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I am writing just like everyone else to ask for help.  This has been a very bad morning, worse than those I've faced in the past.  I've been on Aidpage talking about me and my terrible teeth problem and needing help to get them pulled and dentures put in.  I've found nothing so far exept alot of insurances plans I cant afford.  Anyway I have been on here for awhile because I've been trying to make money almost anyway I can - legally that is.

Well just when I thought things could not get worse - they do.  This time my concerns are with my son and his 5 year old boy.  He's my story.  My son is the manager of a meat company.  He sells Steak, Seafood and Chicken door to door, company to company or just to anyone who loves a good deal.  The meat is great by the way if anyone may want to purchase some. But I'm not here to try to sell but if I could sell just to make some money I'd do it.

Anyways the problem is is that he brings his meat truck home every night with a freezer on the back of it full of meat.  Well last night we went to bed with everything being ok.  This morning we awake to find out that someone during the night stole his freezer and all the meat in it.  We're talking $ 1400.00 worth of stuff.  My son gets to work to report it being stolen only to have his boss tell him he has to come up with the money by the end of this week.  Well we all know how IMPOSSIBLE something like that is especially if you're just barely making ends meet as it is.

My son works from 8 a.m. in the morning till 11 p.m. at night selling meat and running the office.  He does this 6 days a week and most the time on Sundays too.  He was planning on a Good Christmas for his 5 year old son this year.  His son doesnt live with him.  His sons mother cant afford to give the child any kind of new things like clothes, shoes etc.  He's lucky to get food I guess.  So my son wanted to buy him new clothes, new shoes etc so he wouldnt be so embarressed when he goes to school looking at everyone else's nice things.

I guess I'm asking if there's anyone out there that can donate anything - money, clothes, shoes , ANYTHING.  Even if you only have a dollar to give - you know dollars add up if enough people are willing to give.  Seems like our country can send money to everywhere else except to the United States where there are so many children doing without.  Id love to tell folks its just a dollar a day donation and end up with 30.00 from everyone.  That would be Great but it just doesnt happen.  I guess I should take a picture of the 5 year old and send it to the news and show them OUR kids are doing without just like those in other countries.  Dont get me wrong - I want EVERY child to have what they need.  Its just that theres so many Americans that need and there's no Rich folks out there helping any of those here in the United States.  It frustrates me badly.

I set up a Paypal account just in case someone out there can donate even 50 cents to help this little boy out.  My son will go on even though this Friday he will loose his job and I dont know what we will do then.  I have to live with him because of all the bad luck I've had the past few months and he's worked his butt off just trying to pay the bills in his house with me no working.  I do sell a little on ebay but I'm not very experienced and I dont charge enough to make any money - in fact I'm losing money.

I want his child to have some new pants, shirts, shoes, just the basic necessaties for xmas.  I dont know  how to go about getting it so I'm here asking for advise.  If you know of any charities in Atlanta that give to children please let me know.  If anyone out there can donate anything, 50 cents - 1.00 or even clothes please let me know.  You can post a response on my Aidpage page or send me an email at  Any and all help would surely be appreciated.

My teeth problems arent even important to me anymore now that I see my other members of my family going thru so much turmoil.  The world is for these young kids. They are innocent and believe the world is a good place.  They havent been touched by the thieves, crooks and all the dishonest people around us.  Its hard to make an honest living when those around you steal it from you anyways.  I cant believe someone would take such a big freezer and meat just for their own selfish reasons.  It was raining last night so theres no fingerprints, nothing that can be traced.  They knew what they were doing. 

Sorry for such a long letter but I didnt know where else to turn.  There's so many people needing so many things and each one I pray will get what they need.  I pray ALL The Time.  I just dont thing even God can help my son out this time and his son too.  Friday isnt that far away.  My son is crushed.  His spirits are down.  He's giving up on the world.  I worry about him alot because all of this that has happened to him.  If it wasnt for my son I would be out living in the streets so I've got to try everything in my power to help him out of this situation.  A 5 year old shouldnt have to do without just so some drug crazed nut needed money or whatever the reason the people did what they did.

Please help me anyway you can.  I hope all have a Blessed Day and may God be with all of you and your troubles.  If I ever get in the position to help people I will dedicated my life to it. 

Thanks for listening

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Hoping to get some food in the house today :(

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 in response to sneakersjohnson...   

Dear Donna,

You & your daughter both will be in my prayers.  For her I pray that the surgery is successful and that whatever it is that they find may the Good Lord guide the hands of the surgeon to remove whatever it is.  I pray for you, that HE bestows upon you the strength and courage that youre going to need to get your daughter through this.  May HE put & keep HIS protective shield around you and your daughter, be by her side holding her hand and allowing her to feel HIS LOVE & Power as HE whispers to her to "Hold on my child, You are not alone.  Keep your head up Donna and remember when you pray, leave it in GOD's Hands.  Don't carry it back with you once you get off your knees.  HE may not come when you call HIM but HE's alywas ON TIME!!!



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Hi.........I need help to send out packages . I have overdrawn my bank account sending packages that I thought I would get help for postage with. It is my own fault, I blame myself. I really thought someone would step forward to help with postage.

Now I am indebt to my bank for about 182 in overdraft fees, as you know it starts a domino effect and everything ends up bouncing, plus I get charged 5 bucks a day per overdraft. This means that my husband's check that we only get every two weeks, will be taken by the fees. Tha leaves us nothing to pay bills with or anythng else for two more weeks.

     I have not given up hope on someone donating money for postage to get the rest of the packages out. I have 5 more that need to be sent out. Those that recived what I sent on Friday please post and let me know that you got them.

