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I've been on aidpage for awhile now setting by listening to everyone's stories of their lives even posting my own story.

Today I am here to let all know that my 28 year old son passed away May 29th of this year. This has been the most devastating thing that has ever happened to me.  I just thought my teeth was a bad problem.  The passing of my son has crushed my heart. He was my best friend, my life, my reason for getting up and living everyday. He was my only son.

My heart aches for all those out there that are going thru such differcult times. But please be sure to slow down long enough to give your kids a hug and tell them everyday that you love them just as I did my son.  Those were always our last words when speaking on the phone or going off somewhere or just before going to bed. Always say I love you.

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Can anyone here help me find some help with my water bill? It is only 174.00 and they only want 102.00 of it. I can handle the rest. And then I am caught up completely. But I only have 3 days until they shut me off.

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 in response to Godistheanswer...   

Okey Dokey then,I for one am very glad that Lucy roamed the earth at one time just as I am glad that Jesus did the same. Diversity is what makes this world so wonderful, thankyou for reading and responding to me. Sincerely sheshe030

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Reply to Godistheanswer:-- I respect your passion for your believes but what about the fossilized remains of a smallish mature woman found in Africa several years ago with pieces of her woven garment and bits of jewelry found with her. Scientists estimate her age to be well over 20,000 years old (she is much older but I don't recall how many thousands of years was stated). I believe they called her Lucy and through intense DNA testing scientists have drawn the conclusion that all humans living today are indeed decendants of Lucy with the most direct decendant belonging to a tribe of natives in the upper regions of the NorthPole. You have to remember that there was much more land mass at that time and our ancestors were able to migrate to every known continent. In order to conclude this fact scientists tested Dna on every society now populating the world and the conclusion was mind boggleing that we all share Lucy's DNA and yes, Lucy was a black woman. This is all fact and I'm not black but I do believe if we were to trace our ancestry back far enough we would all find LUCY in our family tree. Also Lucy was not an ape,she was a upright walking female and had children, she also came from a people that knew how to cloth themselves and put ornaments on their bodies. Lucy also had fragments of braids in the hair that was left so we know she had to have come from a hunter,gathering tribe that knew how to make clothing and from her stomach contents they found grains of rice and wheat and seeds of wild berries. I'm not saying all this to counter your beliefs I just want everyone to be open minded about all that came before us. Thankyou Sincerely SheShe030

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I am a 29 yr, disabled man trying to start a business. I have poor credit and no money. I live on S.S.D.($697a month) and can not afford an apartment on my own. I am registering with my Native Tribe(Chowctaw) in hopes of maybe getting more grant choices. Any ideas?

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Hay yall my name is Tasha and I live in Apple Valley, Ca and would like to know if ne1 out there can help me. I am in need of an apartment and would like to know if some one could be of some help. I am a single mother of 2 and am desperately looking for a better place then where I am right now. But there are only 2 things stopping terrible credit and no Job my only source of income is the county and that is not much. I have a son named Ryan who is 16 months old and in February he almost died of Blood  Anurisim and has not been well since then but is getting a little better each day and my daughter Rayla who is almost 4 years has moderate Asthma and we are currently living with my grand parent's guest home which has 7 people in a 3 bedroom house and in their house they have 5 people but where I am it is always drama after drama and my children have no space to be children and always getting ridicculed for being who they are.

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comment fromm SheShe030:---For all aidmates and visitors to aidpage:---I found out today that in Washington state medicaid WILL pay for teeth extraction and a full set of dentures at Affordable Dentures  and will also pay to get a new pair of dentures every 5 years and the quality of the dentures is top notch, you do not have to have the economy set, the state will pay for premium dentures. I was so excited to hear this because I had to pay for my extractions as well as my dentures just 4 years ago but that was before Affordable Dentures opened up 2 offices in Spokane Wa. Not all dentists in Wa. will even take a medicaid patient , I called 8 different dentists today as well as 2 denturist's and not a one of them would accept medicaid for any dental work at all and my last call was to Affordable and I actually talked to the dentist that runs the office and they do implants as well but medicaid will not pay for any implants only dentures. The implants at Affordable Dentures both top and bottom are all done in one day and they told me you will be eating steak at dinner the same night. Their implants run about $1200 for the lowers and $1400 for the uppers and it takes about an hour and ahalf, they will set up a payment plan and give you 18 months to pay in full but they also will check your credit. They also have another plan where you pay a set amount a month, say around $150.00 or more if you can and when you have reach 3/4 of the total amount they will do your implants. We have had so many people here on aidpage inquireing about implants I just wanted everyone to know that medicaid WILL NOT comer implants. Sheshe030

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Does anyone live in central Maine and have an old refrigerator/freezer that works that they dont need anymore.....Mine will soon not exist, I cant believe it has made it this long....

Heres 2 sayings we should all read.......

Its what we do for christ in the HERE and NOW that will make a difference in the THEN and THERE. ----max lucado

In the great Orchestra we call LIFE, you have an instrument and a SONG.---max lucado

God Bless you all !!

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Stressing over chemo treatment number 3 coming up on Wednesday......but I love fishing with my pink fishing rod!

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I signed up for adsense, but how do I retrieve my publishers number that I have to copy and paste to aidpage?
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Hey guys if any of you know anyone that needs to get rid of any childrens clothes please let me know. I am in need of boys size 10 girls size 8 and girls size 5. I am a single mom with extremely limited income. Any little bit helps. Thanks so much.

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 in response to Amanda42...   

Hi have you applied for fafsa yet?? If so they sometimes can find scholarships for you. Also go to


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I am looking for college scholarships, can anyone help?

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Depressed. So depressed. Can't seem to smile at all today, and worried about so  much.

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 in response to NANCYFROMNH...   


I care. Please try this link to a listing of my pages that provide all kinds of free help and assistance. I can't promise anything , but there are TONS of resources to try !       soulight

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 in response to sheshe030...   

Amen,  to that!

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 in response to soulight...   

I visited your page and the website. Very very nice.If I run into anymore people who want help with eyecare I shall advice them to visit you page.Thank you for the services.

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 in response to Salaig...   

Hi Salaig

A few things about your post :

1 People in the States don't have any more money than you do. Most people on Aidpage are also in dire need of help.

2 I am very sorry about your situation , but even if there was some way to help , it would take tons of paperwork and references to verify your story.

3 You need to take all your personal information off of Aidpages unless you want scammers to try to take advantage of you and your family . Take all of your e-mails links and other identifying information off and you will be much safer and so will your loved ones.





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 in response to Wayne8...   

Maybe you should downgrade to a less expensive house. I don't know your situation , but it seems that you have bought a house out of your budget range.


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 in response to Bruce3...   

Hi Bruce3

Try putting Modest Needs into your search engine. They may be able to help you with your money difficulties. No one will put money into your account for direct deposit without ALOT of information and referances about your situation. It is unfortunate , but we all have to be careful of scammers who just are looking for money and don't really need help. So , try Modest Needs.


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