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wondering why the state will help people that dont need it... but wont help the ones that do...

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If you need car seats, try googling it--I remember seeing somewhere that

car seats are free if you are unemployed because safety for our children comes first.

Much Success! 

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Jennifer Bradford

Hey Guys!  Hope everyone's Halloween went well for them!  I just wanted to drop by and say hey to everyone and to announce that for anyone who may be interested, The Business Promotion for my company ended on Halloween Evening but this month we have a whole new promotion.  This month, anyone who is looking for Wonderful, Affordable Dental or Health Care benefits, NOW is the time to jump in and get them!  This month, ALL of our packages are ONLY $20 your first month.  Normally, they range anywhere from $14.95 with a $20.00 first month registration fee to $59.95 with a $30.00 first month registration fee.  So regardless, you would normally pay anywhere from $24.95 to $89.95 your FIRST month.  But no, for ANY of those packages, this month you will ONLY pay $20.00 and then starting next month, you will pay the normal package price, anywhere from $14.95/month to $59.95/month just according to which package you chose.  For any newcomers who hasn't seen one of my postings, these benefits are accepted at top name companies like Walmart, Pearle Vision,  Walgreens, CVS and the list just goes on and on..If anyone would like to know more feel free to email me or go on and check out the site at:

And like I have stated before, I do my business to help other people.  I come to this page a few times a day normally and read everyones posts to look and see if anyone has a problem I might be able to help them with in one way or another..Helping people is something I live for..and my company is one of the ways I do just that and I have used these benefits unfortunately myself so I know how much they can really save.  I want others to be able to go to the dentist, get their prescription medicine, etc.  With this program, things become easier.  Yes you have a monthly fee but at the same time, you're going to be saving yourself a lot of money when it comes time to use your benefits card.  It's well worth it.  There are 4 different packages to chose from to best suit your needs, so please go to my website and look over them and see which one best suits you.  Feel free to email me at any time if you have any questions.

Well I guess that is all for now but I hope everyone has good day today. :)

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No problem, Charm1!

I didn't know how to post, either!

I am a newbie, toooo! 

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Just want to say that I would like to participate in the AID program.

I am always willing to learn how to do new things.

I am so glad I found this web page!!! 

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Hi, I'm Gloria. I have a 19 year old attending college that has been diagnosed with an eating disorder. We are in the process of getting a medical withdrawal. Once that is accomplished, she will need to be admitted to a treatment facility. Since we have no insurance, the program has offered us a discounted rate based on my salary. However, I'm also a widow and don't have a big salary.

I'm supposed to have $50,000.00 to pay my portion of the treatment. There is no way I can come up with those funds in a week. Does anyone know of any emergency assistance? Are there grants or loans that have immediate access to the funds so that I can provide half the money upon entry to the program? ANY assistance will be appreciated. This is literally a life-or-death disorder and we need to get her into a facility ASAP.

Many thanks for your feedback and suggestions. Gloria

Nov.5th: the latest news: we missed the most recent deadline for enrollment in a facility. Christine is still in Europe, trying to finish her college semester. The Dean of Students has set up a daily 'weigh-in' and some faculty have volunteered to check on her daily. I'm continuing to look for finances and now must wait for Christine's return to Va. and a new opening in the treatment facility.

I'm having trouble finding respones to my post, so please contact me at . I still need to get funds together and be prepared for Christine's homecoming and her admittance to Remuda Ranch.  God bless you for your prayes and support.    Gloria

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  I live in Rhode Island and my family and I are struggling like everyone else.  I have applied for foodstamps and so forth and my husband is waiting for unemployment from being layed off.  I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to get car seats for my 3yr old and my 8 month old.  They are both outgrowing the ones we have.  Unfortunately they are very expensive and I've been unable to find any help in getting them.  My 8 month old has also outgrown her bassinette and I need a crib for her.  Any info is helpful, thank you.  If I am able to get new car seats I am willing to donate the ones I have to any one who needs them.  They are in great condition, my daughters are just growing so fast.

