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Silly Girl

Ever During Hard Times i Still Keep My Head Up Even Threw Hard Ships Because i Know That God Will Always Lead Me The And i Always Aim For The Pot Of Gold On The Other Side Of The Rainbow

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 in response to Tansey...   I did see a couple of posts on here from around that area. Try typing in Texas in the search box.
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Why is it, that i am seeing so many people on here, that did not have Christmas last year either? Would someone explain that to me? I can understand a few, but it seems to be the going story all across the site, and i have to wonder on some of the stories.

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 in response to shirleybill...   thank you for hearing about this, It gave me love in my heart , and some hope , Thank you, Jess
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Hi my name is tina and i am a single mother of two children 1boy almost 8 and 1 girl 8mos old.  I adopted my nephew when he was 3mos old and he only knows me as mom. Whom i have raised by myself absolutly no child support, not that i havent tried, they just wont pay and seems like the state of colorado can only do so much.   My baby girl is my miracle baby, I was told since i was 14 that i couldnt have any.  The father and I were together for 6yrs, about 1 month after i found out i was pregnant i also found out my husband was having an affair with some 18yr old girl. I packed up mine and my sons stuff and moved 1300 miles. He begged me to come back after a month and a half i did. only when i got there she was now living in my house. so i had to go stay with a friend until i could find an apartment.  1 month before my daughter was born she broke up with him and he begged me to let him come back and stupid me said yes, i still loved him and i wanted my baby to have a father.   Only i didnt know they were still sleeping together and he even had her at the hospital and she was holding and feeding my baby while i was in recovery. the whole time i was in the hospital she was there with him.  She ended up pregnant and is now due anyday. they are still messing around and i kicked him out. He hasnt given me a dime or even seen my baby since she was about 2mos old.  I work double shifts from home and I also sell Avon. But it just never seems like enough. I dont even have christmas for my kids this year and it really hurts.  Im not looking for a hand out im looking for a hand up. If anyone knows of any place i can get help or if anyone is interested in Avon please contact me at

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my children are always on my mind.

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Hi I am loking for some way to get some dental help for my husband. he is a great father to our five children and a great husband to me. we both work hard but i's not enough to help with dental. He has had 3 teeth removed but he need more removed. he is in constant pain and it hurts me to not beable to do anything to help him. his teeth have gotten bad from cavities not taken care of from not have the means to do so his entire life. lpease if anyone can i would be forever grateful.

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Wish I didn't feel bad everytime I smile, wish I had parents around who could help. Wish I didnt live in an area where real dental help doesnt exist

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how is it that the people who do need help doesnt get help and the rich people get things for almost free.

i tried applying for health insurance because im within jobs. so i tried cobra but they wont take me because i have depression and need meds. But if you dont have a job how are you suppose to pay 400 a month? so how does that work if i need help and cant get it? can anyone explain this to me.?

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I am in Kentucky

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I honestly am wondering how helpful this will be? I imagine a lot of people ask for help. It must be difficult to keep up with them all!

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 in response to Katrina11...   

Think about it...

Your husband has NOT worked in 10years...

" competing businesses within a 35 minute commute..."  - why do you think that is?

Have you read the posts on this site?

Pets are a luxury.

People are worried about putting food on the table and keeping a roof over their head. You want to start up a business in a non-existant building,when people can barely afford the basics. And you are a business consultant? Ok... good luck with that...



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great momma

just setting arround trying to see how i can get some help or money for my kids x-mas


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I will adopt one family or child for Chirstmas next year. I do check on those requesting help, so please, if you don't need the help, then don't ask.

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Use Decoupage to decorate jars for decanters, etc. as a holiday gift.

I have also done some card board barrels this year, then filled them full of small things for kids.

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This year, i chose to give a different type of gift to everyone that i knew, including the kids.

Kids, get coins. Not just any coins. I look through the pocket  change, and then pick out certain coins. Right now, state quarters is a good starter for kids, as well as adults, since the US Mint is going to stop making them. Even if you have just a few, that could be enough to get someone going on a profitable hobby or career.

For adults, i usually make a gift basket (collected from yard sales, and where ever else i can get them). I spray paint the baskets. Buy some gift bags in a package of 5 from the dollar store. Stuff that basket inside, then fill it with home baked goods, candies, home canned items, etc.

I have not found anyone, that didn't enjoy getting one of my baskets yet.

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 in response to Katrina11...   

My first question would be: Do you already have those reptiles etc., to get started with?

I do know of one man that did exactly what you are wanting to do. Of course, he did already own all the reptiles, fish, etc., that he put into his shop.

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