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This website can be a blessing to all of us!!! Our work together can help us all financially!!!God Bless
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well im 27 i live in pa, i work 30 hours a week 6 hours a day, i pay over 600 a month in bills which is more than i make..i dont have a car so i get rides to and from work from people or i take the bus. i tried to apply for loans but have been denied..i dont know what else to do. can anyone give me some pointers

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 in response to MamaVallarta...   What is that website? I seemed to have missed it when i looked in Mexico.
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Have a great night everyone

see you in the morning 


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Mama Vallarta feeds people in Mexico & we desperately need help. Please visit our website after Sept. 15th 2009 & help if the spirit moves you. Our goal is to assist & feed over 1 Million People this year so we need all the help we can get. Our Womans Shelter is the only one! Please Help! Mexico is Starving!
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Just when I saw a little glimmer of llight at the end of the tunnel. My hott head gets me fired! I can't blame anyone but my self, well and the jerk they call a manager. LOL

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Pastor MadonnaButterfly
 in response to mycatpixie2006...   Hi, mycatpixie2006! My heart goes out to you and your children. I know this is very difficult what you are going through. Honey, you must get away from Your Mother. She is a very dangerous person and could hurt you and your son/children really really bad. You need to get as far away from her as you can go! There are Housing Programs for you and your children where you can have your children and you and your cats in a Government Assisted home. They only allow one to two pets~some will not let you have 'any'. They base your housing upon your income. You will have everything you need including Utilities! Contact your local housing authority. I know in Northern California there is a Wife Abuse Shelter/Counseling place and they will help you. There are these types of places in Every-City and County. You can change your situation. You will have to live within your means but you can make it. You need to stay away from your Mother, try not to let her know where you are living. She needs to know as little as possible about where you are. However, you can call her from time to time to let her know that you are okay and to check on her. Just keep your business to your self. This will protect you and your son. You will have your very own home, which will be great. God be with you and protect you. Much love, MadonnaButterfly~
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Pastor MadonnaButterfly
 I want everyone in here to know that I keep you and your families close to my heart and in my prayers. We all have needs and God is a provider. God will provide for us, we have to ask him to help us. We have to trust and love him, worship and obey him, to repent of our sins. We have to help ourselves too. Life is not easy for any of us. Times have become hard for everyone to survive. For the homeless, you qualify for "Foodstamps" and more if you have children. There are "Soup Kitchens" and some Churches also help to feed the needy. Churches also help with clothing for you to wear and coats for winter (free to those that need it). It is important to remember not to take more than what we need, save some for someone else that is also in need of these things. If there is something that does not fit you, give it to someone else that needs it or return it to the Church for them to Bless someone else. This is how we take care of ourselves and each other, we share. For thoses of us needing Dental care, and you live near Northwestern Tennessee, "Reelfoot Ministries" is giving Dental Care by Licensed Dentists on the First and Third Friday of Every Month. They will pull teeth, fill in cavaties, clean your teeth and all for the cost of $10.00. You have to be one of the First three people in line when they open the doors. They only take the first three people and send everyone else home. You have to be there at 2 am. to get a spot first three in line. It's a long wait but well worth it! They provide excellent work and care! For those of you needing Medical Care and/or Prescriptions, you can go to your Local Health Department and they will provide care for you. They have certain times they see people without insurance or with low income. So  you may want to call first to find out the days and times to be seen. Always, be sure to arrive at least twenty minutes early to fill out the paperwork required. For all of these programs I have just listed, you will need to bring: Proof of your Identity (I.D.) Photo, Proof of your Income. Proof of your Address. (Your Reward Letter if you recieve Social Security Disability or Social Security Income). You will need to bring your Birth Certificate, Marriage License, Social Security Card. Local Churches will help sometimes with gasoline for your vehicle and/or food. They sometimes provide assistance with your Utility Bills also. I hope this information helps you. God Bless You. Much love, MadonnaButterfly~
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 in response to mycatpixie2006...   


Good to see you are back on  line , sorry things got worse

check my blog again

888 ppa 4 now for medical, prescription and clinics too.

Take care and wish you better times 

hang in there



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Looking A Blessing

what"s on my mind and heart today is still looking for a blessing. I need help for my house and myself. Most of all I need Prayer. I know it is still acoming but I need someone I can talk to..

