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 in response to ChristiGreen...   

Can you sell some plasma?  Read over my page on raising cash fast, and also check out for next month.  Do you qualify for food stamps?

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I'm getting scared. We have no meat in the freezer, and only a few cans of tuna left. I don't know what we're going to do. I've gotten all the food that I can from the local food pantries, and now I can't get any more until next month. My checking account is overdrawn from paying mortgage and rent. I'm lost. I have nothing to sell, and no one in my family is in a position to help either.  Someone help. Someone help us out of this downward spiral, we need a hand up.

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Pastor MadonnaButterfly
 in response to jojo09...    I'm glad he found another job, that is good. Since he has a decrease in pay you may have to get temporary living in a lower incomed housing. You might be able to qualify for a HUD home, based upon your income. They are nice homes. It would be less stressful for you and would help you provide shelter for your children. There may be some HUD homes available in your local neighborhood. You would have to check with your case worker to find out. Also your local Real Estate has a list of the HUD homes in your local area. It is worth checking into and being you have children they would rush it for you to get into a home. I'll be praying for you and your family and will do more research. Should I find something I'll get back with you on it! Good luck to you and God Bless You Always! ~Love, Madonna (madonnabutterfly).
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Pastor MadonnaButterfly

 We are riding out the storms today. Weather is so unpredictable. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. That is 'why' we have to make the most of today. Do the best that we can to let our friends and loved ones know how much they mean to us. Then do our best to make our situation better for us and our families. Life is not always easy, but we can make things better if we try really hard too. We have to 'pray' and let God be a part of everything that we do in our lives. He will be with us every step of the way. When we lean upon him, listen and obey him all things will work out for the good. When we do things our own way and make our own decisions that is when everything 'fails'. God is perfect he does not make mistakes, though some of us tend to blame him when things in our lives are not going well for us. We sometimes lay the blame on the ones that are closest to us then wonder why we end up alone, or feeling that no one understands us. The fact is ...we can do anything that someone else can do! We have to apply ourselves to doing it! We have to study and to learn 'how' they were able to do what they are doing! They are just as human as us and someone had to teach them too! So we cannot give up, we just have to try harder and pray harder to get where we are wanting to go! We have to build our confidence within ourselves to accomplish what we are trying to accomplish! We tend to assume we cannot do something without even trying to do it! Perfection takes practice! It's like riding a bicycle. We fall and get back on it and try again! Eventually we are riding it without training wheels! Events in our lives are the same way! We may fail the first few tries but after that we get the hang of it! I enjoy seeing everyone succeed in making an accomplishment! It makes you feel better about yourself and it tends to help you have more skill! Bettering yourself only makes you have more income and a better life! We may not always get a pat on the back for a job well done...but I want to let you know that I'm proud of you for a job well done and it deserves a pat on the back! You can do this I have confidence in you that things in your lives are going to get better for you. Hold your head up and be strong. Never give up because this is something that you can and are able to do! I wish you the best my friends! My prayers, support and care are with you always! God Bless You Always! ~Love, Madonna (madonnabutterfly).

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Me and my husband live in chattanooga tn with our 3 children. He lost his job butthank goodness found another one. Unfortunetly we got behind on rent, electric, water. The job he has now is minimum wage,not near what he was making. I am thankful for something though. I have tried grants and other sites and no luck. My case worker wont call me back i have 1 month to move and no money to move with. If anyone knows of any actual helpful sites i'd appreciate it. I have to have a 3 bedroom, and can't afford much. I would like a safe place for my kids. thanks for listening.

Talk to jojo09

I am the parent of a mentally challenged male. During our critical times we lost our vehicle(A conversion van) We are wondering if there is anyone out there who would like to donate a used unwanted or uneeded vehicle to us poor people for a tax write off. We cannot do major repairs so if you have a vehicle that needs minor repairs, we would love to have it. We are very decent and appreciative ppeople who would be so thankful for this. Please e-mail if can donate. Thanks a million.

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 in response to jeffcc...   

WOW That was a truly touching story, and I must admit, made me a little emotional. I guess in the midst of our problems, we tend to forget that when we do what we can God will do what we can't. Thankyou so much for posting this. It truly made my day!!!

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 in response to jeffcc...   

Thank you for sharing, this was a very moving story that I hope everyone here reads.

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hello i am from cameroon and i need finacial help.i need to pay of my bils ,school expences but there is no way for me because i have no job nor someone to help me so i am calling on thepublic for help.




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 in response to NANCYFROMNH...   

hello i would have rally loved to help you but sorry to tell you that i am just a help saker like you.


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hello i am 20 years old and and i am i need financial surport from any stable good samaritan.i lost my fater and because of this i am hepless to my self.if you can help me either finacially or morally.or offer me any free online jobs that can give me money.


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im fine i guess cant complain im breathing . i thank GOD for waking me n my family up everyday

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for ur arthrhitis pain you may want to look for you local massage school n invest in a cheap massage for ur pain that could possibly help. im a massage student and during clinic i have a lot of people with arthritis  say that they feel better after a massage

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 in response to MadonnaButterfly...   

very well my friend and my sister in Christ for it is written that we are of one body and that's the body of Christ so being friends should come easy lol be blessed and may all of your wants and needs be supplied and multiplied through the goodness of God.Be blessed my friend......until next time!!

Talk to KUNTRI333

  I just thank the Lord for this day that He guide me what to do and to be contented...To all, have faith and never say you will quit..Like in prayer just trust in God..He is the answer...God bless us all..I am just positive in my attitude that helps my faith too...

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Pastor MadonnaButterfly
 I hope that everyone remains safe during these terrible storms. I want you to know that I'm praying for you and your families and friends. May God protect you and yours during these times that we are living in. May we have peace and prosperity in abundance. God Be with us All, Amen. God Bless You. ~Love, Madonna (madonnabutterfly).
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Pastor MadonnaButterfly
 in response to KUNTRI333...    Hi, KUNTRI333! God Bless You my friend! Yes, we have the same Father. He is wholesome and awesome! He is our Best Friend he loves us and wants what is best for us. Scriptures and hearing the word of our Father God is always sufficient and fullfilling indeed. We sometimes need to hear how much he loves us. Even though we know this it does our souls good to hear it again for reassurance. We are Sisters and Brothers of Father God. We help to lift each other to a higher place of Faith and Trust in Him. He is so worthy of our Love and Worship, unto Him. God is so beautiful. His work, creations, earth, skies....all that he is and does is so beautiful. We are so very small compared to his mightyness. He is so powerful and wholesome. He is so strong, yet so gentle. He is absolutely amazing. God Bless You my Brother and my friend! Much Love and Happiness to you! ~Love, Madonna Short (madonnabutterfly) Please keep in touch with me! I enjoy you also! Together we can help each other stay strong in God!
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Hi I'am a single mother of two boys 11 and 14 they are great kids that understand our situation. We have being living with family members for a while. I have been looking for a grant to help us get a place of our on but everytime i look one up they alway want money to buy a grant package. Is there a site i can go to without having to go threw all the headaches of buying the package. That will take me straight to all the programs.

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 in response to FlaGal...   

reply to FlaGal:--Thankyou, I wrote that down in one of my journals a very long time ago and it just seemed so appropriate to share it not only for our Stacyann but all who come to aidpage feeling their alone and helpless. I'm glad you liked it. sheshe030

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I am 62 being evicted from my apartment I seeked help with chairties  didn"t get any help.  I live in easton Pa I work as a live in caregiver is there anyone in the Easton area that knos or needs a live in caregiver?

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