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 in response to charrondillard...   

now I LOVE that prayer and its powerful and if everyone prayed that our world would be an awesome place...things would change for sure GOD bless

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how im ever going to be able to support my children and take care of all of us health wise there is just no way with my situation it is unrealistic

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 in response to tammy05...   

reply tammi--I will keep you in my thoughts tonight as i meditate, just keep positive thoughts going out to the universe at all times, it takes less muscles to smile than to frown (wrinkles you know) I just feel so strongly that your family will be blessed, you have suffered enough, its your turn now to recieve.  bless you all sheshe030

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 in response to tammy05...   

Reply to tammi05--I am so sorry you lost your son, believe me you never will completely get over the loss, I too lost my son at age 18 from leukemia and it's been over 20 years--the empty spot he left will never be filled. I'm also sorry to hear of the loss of your father and uncles, it seems like deaths in familys often come in large doses. I don't understand why you are so devastated by your son telling you he was gay, be thankful you have him and that he can live his life in honesty, I would be very proud of him if I were you. I don't think you realize how very blessed you are, you have a son that wants to get an education to better his life and a daughter and a brand new baby coming into your life. I think it's wonderful that your mom will be living with you, you are again blessed to be surrounded by so much love and so many to hug and care for. Did you chose to quit work or did you have to , it might be a good idea to go back to work because you have plenty of help at home. Tammi, you HAVE a mortgage, be thankful you do because so many here on aid page don't even have money for rent or even worse even a home. You can always make room for more especially for family and if everyone can contribute to the monthly expenses maybe you can afford to get a loan and add on to your home. Probably 70% of us here on aidpage would love to have the problems you have, and we would feel blessed to have them. I think you need to take a really hard look at all that you have and be thankful. my best  sheshe030

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 in response to Brighan...   

I can certainly understand what you mean.

take care,


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 in response to Anonymous40784...   


 I believe the other argument could show that many people do not trust either political parties, and as a true American, we should think for ourselves and vote what is the best interest for the American citizens whether Republican or Democrat.

I think we are ready for a multiple party systems that already exist in Europe with success. We are facing serious issues that affect our lives and our American dreams. I met many people who do not like either presidential candidates, in which case they would vote for someone who will lead with dignity, grace, and solid social experience.

My definition of social experience here is--actually know and work with the issues that concern the lower 80% of the people living in poverty.

I believe this Aidpage site is a real result of people organizing a silent revolution back to the Great Depression. We all will survive if we all try to be civil with each other and learn.

However, I post my beliefs because I can already spot many questionable posts on this site. I question if some people are trying to take advantage of others in their misery.

I am a student in the art of spotting Bull$&!^ and I hope others on this site will extend the wisdom and courtesy to me and others.

Sorry for the rant, but our neighborhoods depend on solidarity--even if it does extend past our comfort zone. That's how we all grow.


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 in response to Brighan...   

Hi Brighan,

You are so right in what you say. Thank you for getting the message out.

People also need to realize that historically, it is the Democrats that help establish programs to help the needy & the economy.

So people out there:

If the economy is of concern to a person they may want to consider Democrat. 

If it is not a concern, then vote accordingly.

Vote.  Don't complain later about how things are & how bad the economy is if one does not vote.  This is our one chance to make a difference & change things. 

This is our chance to change the landscape of our economy.

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I am a single mom seeking a room to rent for myself and my two year old. We are losing our apartment because the landlord went in to foreclosure. She sleeps in my room and would even if I had a 2 bedroom apartment. I am willing to negotiate rent and any extra help i can do around the house to offset the amount. As an example I would be willing to watch children, do light yard work, light maintenance around the house (I grew up in a construction family) and run simple errands. I am trying to stay in the essex, hudson,passaic county area of new jersey but am also open to PA  so long as i can get work and commute on mass transit. I do not want a free ride i do not want any money. Thank you for your time and consideration.

P.S. I can supply references professional and personal

and I do smoke but i do and am willing to go outside.

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I worked as a Ballot judge during yesterday's primary elections, in which case I urge young voters to participate at an equal pace with our senior citizens. Many elderly folks believe that McCain is more in tune with political issues that affect the elderly.

