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 in response to Starrshine...   starrshine there are plenty of place in  ms for abuse women. or go to a church somewhere you can be safe..if its gotten that bad leave your saftey is first.. God Bless
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 in response to Starrshine...   

Why don't you get a restraining order and press charges? The next time he gets abusive have him arrested!

there are family justice centers, domestic violence hotline


and adult protective services that can help. 

I understand you love your cats. I have 2, but if I had to choose between me and them - there would be no choice.

No, it is not an easy situation, however you are making it harder on yourself by giving him a choice. Take yourself out of the equation. You can leave at any time you choose. But you have to make a decision. He is NOT going to change - you have to. Do you want to continue living with fear and abuse? Do you want to wonder when will be then next time this SOB will come after you? HE IS A NASTY ABUSIVE DRUNK AND HE IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE. If you think he is only going to hurt the pets, think again. First its the pets, then it will be you - if he hasn't done it already.

Call a place that is able to help you get to SAFETY.
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 in response to Concerned2day...   

Does any one know who can repair our old RV for free? I live in Gulfport,Ms

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It's getting worse. I really can't take much more of his verbal abuse.Some one please give me $5,000 to buy a used travel trailer.I'm begging. I'm pleading. Please help me!God Bless Everyone.

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 in response to jana4...   

I really find that hard to believe.  I know people and have had clients who had no children but were helped by social services.  And please don't "knock" food stamps because without them a lot of people would starve to death.

Unfortunately I don't remember what kind of help you requested but you can remind me again. 

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 in response to 21 and mom of twins...   

my questions are:

Who filed the tax return? Who owes the child support? 

If you filed the tax return and your boyfriend owes the child support, then thye cannot take your money.You would be protected by "injured spouse"... But I don't see how you could even file a joint return without being married. Something doesn't make sense...

On another note... the children are 1 y/o... its highly unlikely that they will remember their birthday. Get a few things at the dollar store for them along with 2 cupcakes and let them have fun. 

One last thing.. this guy has at least 1 kid he is already paying child support for... now he has your 2 kids... and he is only 21? and they are already garnishing his taxes... Do you have a court order in place for your child support? This is a kid! He cannot possible earn enough to support himself, muchless 3 children! Are you working? I hope so. Because 4 people (you, BF and twins) CANNOT survive on minimum wage. Think!Get some birth control, get an education and get a real job that pays the bills. 

You cannot rely on anyone but yourself. Child support will do what they want, whenever they want. And if your BF decides to walk away, what will you do then? You have to raise thse children for the next 20+ years. Do you really think that $7/hr is going to cut it? This is just the first birthday, what are you going to do for the next 17? What about school, college, holidays, groceries, furniture? Do you really think it is going to get any easier? No way hon, it only gets harder! waaaaaaaaaaay harder! Just ask anyone here.

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21 and mom of twins
 in response to riggo...   geese its not like i tried to have this happen. i called and they said there is nothing they can do. i was on the phone with the child support division and with the internal revenue service, and they said there is nothing they can do.  i was on the phone for hours and hours there is or was not much more i can do thanks though. 
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21 and mom of twins

this morning i woke up and the first thing was my gut started hurting and my brain was taking me in circles again going through and through listing things that are bad right now in life. 

yesterday we were going to get $900 tax refund from the state. well they garnished the check and we got $72 and the rest went to the child support division. this check was "going" to come at the perfect time we are moving and our twin son's 1st birthday is comming up on the 17th. well the main reason this is so crappy is because we got a letter from the child support place saying that my boyfriend owes nothing $0. and we just happened to file in the worst possible week we did. I HAD NO CLUE!! but the IRS just sent our money to child support. because they never got any notification that we did not have to pay. so we just got our money taken for no reason. we called on it and they said they could not do anything about it.  he has lived with me and our children since the day they got out of the NICU. he has helped me with EVERYTHING!! why can the state do this kind of stuff to people we are 21 and 20 what the heck are we suppost to do? im so broke all the time. i want them to have a good 1st birthday. we had a crappy christmas because we had no work and no $$ they each got 2 toys form toys for tots. they dont do that kind of gift giving for birthdays do they? yeah right i know they dont that was a stupid question.

im really not trying to come on here being like all poor me poor me... its more like my poor sons.. they are so fun loving and happy and smiley and calm, smart and perfect they deserve so much more...


this was taken at the public library on valentines day. so its pretty recent. 

these are my sons 


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wish i could smile again, this is before i fell into debt, could somebody read my story and see if anyone can help dorrie 1
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josh bolen

 Below are the investment high lights of the most recent investment opportunity offered by JBGT.

