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Is there anyone that can help me? I need a wisdom tooth extraction and a tooth filling and I have called social services but they say they can't help me because I'm 21 yrs old and I do not qualify. I'm also out of a job and currently going to school full time and have no money to pay for these procedures. I also called a few free Los Angeles Clinics but they don't offer appointments until december. If someone knows of anything I could do to get help please reply back.
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 Good morning everyone.  The House is voting today. Make your voice heard. Email or Fax your Congressman/woman, and tell THEM what is on your mind today. They need to know that WE need help.  Not the fat cats on Wall Street.

Tell them about your utilities, your cars, your rent payments, your mortgage payments.

They represent US. It costs nothing to send an email. (yet) 

I hope everyone has a great Friday, I'll be thinking about you all! 

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Jesus loves you, and is there for you

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That people would reach out and help people who are really in need...  It can be a  lonely world out there when you feel you  alone.

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Such beautiful & inspiring words.

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Well, its been awhile since I was just sharing what is on my heart and mind and I'm afraid I have to be honest because who does that help if your not certainly not ourselves and we have to help ourselves at some level to help someone  else,  so I have been selfish, and been feeling sorry for my self and "woe is me for my weeks of Marshal law ruling my life and the Marshall was "Murphy him or herself.... you know know when you think you are living the never ending nightmare, when every part of your life and soul and spirit seems to have been ripped to shreds with out warning... Well the only way  for me to have that lovely smile with those dentures that only stay in for a short time, but hey I have top dentures and they do stay in for a short time, I guess I had forgot to the look for the good the positive,  whether it be I'm sleeping in on a cardboard box on a street, its better then freezing in the snow with no food or water... I'm  one of those that for most of my life I was the victim, and  it was true and it was horrific, everything from abuse from more people in more ways that I want to go back and think about, anymore, to trying to escape all of those painful memories with a bottle or with a man or a woman,  anything so I didn't have to look at the reality of what happened and push thru and and find the lite at the end of the tunnel.  I had to quit being the victim long enough to get my off my pity pot, and wanting to die, oh how I would hate to wake up in the morning and realize I was still here to feel the regret of yesterday yet again.... and I spent about 40 plus years doing that. that blond girls picture I'm holding is me,  when I graduated from high, school and those aren't dentures that make me sick. those were my my teeth.   Now i can call my self gummy, and it wont kill me to laugh, what is the worst thing that could happen, the very worst I could get esophageal cancer and die, sounds  like a bummer, well in reality someday sometime I will die... so am I going to waste what ever time I'm allotted whining, well yeah some of it I am, I'm human and I do have bad days as my friend on this site put so good on a video of her self, and if you don't well enjoy your fantasy....

Life isn't always smiles and joyful, but most of the time if we can get off the pity pot for awhile, and try and really listen to people on here, and I'm not saying everybody on here is for real, they probably aren't but enough them are, I'm not going to try and figure out if I should or not encourage someone...

I came on here last June and before I knew it I was was  up of half the nite trying to encourage people I forgot all about my lack of teeth.. and the blond up there in the picture, when I was 18,  she was sucidial most of the time,   well earlier than that but then till I was about 40 I was in out of hospitals for trying to take my life,  I guess my point is, no matter what picture we see or lack of a picture, because I was judging the other day because people didn't show pictures in here often, but maybe its better sometimes, because we can be pretty judgemental, at least I can, and I dont like that when I am, I have to remember I have a forest in my eye before I try and take out a log in some one else's....... you know...

Any way, I'm climbing out of my pit, I didn't dig it, and I didn't throw my self in it, but it I don't want to drown in my depression, so I better try and find a way out of it, and the best way his to help a fellow human being, in some way, a cyber smile, a cyber hug a prayer  to who ever you want, I choose to pray to God..  and keep doing that,   and pretty soon you will be so involved in trying to make someone else's day better, you wont be taking your mess so serious, oh it will still be a mess, I still have only top dentures and they still dont stay in long and I still get sick, but I just dont' want to  use up my life focusing on something that I can't change at this minute, one of these days, I believe I will get my miracle and I will find a way to get the 6 teeth implants and special dentures I need in the mean time.... give a smile to someone, doesn't cost a dime and most of us our broke so you can afford that....

Well my mind is working maybe its the medicine I'm getting, that they give  to peple  with dementia problems and alzheimer's patients..  wrap your mind around that and see how it feels....  no don't I will tell you it ahead of time its now fun not knowing if you are going to keep losing your memory or the way you think and your behavior changes in not a pleasant way, and will I know my grand kids next year... no see don't go there, today I can remember still more then my cousin who is 57 also and has vascular dementia from strokes, doesn't know what catcup is or  mustard,  good looking and had money. what good is his money now?????

Food for thought,

many hugs and smiles and lots of prayers for all of your needs just remember I felt bad for having no shoes to till I met the man with no feet...



