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 in response to tee54...   if you a find a place to fix your teeth let me know cause i need my fixed so badly
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pray for all the poor people in the world who will not have a christmas who are in the same boat as i am

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Teeth problems, need help finding free dental services.

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Morning everyone...It will be a beautiful day, just remember to put the heavenly father in our day...He will lead us the right direction on how our request will be answer...God Bless you all and my prayers are with all of you...Take care

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Didn't realize how many ppl need some kind assitance...If I was able I would try to help all...My heart always goes out to almost everyone...For the first time in a long time I need the help and it is so hard to get it...I have tried red cross, salvation army and some churches...Either they can't help or have the funding.

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My cousin just called me. They had to give their home on Feb. 9th this year and lived in a place with no heat, sewer problems, no internet, no phone for many months until three months ago she told me tonight.  They are seniors in their 70's and neither of them have great health so I was happy to hear they are in a mobile home. She will send me her address and I have her phone number. Her husband is still looking for work and have finanical issues to work out but the rent is cheap.

So many people have so many wants today. And we lose sight that to have a roof over our head is the most important things we need besides the basics which isn't easy for a lot of us to come by.

I can't wait to talk to her again as I have been worried about them..

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I am just worried about my dad, bc he is so far away...I really want to be with him at his time of need.

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Wm shepard

I need to get a grant to repair the roof on my house, gutters to keep the ground from washing away. Also to have the house painted on the inside. Are there any grants out there for that? 

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Why is it so easy for businesses and people with excellent income and credit to get financial help but it so hard for people with little to no income to get any assistance?

Why are there government grants for non-profit businesses or people that are excellent liers, but nothing or almost nothing for the common individual or small businesses?

Why is it that people with only lend to other people that have? 

Why is it hard to obtain employment when you have a college degree but little to no paid employment experience?

Why do you have to pay an arm and a leg to obtain information about grants only to get it and find that the grants available are only for big businesses, people with excellent credit, non-profit organizations or some other thing that really do not need the grants?

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i have posted my story many times and heard nothing so i thought that maybe it was too big of a wish to grant so i was wondering if i could get help with clothes and some otherr household items from someone who may be wanting to give away or donate i am in columbia south carolina and needing plus size woman's clothes 24-28, baby boy clothes 0-3 mon, girls 4t clothes and boys 6 and 12 mostly. i am also looking for a computer desk and chairs for my kitchen table or maybe even tv trays possibly. having alot of children to care for it gets hard providing for them and paying bills and i find myself at thrift stores whenever i get a few extra dollars. anything someone may have would be helpful. thanks in advance.

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so depressed dont know what to tell my kids when they ask about christmas.... i have let them down !

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I am sorry that it takes so long for these things to get processed.  I am 34 and for the first time in my life I am unemployed.  They tell me it will take 5-6 weeks before I will be approved or denied. In this case, I am going to expect the worst and hope for the best.  This way I will not be let down if it is approved.

If I can come accross anything for your girls for Christmas I will get in contact with you.  Please try to stay positive and stay strong.  



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I can’t help you the way I want to. I have been unemployed for over a year now. But I have found this great site that is giving people money just for using the site. It isn’t a lot, but every little bit helps in our situation. Check it out. It is totally 100% FREE to join… no banking or credit card information required.

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 in response to joebee98...   i hear you tired of all that say they will do something for you and go back on their word i am very poor i live with sister we have roomate but might not last im bout to have a baby plus i have a 2 year old son and none of us will have a xmas im unemployed and my new baby will have nohing so i feel where you are comeing from there is 2 people in hee that promised they would help me and havent seen them since i talked to them the first time why would you do tat to someone
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 in response to mommy2be1...   I hear you.  I have been unemployed since March and visited every site I can think of for help and the only ones that respond are scammers.  I have received fake, altered or ficticious checks or money orders and owe my bank so much I don't know how I will ever pay them back.  I have been reported to Chexsystems and can only have a 2nd chance checking account.  Still receiving the fake crap too but I have to be careful depositing any of the fake money orders so I don't lose this checking account.  Really sucks and I am losing hope fast.  Been 8 months of this and barely hanging on.  Will be homeless in January and utilities shut off if I don't find someone to help us.  I cannot believe that there are people out there that scam the poor people like us out of our last dime to make a buck.  Authorities cannot stop them as I have tried.  I almost got arrested for passing a fake check last week and all I did was receive it.  I am beginning to think that there is no one out there that can help us.
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 in response to mommy2be1...   Who is scamming you... and how...?
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would someone help or just keep scamming on me ugh....

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CHRISTMAS HELP, for everyone that is still in need of Christmas Help, you really need to start searching in your local areas now. Places like the Salvation Army, ,Toys for Tots, and places like these already have their list of families in need so they may not be taking names in your area. Its now time to contact the local Churches, Food Banks, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, GoodWill, Rotery Club, Womens Club, with your local school district-if you have a school age child talk with the principal and see if they have any contacts that they can get your name to. Check with your local (I just saw a lady near me give away a new Ipod as she won a new one and did not need this one) also check on you can find some good stuff and dont be to proud to take used toys and clothes. I wish everyone the best and dont forget the true meaning of Christmas.
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 in response to rpiper...   


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There are drop shipping sites you can do and not smc. hanks55 told me of a few just can't put my hands on them now.

Send a private message to me later as there is a job site limited for work for people with disabilities I believe you will find out about it from joining the link I just gave you.

call 211 for resources to. There are work from home jobs in my blog hit the horse picture to get there. ie and men can do it too..

see my previous post to Toxius on how to put add in for the job you want....

good luck


good luckand sorry for the fall 

oh you will want to remove your personal information here too.


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