As exhuasting things are today, I believe if America needs a change then we all need to be involved in the political process of voting, community organizing, and research. America has a nine trillion dollar debt the younger generations will have to pay, in which I noticed that only two young voters turned out to vote among 189 elderly voters in the precinct I worked as the election judge.


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The Christian helping hands, click on assistance, they mention they help with food, clothing, lodging, emergency utilities.

Christian Helping Hands!

Let us know if you get help from this service!

God Bless!


Riches From Heaven

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Hi everyone,

I come across this website, maybe it can help some aidpagers.

I pray for each and everyone hear, that God will send ministering angels to be with you and you will be blessed beyond measures!

In Jesus Name!


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 in response to DaTruthPlainAndSimple...   

reply to datruth--well---aren't you a bundle of sunshine and good cheer! You may think what you will of aidpage, but we sure gave you a place to vent your crap---if you don't like it here, don't log-on. I happen to be a success story because of aidpage, I'm getting new dentures thanks to a low cost plan I can afford because of aidpage and I have started a new job that I love thanks to aidpage. I hope no one pays any attention to your comment because if they stick with it help can and is found on aidpage. now go someplace else and spread your venom.    sheshe030

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soupy 52
Hi just wanted to say thanks all of you I got a little help today and it helped my outlook. I am pretty happy most of the time. I believe in GOD and knows he is with me all the time. Everybody hang in there he is coming soon and what beautiful world it will be. GOD bless all of you!!!!!!!!!!!
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Lady Luck!
 in response to charrondillard...   Hello, it’s me. I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. Girl, have I been in your shoes before. Our local government agencies are so messed up. I agree with you totally about their ability to help those who take advantage of the system! All that you are asking is to get through school and they don’t give a crap! I, also a single mother, at one time put my self through school. I also went back to get another degree with three children, God only knows how I did that, because I sure don’t even know. Please e-mail me and give me your address and sizes of the scrubs that you wear. I am in the middle of moving right now, but I will see what I can do. I wish that I could help you financially, but I can’t, so SORRY! But, you have to keep going, you are tough and strong, you have shown everyone that. Keep on doing everything that you are, it’s a long haul, but it is so worth it.   We will stay in touch and we will talk soon. Give your children a hug for me and smile, you are doing this for them!
Talk to Lady Luck!

i just want to say some people can be so nasty about other people and can really make another person feel like crap because of it. the whole world needs help even the richest person to. we think we have it bad well think of our soldries fighting for our freedom, they are hot and dirty get shot at don't sleep most of the time, cry when they get a chance to do so, and think about keeping us safe. i'm not trying to be rude, i know what it's like to go without myself, it's sometime hard to keep it together, but i don't get bad feelings for others that are just as needy. theses people need help too.


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 in response to Teresa11...   

Hello Teresa11's     Have you tried for a small business loan.Some Government Grants will give people a loan that wants to open a small business. Go to you college and tell them what you are looking for and they may be able to help.

Good Luck

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I always try to be happy and so I am also today..... alwys try to help people close and far...if can't..atleast pray for happyness through out the world in every country, city , home and family..........
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Hello,everyone,please tell me what to do,i have no ideas anymore,i need a house...i have no more place to live...

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Hi everyone, well today I have been trying so hard to find a grant to pay for my schooling, I want to take business classes so that I can open up my new daycare. Or I want to find one for personal use because I am in the middle of trying to find an apartment and Im having some money problems.

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(click on the full post for the links to work) 

I meant to tell anyone that signed up for SurveySavy that it sometimes takes a couple of weeks before you start getting invites for survey's. Also, to make sure you fill out your profile information so they'll send you the correct survey invites. You won't qualify for them all either, but don't get discouraged.  You can make a few bucks, and more when you really get things rolling.

There is also a site called DayTipper.  If you have a paypal account, you can submit short tips (under 500 characters I think) on different subjects, and if they choose your tip for publication, they pay you $5.  I've submitted 4 tips total and had 2 published.

I'm going to put together a blog soon with the ways I make money online. I don't make a lot of money online, but it's a start.


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