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Suzanna McMahan

grants for dogs


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Trust in Jesus christ. Dont Loose hope and he will see you through

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Truly I will be praying for those who are in need. Thats a Promise

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Truly I will be praying for those who are in need. Thats a Promise

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i am just thinking about the bailout,honestly a lot folks are not new to crises in their finacial lives no one has ever bailed them out talkless of banks. this whole thing is just about saving the rich who have invested all thier money into the housing biz.nobody cares about the average joe who has been having credit problems for years,no banks will bail him out because as they say he has a bad a bad credit record,now these same unforgiving,selfish,and immoral banks are crying for help.what a world we live in

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Whatever happens after the election of the new president--I will still hang on to my religion, guns, and defend my civil liberties.

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 Everyone is suffering right now. This is a long blog, but really informative on the "bail out" and why it won't work. I'm really worried about the economy, as I'm sure a lot of you are. The House is voting AGAIN on the "rescue plan" today. Bail out didn't work, so they renamed it.

You still have time to write your congressman/woman to say no (or yes I suppose if you think it's a good idea! :) ) 

As of this morning, because there were so many letters, calls and faxes coming in, was no longer accepting emails!!! 

 Hope everyone has a good Thursday, keep your chins up!

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Don't have a picture,briefly my situation.Ten years ago was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.Didn't take long to progress and lose everything my family had worked for.My health is steadily going downhill and of course I'm broke.I draw a whopping $681.00 a month from SS and $133 in food stamps,me and my son's ex girlfriend live together because of situations I'd rather not go into.At any rate recently moved into my Grandparents home that had been empty for 3 years,broken into,vandalized,stolen from,so forth and so on.It is however my home.I need money to repair and update it.Newer vehicle,seriours dental work,I've lost track of who and what I owe so money for that.Basiclly,I need to be able to pull myself up and not worry about eating,electricity,heating and cooling,very basic needs.any ideas are welcome.Any help with applying would be good as well,nearly blind,and what's left of my mind is almost useless.I wish everyone luck and hope to be blessed with some much needed help.



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hey, i wish i didn't have all the pain and stress of life today, i am a seperated nana, whom now have custody of my 4 grand-children, age 13, 11, 10, and 8 it has been a struggle for us as we have to go without luxuaries, my 13 yr old plays rugby league, they have a trip to NZ i have tried to save every cent i possible can to get him on this trip, but have failed, which is very disheartening for him, althought i managed to save $1,100.00 he still requires $2, 500.00 as they will be away for 2 weeks cost covers adventures, transport, movies food and returned airfare he is looking so forward to the trip if there is any kind samaratan out there who could make my grand son dream come true i would appreciate ur help i will promise to return the funds thank you may God bless you....

Desperate nana

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There's an e-mail floating around about the $85,000,000,000.00 bailout for AIG. The e-mail says that the money should be divided with 200,000,000 bonafide U.S. Citizens 18 and over. It says to divide 200 million adults 18 and over into $85 billion that equals $425,000.00 for every person over 18, of course it wouldn't be tax free, so assume a rate of 30% tax, every individual will pay $127,500.00 in taxes, which sends $25,500,000,000 right back to uncle Sam. Every adult then has $297,500.00 in their pocket. A husband an wife has $595,000.00. What would you do with $297,500.00? Pay off mortgage- housing crisis solved, Repay college loans- great boost for new grads, put away money for college- it will be there, Save money in bank- creat money to loan to entrepreneurs, buy new car- create jobs, Invest in market- capitol drives growth, pay your parents medical insurance- health care improves, Enable Dead beat dads to come clean- or else.

If we are doing a $85 billion bailout, let's bailout U.S. Citizens. And Remember the Birk plan only cost $59.5 billion because Uncle Sam instantly gets $25.5 billion. The e-mail was signed Birk.

This would be a solution to Tax payers helping bailout taxpayers.

God Bless



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There are wonderful grants availablefor youth centers like you describe. Please look into and search for communtiy developement or youth center grants. Sometimes what your looking for is under a different name so I suggest looking at all the grants available and seeing the requirements.

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Go to it is a free website to search for grants or you can google federal grants

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Good Morning MY  Little Chunky Cheek Cherubs, I hope this A:M finds you all well and reasonably happy. Now that our government and banks are officially in the toilet we here at aidpage are going to be hit by those in need harder than ever. This depression we're heading into makes aidpage more important than ever before. I just wanted to express how very proud I am to be a member of the aidpage family and to tell you all that what we do here is such a huge service to our society. The noice your not hearing is me applauding you all. Have a good day my little monkeys-------sheshe030

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This looks like a great Web Site that could help a lot of you that have been calling me for dental help. if they can not help you I will still do my best I am so happy that there are places that are bigger and better than me that can help and will help.  Thank you for whoever posted this I'm going to keep repeating it for eveyone.  If I can't help you they can and if they can't help you I won't give up if you don't.  Sincerley, Nancy McGuire

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