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Investment cost: 1.5M
Proposed Investment offering:
6.5% annual Fixed ROI to the investor (accrued interest deferred for the first 32 months, payments due on month 33)
50% equity position, buy outs negotiable
5 to 10 year term

Project summary:
JBGT will be a totally electric car factor that produces electric cars that need no recharge or fossil fuel/gas or solar to recharge. It is a unique project by simple definition since it is the only project in the nation that combines various energy components in a car that will  totally run of nothing but its own energy while utilizing  energy from energy power sources. In addition, it is unique in the fact that it uses a energy source that has been made totally fossil fuel free  which reduces pollution to the o-zone and  the environmental impacts of run-off from roads into a major at risk bodies of water while providing a market for a new type off power that currently is not supported in the marketplace. The catalyst for this energy project is a 1.5 million dollar factory that houses the core of JBGT which will be focused on green consumer vehicles. The JBGT production facility will be started total by investor funding.  In addition, the JBGT production facility will utilizes some of the established companies  to lower cost of production.This will also produce over 300 new jobs. The project is expected to begin producing totally electric cars within 24 to 26 months after funding. This project truly needs funding.
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im very emotional tonight, kids are sleeping. im sitting here with the tv off and its so quiet. sometimes the quiet is not good. It gives me to much time to think. Im going to bed because I have myself thinking im a failure.  I know im not a failure but I feel that way right now, im in such a rut.  I cant believe where my life has gone in the last year. I will just pray it does not get any worse, thats all.   If you arent poor, be thankful, if you are able to work, be thankful, if you worry about little things alot, stop worring.  Its so unfair that we cant live without money, cant do our laundry when we need to, cant put gas in if we need it, cant even go buy your kids something when they want it. this sucks so bad. I gotta go to bed.  I wish this last year was just a bad nightmare and that tomorrow when I wake up it will all be over and maybe I would have learned a few lessons from it.  So hopefully when I wake up in the morning it will be to my alarm clock because Its actully still October of 08 and I have to get up and go to work. Sighhhhhhh

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 in response to BIGTOM1...   I hope that you aren't judging people who aren't working and asking for help. I worked for over forty years teaching special education. I raised two sons alone with no help. I frequently worked two and three full time jobs. I also took time to be a Cub Scout Den Leader, involved in little league, football, wrestling, church, community choir for children and any other activity that my sons wanted to be in. I was involved in the special olypics and taught league bowling to special education students. I have reached out and done much community work. However, now at the age of 59 no one had better tell me to get a job. My body is so worn out that I go days without being able to put a pair of shoes on. I have degenerative arthritis, anemia, edima, vitamin D Deficiency, a skin dermititous which causes horrific lesions that itch like crazy, I have severe depression. I am in horrific pain and if It's a good day I can stand for 15 minutes with support. I can't walk more than one fourth of a block. Getting in and out of the car is difficult. I have asthma and just going outside affects my ability to breathe. I would love to have the health that would allow me to work but I am doing the best I can. My father said don't judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes and I think that fits you. How dare you imply that because you have two jobs everyone should get one. You don't know them or what they are up against. You need to clean your own house before you start cleaning someone elses.
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 in response to selams2...   Can't help with money however, the schools usually have a program where they can help the young man with clothes and supplies. Talk to the counselor at the schoo.
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 in response to Roseb441702...   Social services does nothing to help anyone without children. The only thing older people can get is food stamps. Then it's hard to get them if you have any income at all. You really need to find a grant writer who knows where to look. Most of them charge $40 an hour. It might be worth it in the long run. However, make sure you know there success rate.
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Well, things are getting worse. I'm not sleeping very good. I'm afraid my husband will throw my cats out.He is just watching TV on the computer and drinking.My nerves are shot. Someone please help me.Please give me some money and a used travel trailer.I am begging.I don't know what to do. Like I said before, there are no shelters here.Thanks for reading this. God Bless Everyone.

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 in response to BIGTOM1...   wow i am not sure who you are sayine that to but it is kinda rude
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 in response to Starrshine...   I'll say a prayer for you starshine,say one for me to i am in the same boat i just got to a computer to check and see if someone had answered mine guess ill pray some more good luck and god  bless you.
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Late bloomer

Hang in there dear sister, it cant be easy and I will sure join you in prayer, however, remember that we have no authority over time, everything happen according to God's perfect will and the time in roller coaster will also come to pass. Hold on to your faith and sanity it couldn't be worse now, or is it?

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Still in the same situation.Things aren't getting any better.I still need money and used rv,travel trailer or bus conversion.Please pray for me.Some one please help me. God Bless You All.
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Late bloomer

                   BLESSINGS IN ABUNDANCE 

 My dear friends, I have just won a Holiday to the Bahamas online. I am shell shocked, praise be to God! My travels have been limited to neighbouring African states. Please join me in prayers of thanksgiving


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