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My son and I are completely broke and its only the seventh of the month due to an unexpected car repair and a medical bill that still need paid before I can see my dr. which is critical I've been physically perm disabled since 2002, I am going thru two domestic violence  situatuations that happened recently one from my soon to be ex husband which dislocated my left pelvic bone and it can't be fixed due to my recurrent MRSA Staph infections it's too risky.  The other situation believe it or not happened with my mom recently while visiting my dying grandmother, I ended up in er in ohio (dropped off there) was told if I went to the police she would take my son away, because my housing situation, money etc., is day by day, but, I try everyday and he has everything he needs a roof over his head, clean clothes that fit, plenty of food, good environment etc, but, she has alot of money and a job etc., she also threatened to make me homeless when we returned from ohio because my apt. is in her name due to past bad credit, and, to make me have to give up my two kitties which she knows would truly break my heart, and last but, not least to set me up with drugs she had gotten some she said to plant on me so I would return to the airport to come back to california and get arrested, don't know if it was just a idle threat hope so, but, makes me uneasy since she has a key also to my apt., she said she was going to put me away for along time and she did alot of horrible physical things like try to gouge out my eyes I had scratches across my nose and I have pics of everything, and a voice recording of her wishing I was dead but, she didn't want to go to prison, but, that I would die without her help a slow painful death because it was what I deserved she said So, now I'm staying as far away from her as possible, and keeping my mouth shut because there is nowhere for me, my son, and our two kitties which are basically family alos to move to, we have no money, I only get ssdi once a month and that goes to my rent, things my son needs, bills, food and gas, and kitty needs, then there is nothing left over.  So I have been posting wishes on line applying for grants asking for resources to call and calling them calling churches whatever I can do to fix this and finally free myself of any and all abuse, right now I am safe, but, her having a key makes me feel a bit uneasy.  Anyway, that's what's on my heart and my mind everyday Also, my oldest son bless his heart has so many problems of his own right now but just called to say hey mom how are you doing I know something is really wrong when I don't hear from you, I started to cry as I explained I'm trying to keep my problems away from the kids even though they always tell me like I have always told them no matter what else is happening in my life you can talk to me I really am blessed in so many ways my three beautiful healthy loving caring children are one of the hugest ways and my cats are always willing to give me a hug when I need one too.  God Bless!!!!!
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Hi friends and she she and Sandav1

I got another surprise won little so every bit helps

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Whether we are working or not I hope somehow we can all enjoy the holiday.

My idea is to be able to sleep in , have money drop from the sky landing outside my door so I could help people and get me out of this place , I would like to crash about 10 hours but plummers are coming over to turn off the water early .

I will probably be writing reps, looking for work or misplaced work, looking at bills,

and see about apartment cheaper arrangements or house to share.

Want to be out of here before winter.

Have a good day Monday.


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 in response to whymawhy...   

Please can you give a city and state?

You can try my blog for some dental one it but it is low cost

888 4 ppa now is for medicine reduced and they have clinics 

try dental colleges too for dental work , ie universities that teach dentists how to become one, cheaper.


*Every New Member Receives 3 Additional Months FREE! For a limited time!! Dental care here great rates!!

ids DPlan10
use this code to save 10 off any dental discount plan

 Hope the information helps some

Good luck but do check with ppa number.


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My son in law has 3 infected teeth. No job. No insurance. Has a family of 6. lost job. looking but no luck

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i need help bad i got my power shut off im sitting in the dark and no one will help me i need 1000.00 to get it back on all my food got spoil and i had to throw it all the way please help me please i cant take this nomore
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Hi She She and friends!!!

