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Just wanted to say HELLO!  I haven't been online in a while and didn't want anyone to think I had vanished!~ I'm still here and slowely but surely helping myself to do what it is I have to do to get my life on track!  It feels so good to finally be doing more to help myself instead of waiting for my magical savior to come and rescue me LOL! Sometimes we get stuck looking for the help we need when we should be looking to help ourselves.  Dont get me wrong, there is times I want to throw the towel in and say enough is enough!! In the end I know that all this hard work and aggrivation will pay off.  At least I hope soo :)  Sobriety is the life and being free of domestic violence is rewarding me in so many ways each day.  I have a lot of stress and anxiety but I'm learning to see the big picture and thats so helpful :)

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someone please help!!!
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 in response to Stapleton2010...   Thank you so much. I have been going crazy. I wish I could afford and apple computer.
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Plaid makes modpodge.I got mine at Michael's. Most any good craft store has it.It's waterbase sealer,glue & finish. It's not waterproof. Use a small paint brush to put it on. I'm glad you liked this project. Have fun.

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Have you thought about getting another email account somewhere like yahoo, etc?

Then use that email account for google adsense.

Awhile back, google adsense sent everyone this card & a email to get personal info,social security number,etc. If you are like alot of us who did not submit that info in timely matter then one cannot get into google adsense easily.

Just open another email just for that purpose. Then sign up with google adsense again.

Hope this helps.

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 in response to Godistheanswer...   Amen,Amen,Amen.
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 in response to MagnoliaBlossom...   


That is a splendid idea.

Now,what is modpodge? Where do one buy it from?

I would love to try this.

Have a blessed night.

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need help playin for a grant to pay my bills and build my wife and kids a home and start my own busisness and clean my credit report also can someonehelp i have no money so i can not pay anyone to help me i have to do it all by myself and help from others to like u please..

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Last summer I needed book ends for my books.There were some old bricks behind my house. I got two of the good ones and washed them and let them dry.Then I took pages from an old book about birds and cut out pictures of birds and descriptions of birds. I glued the pictures and desriptions to the bricks and let them dry.Then I put on 3 coats of modpodge,letting each coat dry.Now I have pretty and cheap book ends.You could use pretty scraps of material too.See Ya'll later. God Bless Everyone.

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Hey MagnoliaBlossom,

You stated: "All I know about is trying to save money,recycling ,frugal recipes and frugal crafts.I don't go any where so I have to try to find something to do at home.I decopodge, crochet a little and make holiday crafts. I crochet clothes for my dolls and blankets for my cats.I dig through the internet for freebies" 

 That is EXACTLY the things that people need & want to hear about. I know I do. This is what you could write about. It would be so helpful. You would be doing people a great service by sharing your knowledge.

Please share your wealth of knowledge with the world.

G-d bless you





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positive thoughts

Hi, it is now Saturday 27,2010 5:30pm   We are all having save energy help make a difference lights are going out at 8:30pm here in Canada Ontario.   oops almost forgot only for 1 hour.

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Hi Susie6

How are you 

Me I am doing fine working on taxes later to get all together before kitty comes out...

Hugs and love to you


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im going down and need to find a way up.
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I'm going to try to explain why this isn't going to work for me. A few months ago I tried to get GMail. I signed up and when I tried to check my mail, I couldn't. I emailed Google. They said I had never signed up.In order for me to get paid I have to sign up with Google adsense.They won't let me.Does any one here understand what I'm talking about? My email account is with aol.So, I'll just keep on coming here to write like I always have.
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PLEASE HELP ME!  I am currently unemployed, single, and I need dental work done desperately, Such as Bone Replacement, Guided Tissue Regeneration, Osseous Surgery, Core Build-up, Prefab Post & Core In Additic, etc with a cost of $16,295. HELP ME PLEASE!!! I looked for Dental Grants and did not find any, my email is

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 in response to sheshe030...   

I hope you feel better soon and get rest ok

I am having problems with computer .

Get better and sorry you are sick..



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Reply to Starshine:---I feel like crap, and thank you so much for asking. I'm still running a fever and I'm praying I can get some sleep tonight and not cough my guts out like last night. It's nice to have someone ask me that besides my husband and I'm glad I decided to log on to aidpage before I try to sleep. You have a good evening and know your word of kindness is so appreciated. Sincerely sheshe030

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My wife's family home has been wiped out from hurricane Thomas in Fiji. Her parents need help desperately.

Please contact us to make a donation!

Thanks you very much!

Vinaka va Levu!

Harlan Stanley and Family

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Hey sheshe030

How are you feeling??

Hugs an hope you are ok


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