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Off to bed. Gotta contact organizations about fundraising ideas. Next stage of employment here I come

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 in response to niffer58...   Check with the local Department of Human Services, Housing Authourity, Churches, Schools, friends, associates, local newspaper, craigslist, ebay, and real estate agencies
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Anyone looking for employment. Contact me.

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well we are now finally moved to another state. however now comes the challange that we have to find houseing.. that is not as easy as it seems with 7 people. im in washington state. need to find housing in and around that area. does anyone have any idea's on how and where to find housing that isn't a apartment in western washington? thanks

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Mrs. Susan
 in response to Let me help you!!!...   that is so good of you to reach out and help them
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Mrs. Susan


I hope everyone is having a great evening. I had a successful dog adoption this weekend. Our family does pet rescues.  Still looking on a way to make true money on line. Right now I am trying affiliate marketing with commision junction . I have only been working on it a month, with no results but I am still new and learning. I have been planning some lesson plans for my preschoolers in my daycare and lesson plans for my son. Talk with you soon.

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Hi Anonymous40784 and shirelybill

Have a great day and evening....

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Sometimes, when situations come about, regardless of what it is. The Lord leads us, and will guide us, if we let him. My point is, if put in a situation, and given a choice...make the call, and then stick by it. The Lord will lead you.

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 in response to healthnut...   

Here is the best place to get the answer to your question:

Texas labor law

also here is another site that may help


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Let me help you!!!

IR2 irishmommy...... I wrote u earlier dont know if u got the message, but i wanted 2 help u with clothes/toys 4 ur kids if u need it. And also read ur post too and i've been where ur at   b4. And god saw me thru. So even if u need someone 2 talk2 im here. if not thats fine too. god bless

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hi this is bree again . i was reading a little and i know everyone is  in need of something. some just need twenty bucks for diapers while other are fighting for there lives. i pray for everyone , may god bless us all. i am going to bed feeling like i am not alone ... have faith,, thats all and praay and help others when you can good nite

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Wow! He screwed up my credit, Somehow got my truck in his name and now the abusive jerk just informed me that he is going to try to get custidy of my children snd his sister a paralegal is going to help him. and i cant afford a lawyer.......

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 in response to RALPH7...   

Good to hear this Ralph7. I wish you the best of luck . Sorry I didn't see this earlier but computer is acting up.. Good luck with the roomate and medicine Monday!!!

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 in response to healthnut...   

IC - independant contractor's

You can keep track of your mileage and office supplies, internet and phone (lalnd line and wireless) server and deduct them from you income taxes and work expenses. Secialized clothes, computer software (like anti virus softeware), maps, paper, pencils, house phone, mail/postage etc. are also tax deductable. The interent and phone serve is on a % base, if 100% of it is business based then 100% is deductable; if 50% is business and 50% is personal - then 50% of the yearly cost is deductable.

$8 an hour is about the going rate in the US today unless your state has a higher rate of min wage. A set 1 to 1.5 hours per location is a general rule of thumb. the companies send out people to complete the same project and other locations and determine the amount of time that is needed to complete the project. Unfortantly, these are seasoned personal (very expereinced) that set the pay rates.

Just go check out your public library and read the big book of federal taxes laws.

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I am a disabled person and single. I was given a burned moblie home and I have been rebuilding it. The persons property that it is sitting on wants to sale the property. I need to find a way to move it or buy the property that it sits on. I am looking for a government grant or low interest loan to purchase the property it sits on or purchase another lot. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance for any and all assistance.


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May things are going to look up I had someone call today that may move in.I hope so he sounds like he may work out ok.He"s a manager of a department store.It"s a start,I still have a ways to go though but I have hope.Still need my health to pick up I have to have a nurse come over to check my medication hopefully tommorrow.

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 in response to Mrs. Susan...   Hi  Mrs. Susan,  check out for $5.00 a month, a special that's going on you can view many listings, maybe something will catch your eye.  I hope it helps.  Also alot of work at home offers, this is a legitimate websight highly spoken of by several networks. Good Luck.
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Hi, to anyone who can lead me to the right place or person's who know something about labor laws. I work for a company very part-time and have to keep this job to comply with certain rules the unemployment office has.  I work from home but get paid as an employee to service a few stores as a merchadiser, I don't get gas mileage.  I have to use my computer to get my weekly assignments. I have to print those pages and it takes time.  I get paid $8.00 an hour.  These are my expenses.  Gas, purchasing printing paper, ink.  The use of my cell phone to contact district manager, and receiving inventory at location I pay for to have those deliveries.  I did not know when I got the job I would be spending my own money to cover this business.. Like I said I'm stuck their till unemployment is over which is soon. I called the corporate office and was told we have over 12,000 merchandisers and no one complains.  I don't believe this.  The $8.00 an hour is covering the work at the store, the downloading of work assignment, recording the work at the end of the day, buying the paper, ink, using my cell phone, my vehicle.  If I was an independent contractor I could count expenses at the end of the year, what can I  do?  I want to help other's speak out against the practice of this company. This company has over stated their power and I think something needs to be done to protect future workers.  I also asked about a handbook, was told there is not one. I was also told the $8.00 an hour is factored into all the expenses, I asked what year did they figure that out. No answer given.  I live in Texas and the company is somewhere else.  Everything is done online.  The company is in another state.  All merchandisers get their schedules and assignments on line. Most of the time my assignments are an hour to an hour an 1/2 in each location, so can you all see how unfair this is.  I hope someone out their can offer a good answer. I believe in the old school, be honest, do your work and give it your best. 

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Hi everyone !i really need help to pay my light bill it is 388.72 and it is very cold .I have 2 kids under 8.I live in walterboro south carolina and it is very limited help here if any !My light is goiong to be disconnected on Jan.11,2010 >please please if anyone can help us please help.If you know were i can get help from let me kno i am having a hard time right kno I am waiting to her from my disiability case so if anyon can donate please do my email is please e-mail me if it anit nothin but a prayer at least i kno sumone would help if they could and thinking about us .Thank you .God will bless .Wat comes around goes around !!! Thanks





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