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If anyone knows of a way to receive help with dental work, the information would be greatly appreciated.  I live close to Tallahassee Florida so any resources in this area would be wonderful.  thanks


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Sorry for all the inserts I wasn't sure if I did it right.

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Sorry for all the inserts I wasn't sure if I did it right.

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stable & disabled

Everyone is having a tuff time right now and all the information people give, mostly, is good however money is running short with all organizations and its truly amazing how little its takes to have in order to get no assistance. I am a disabled man living on SSDI with a part-time job. Its a little difficult to make ends meet at times but believe me it can be done. I know I have been doing it since 1990. You dont always get what you want but you can have what you need, food, a roof over your head and basic utilities. I dont mean to sound so rude here but come people alot of you have not even begun to see the bottom of the barrell yet your still sitting pretty on the rim....

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The autumn season has arrived!

October- I like to reflect on the harvest that has been reaped from life's garden (Yes even the weeds in the garden, and the rough rows that had to be hoed!). 

Nov- I try to share with enthusiastic thankfullness from my heart all that has been good throughout the year (and come to think of it... even that which was not so great because it made me stronger and more appreciative of the many blessings!).  

Dec-I remember that it is not what I get, but what I give to others that defines whether the gift of living the past year has been worthy or wasted (I may not have money, but I have time, I have an ear/shoulder, I have faith, I have no excuse not to share what I have been so abundantly given!). 

Here is to my favorite time-the 3 best holidays- that nature brings to an end with such a flourish of colour and beauty- to remind me to look again at the past year and celebrate the wonders, the miracles, and the blessings that were a part of my very ordinary life. 

Happy Hopeful Autumn to All!  ksoulsak

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Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

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 in response to NCFM...   i promise i will b/c he means the whole world to me and i dont want to miss a moment with him and thx hon for any prayers we can get or did i forget to mention my fiance is a preacher. he doesnt preach anymore b/c of his heart.
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Well, don't waste that precious time being depressed.  Use that time loving and enjoying that very special person, ok.

I'll be praying for you. 


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Believe me, I know and understand where you are coming from and how you must be feeling... I will say a prayer for you and your family..

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thanks cause this thing called responsibility is really hard

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Carmaletta, I know how you feel... I have those nights quite often.. May I suggest taking a bubble bath with lights off and candles lite... Its very soothing and peaceful

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Hello all,

It is currently 47* in our house and I am looking for anyone who may have some warmers pajamas, slippers, extra fleece or flannel sheets, anything to help. We have found someone who is sending us space heaters,etc but my children really need these things. We do not have working heat right now and will not until beginning of December if all goes as planned. Feel free to message me if you can help.

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  Just revisiting and updating.  I have done alot of praying lately and no amount of money was gonna save my family, I guess sometimes what your asking for isn't really what you need.  Money can buy alot of things, but in the end you can't take them with you anyway.  My husbands car was repossessed and last week our final blow was dealt when the company he has been with laid him off indefinately.  We decided at this point we have no other options and have filed jointly for bankcruptcy.  Though we may never be able to buy a house or car we now have peice of mind.  We aren't stressed to the max anymore.  We are still struggling because it could be 4-6 weeks before we see an unemployment check but I have found so many agencies to help with small things like diapers, food, and heating assisstance.  Money is what got us in this mess and I never even should have thought that what caused the problem could solve it.  Instead the kindness of others has saved us.  Money runs out and causes debt but people are always there and though sometimes they may be hard to find, God will lead them to you when you are truley in need.  And sometimes you find things you have just laying around someone else may need and pass it on.  Though it wouldv'e have been easier to recieve a $20,000 dollar bailout and just move on, I actually feel this was much better.  I've meet some really nice people who have helped me in more ways than one and I've learned even though I don't have money I can help others too.  I hope everyone here finds there way and can stand up and go on.  Remeber chin up, don't ever look down or you might miss what your really looking for.  God Bless all of you and goodluck with your journeys.

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