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Sunday, September 06, 2009 Only when one reaches a point in life with God that very few can understand has that person become spiritually mature in the sense of an intimacy with God that few genuinely can grasp. It is complete trust with total faith in every word written within the Holy Bible.  Can you understand what I just said? Are you absolutely and without question sure just what complete trust in God actually is?  “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.”  As you read on you are in for a rude awakening on just what actual trust truly is based on faith. . . . That He might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the Lord doth man live. Deuteronomy 8:3 When it comes to our Lord and Almighty God, I am no longer of this world, but humble and open to His will with no life of my own.  Jesus answered them, and said, My doctrine is not mine, but His that sent me. If any man will do His will, he shall know the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.    John 7:16-17  Therefore when I write words concerning Him and “THY WORD IS TRUTH” it is done through many prayers knowing that we must: Prove all things. 1 Thessalonians 5:21  When your mind hovers around only God and His words for the better of twenty four hours each day as your prayers without ceasing just naturally become the home of your mind and heart, you know that you are no longer of this world.  What’s difficult is seeing the world as it is; and what’s even harder is seeing so clearly the horrors, deaths and rivers of blood that are about to totally blindside a deceived world just as God said. Because of the spiritual mind that now controls my life via truths; I must continually turn to God with even deeper prayers on my knees as often as needed for direction and being led. After all, our Lord God Almighty who cannot lie says; In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths. Psalms 3:6 We cannot warn the world of what’s coming, nor can we re - teach or convert the set minds of other individuals that just trust in them selves and all they have been taught while in truth ignoring what God says to do and not to do while strongly warning against the doctrines and traditions of man that no one pays any mind to. All that we can do is fully devoting our lives completely unto God in faith while waiting on His direction for all things no matter how difficult our own life’s circumstances may be.   Remember the words of importance that I wrote at the start regarding intimacy with complete trust in God with the words in Deuteronomy 8:3?   When you have that trust with faith that pleases Him through obedience, you have definitely become separate from most in the eyes of God simply because He has become your greatest of life’s priorities. And because He is first and foremost, you have no other gods before Him. There are countless words of God that billions are blind to with His own words clearly telling so, and He even tells with much detail, yet still none can see.  Would you like to know why that is? Blindness is Because of Disobedience. Now, rather than me writing thousands of words showing how most all Christians and religious people live apart from His instructions, I will just write how I live so that you can make your own decision or judgment.  When I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. Revelation 18:4 With eighteen years background with God, I have never been a church member. And 1995 was the last service I attended.  I know that God is pleased with me, and that He will without question reward me for striving to do what He says with un-wavering faith no matter how hard life may be. Hebrews 11:6 My diligence in seeking Him is made clear in Proverbs Chapter two because seeking her as silver and searching for her as hid treasure is my life.   In His time and not mine the day will arrive when I am able to do greater works than Jesus Christ, and because of my faith, I know that God cannot lie. John 14:12 Titus 1:2 I love the word and feel naked without it. I know Job well and love him as my brother with great thanks for his message that means so much because it was written for today as preparation for survival during the tribulation. As God leads I shall do much writing on Job and the message we all need to hear and comprehend. Paul is another brother and friend of mine because of just how well I can relate to his words with knowledge and understanding from God. His battles with the flesh and spirit, his thorn, his faith and all of God’s armor along with everything he counted as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Jesus Christ. Philippians 3:8 And Ezekiel gives me much of the strength that I need because I can feel the scorpions just as him. Chapter 2:6 I live in complete poverty with no income and more problems than I shall even mention simply because God knows my situation, and He supplies me with what He feels I need. My main of several Bibles resembles an ole worn out book from a trash pile because of its excessive use non-stop.  If you would like to know more about my rewards to come, look at what is written in 1 Samuel 2:8, Luke 12:32, Revelation 5:10 Just one verse is all that I need to write that will leave 99% of today’s Christians and every other man made religion in total darkness that is so dark they will see no light which is truth. What you are about to read is the greatest single verse in the entire Bible because it says it all! “And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.” Ephesians 3:19 Now let me ask you this question to simplify the powerful words that you just read.  What if everyone on planet earth had the love of Christ? And what if everyone on earth was filled with the fullness of God?  No more of the countless atrocities of disgusting horrors that would make you vomit with tears as rivers of water running down your face. That’s what the God given vision to Jeremiah did to him regarding the hundreds of millions within the tribulation. Lamentations 2:11,21, 3:8,43, 4:9-10 Just picture yourself where those words you just read are taking place, for that is truth where you will be.   God is love that wants His created creatures to be of the same character full of love and righteousness. Yet we live within a religious world of lip service that only turns their backs on those whom are hungry while speaking judgmental and hateful words to the Ezekiel’s in need with still the love and faith to tell you a truth that you refuse to believe even though it is written. Have questions? Want a brother and a friend? Or just remain a scorpion? The choice is yours within the Christian world with absolutely no love for others with actions other than words with no meaning in the eyes of God that knows your own hearts intent better than you your self.    
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My dad lives on Social Security now and is make about 1200- 1300 a month

He is a vet and I have tried finding help there for him with no luck. You must make under 1130.00

He lost his nice car as he  could no longer make the payment and got a used one. It now has problems and he has no money for the repairs and neither do I. He has always worked 2 jobs my enitire 42 years of life.

It is going to take about a 1000 to get it fixed. Is there any where we can get help, he cant make payments back and if he knew I was trying to find help he would just die, he is VERY independent and I help all I can but still raising a family and its hard. He lives alone about 1 and a half from me so I hate to see him stranded.

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