'm fine. How are you doing?

How was your day?

Have a great night.

G-d bless you.

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 in response to MsLovely...   

Hi MsLovely

I am sorry you can't find food. There is no reason you should be without food.

I can food banks for Phoenix AZ and I see quite a few of them.

Usually, at least here in CA and other states you can call 211 for assistance but calling 211 in AZ is limited but you can try and then call 866 3 hungry EST for food resources. Homeless shelters might be able to offer you food even if you aren't staying at the shelter as it is worth a try.

Do check my blog for a list of food banks for your state Arizona which I just posted. Here is my blog link

I am hoping this helps you MsLovely,



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I have to say I have tried every type of church and ciy org to get help and hve been with out food for a week and noone seems to cre to help

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 in response to MagnoliaBlossom...   

 God will not need to forgive you because you did not do anything wrong. I realize your decision was difficult but it appears you had no other choice. It is never cruel when we try to help someone we love. You cannot fix your husbands drinking problems, so he needs professional help. Maybe this is the only way he can stop drinking.

  You have had to live a difficult life because of all the problems associated with drinking and it may take you a while to realize things can start to get better now. You did what you had to do, so please, don't let your decision weigh you down any longer.

  Father God, I pray for MagnoliaBlossom.  Lord please give her peace and take any worries she has away.  Help her to start a new life, and help supply all her needs. Calm her fears and renew her life with happiness. Keep your hand upon her life and bless with all that is good. Heal her body and lift her spirit. Be with her husband that he will get the help he needs, and heal his body. Father, help all her friends on Aidpage to watch over her, encourage her, and be there when she needs someone to take to. God  help her to experience your love, hold her in your hands and never let her go. I thank you for her. In the name of Jesus I pray Amen.

   God Bless 

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I have made a very hard decision.I just don't know how to do it.If my husband doesn't stop drinking he's going to die. I don't want that to happen.I have to commit him to Whitfield(the mental hospital in Whitfield, Ms)He has said many times that's where he belongs.Does that seem cruel?I'm 8 years older than him and my health is bad and I just can't take care of him.We don't have any insurance.How am I going to take care of my self? Am I being selfish wanting to live in peace for the rest of my life,however long that is?I was a good wife to him for 19 years.Will God forgive me for this?Someone please tell me what to do.God Bless Everyone.
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