     Someone please have some heart and help me to send these packages. This is important to me to send them off. I put them together, I just want the families to get them.

     If anyone is really feeling helpful, I could use money to live on for two weeks, literally. The gifts will go out first though, just so you all know. Do not give up, I am not giving up, I will somehow get these packages to you.

 Your Friend,



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I would like to send christmas cars send addresss to


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I would like to send christmas cars send addresss to


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Hello my name is Tomika Johnson and I am a single mother of 3.  I am writing this letter to ask for help.  I recently went back to work about a year ago.  As I was going back and forth to numerous doctor's, because I had a case that know one had ever heard of.  I had two osteomas that grew on my spine and sacrum ala.  In the process of being off I work with short and long term disability I was recieving 336.00 weekly for 6 months and the long term I was recieving 1100.00 monthly, inotherwords I was recieving 50 to 60% of my disability.  As I was preparing for my surgery I later found out that the surgery was serious, I was told I would have a 40% chance I would make it, and If did, I would be paralyze, but I was told I would be paralyze if I did not have, so I really did not have a choice.  During the time I was off I struggle with bills, life, children and my own personal strength.  I do thank God everyday, because I did survive the surgery, but I have severe nerve damage on my left side, I hurt all time but I am grateful for the opportunity to see my children grow.  I donot want to sound unapprieciative, because I am not, but right now Christmas is about 3 weeks away and I donot have the money I need for my children, I wishing and praying they  are able to have a Christmas.  I have ask my family and my parents and everyone is broke.  I've never ask anyone for help, because I was to proud and embarrass, but it's about my children not me.  If there's anyone that's able to help me and my family God bless you.  I thank God everyday for everything including my life, and now I am asking someone to help my children wake up to a wonderful Christmas.  I am going to leave my number and my parents number if you are able to help me....

Tomika Johnson (248)521-7069

Parents (248)996-9157

God Bless everyone and have a Wonderful Holiday!

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Please pray for my little Hope, she is going in for surgery tomorrow and a biopsy. I guess in the last tests that they did something showed up and they have to biopsy it. So please keep her in your prayers. Thank you so much. In Christian Love. Donna

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Help pray for me. I am trying to see if I can apply for some government grants to help pay for my bills. Please pray for me that I can find them and qualify for them. Or if anyone knows of any company or anywhere that helps pay your debt bills please let me know.

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prays that my car gets fixed on friday so i can drive to texas and start my new job. man i had to push back my training date. ughhh...

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Hey all we need to come up with an extra $350 on top of my husbands pay check by friday in order to pay everything that is already past due. If anyone out there can help me reply to me and I can give you my email addy. Thanks We are desperate!

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okay, getting desperate.  My mother in law stole my checkbook and while I am pressing charges we had to pay 900 dollars to correct what she did.  If there is anyone who can offer my family assistance I can be contacted at or  Maybe it is not money you can help with, but christmas for my son would be great.  My daughter has her birthday in january and on top of Christmas and bills there is no way we can survive.  I have tried the local organizations and at this time it is either too late to register or others are out of funds.  Any one who is capable of helping, god bless.

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Please visit this site to help a wonderful Dog!!! we love her so much

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Married couple from the states is looking for serious and qualified investors to acquire an eco resort in Central America. The business plan and several locations have been completed. Combined together we offer 20 years in the hospitality and tourism industry.  Our background and experience is very highly qualified for such a project.  The research, knowledge and determination are all in place, unfortunately the major factor, captial is lacking.  We are seeking 10 investors to invest $150,000.  Any advice on this quest would be welcomed. 

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hi there,

             my name is mike and i'm not sure if this is the place i need to explain my wifes wishes or not . my wife of 5 yrs now as of dec 6th/2008 has 4 major brain aneurisyms yes this is true. i personally a disabled and we are both on diability.. we are in london,ontario canada. my wife and i have been through alot with going to the hospital and appointments every year that we have forgotten to have any fun in our lives..

we both love each other very much and my wife has some wishes that i know are completely impossible for me to accomplish!

wish one is to have a pt cruiser. yes a car.

wish two is too have trailer part fees paid for so she can go camping.. 

now we have a campground in our city limits  which is fantastic but i cannot afford to grant her wishes.

if anyone knows what it is like for someone to have aneurisyms it is like some walking with a time bomb ready to go off..

my wife's life is not great and i know that someday she will evently die because of her situation and i will be devistated..

history: we met online she is originally from mexico where her mother beat her on a daily basis. her family has treated her terribly all her life . her father died in mexico from aides fooling around on her mother. she left mexico and landed in aylmer,ontario. where she met a man and married quickly because her mother had sent her to canada to set up a place for her and the family..the man she married turned out to be a very bad person and married her to cover up his own problem that he was gay.. which he didn't bother to tell her. then she divorced him after catching him in a hotel with another man. after that she met a man who she thought was nice but ended up using her for money and labour.. soaked her dry.. by the time i met her and took her away from all the situations she was in she had to go bankrupt.. good thing but not now she has no means of credit..i was in the same situation because of my ex as well and went bankrupt as well.. this is only part of the situation i could go on but to keep this short all i can say is because of our situation we cannot purchase or get any extra funds to grant my wifes wishes.. this is my one and only hope to help her i have tried getting credit but no hope..before it's too late..

all i want for my smart intelligent lovelly wife is to have what she always wanted before she dies.

thankyou for reading and god bless.

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 in response to Brighan...   

Thanks for the heads up.  Forever on the look out for predators! 

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i dont wish i were rich i just live my life but i do want my siblings to have a good christmas this year because they're always dissappointed

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who are you? and how can  i sound mean?

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